Zephyr's Symphony

The year 2020.

Something happened to humanity. A meteor hit earth and spread out something. A form of energy into all human beings...Soon all humans found themselves being able to summon all kinds of powers and weapons. This thing could not be determined by science so we all called it our essence. A reflection on who we are.

We are the second generation of Essence's weavers. People who use their weapon to do combat. The first generation used it in war but now the wars ended and the world in peace...The only thing there keeps the peace is the tournaments...Where people battle to the death using their essence.


2. Zephyr the city in the sky.

The helicopter closed in on the giant rock in the sky. It was a giant boulder with spikes coming down from the bottom. Water falling off the sides and a giant white town on top of it. There were a few islands around the giant boulder. Levitating staircases all connecting the islands. The buildings were futuristic and fancy. The helicopter landed on a helipad and a boy jumped out of it:
"I need to get used to these clothing." The boy said as he grabbed the necktie and softly loosen it a bit. 

The boy had silver-blond hair. It was long enough to reach the back of his neck. It reached his ears in the side and covered his forehead in the front. It was spiky in the top. There were only spikes on the right side of his head which covered only the right-side of his head. He got amber brown eyes he got a soft smile on his lips and a silver ring with an amber in it on his right hand. He walked around in the school's boy uniform. A black white jacket with a black outline. He had a black tie on with a white pair of pants with black outline once again. Then black shoes.

"Finally. Zephyr Academy." The boy said:
"Hello!" A person suddenly shouted. The boy looked confused. A girl suddenly stood in front of him. 

The girl had black hair and bright white eyes. She got pale white skin and walk around in a black shirt with a white vest. She had a black skirt on and black stockings. She also had two wings. One bright white wing and one deep black wing. The black on the left and the white on the right.

"Wow?!" The boy shouted in surprise:
"I'm Aei. The artificial assistance unit created by lady Sena." The girl said:
"Oh...You the AI I heard about?" The boy asked:
"Not AI...AEI. Artificial Emotional intelligence!" The girl shouted:
"Emotional?" The boy asked:
"Yeah. Miss Sena created a robot with emotions...This little star here." She said poking both of her cheeks:
"That...Is adorable." The boy said. The girl took a step forward and looked at him. The white eyes glowed up brightly:
"Scanning. Student ID confirmed...Welcome to Zephyr Academy. Segno Oivan." The girl said. The boy nodded:
"Thank you...Just call me Segno." The boy said:
"Not a lot of students join at this time of year. It's a bit weird-" She said and let out a giggle. She turned around and pointed her hand at what was behind her:
"This is Zephyr. The city in the sky." She said. The giant buildings made out of black or white metal. The floating flowers were amazing. There were trees lining the streets and people walking around. Mostly young people but a few old once too. The boy could see staircases in the distances leading to islands further in the sky. The boy could look down at an island below us. Floating like the others but this one was full of nature and beauty. The streets had small canals where water travel through. The water was thrown off the island and caught by something invisible before brought into the center again and reused:
"Such beauty," Segno said with a smile:
"Yeah. I will escort you to the building we call Main A. There you meet your teacher and some of the other students." Aei said as she walked. Segno followed along:
"Other students?" Segno asked:
"On this school, we group you in classes of six people and in that group, there are teams of two. Which means a class of six students with three teams." Aei explained as she walked:
"I see. So five others have arrived as me?" Segno asked:
"Four out of the six has arrived...You are number five." Aei said:
"I see," Segno said. We walked through the streets. People were waving at Aei as she came walking. The cheerful girl waved back:
"Have a nice day Aei." A boy said:
"Thank you, Jimmy." The girl answered. They arrived at a large domed building. They walked inside:
"Hello there," Aie said as we came up to a room. The room was empty. It was a small room with a table and a few chairs and couches. Like a waiting room:
"Why's there no one here?" Segno asked:
"Well. This room is for you and your new partner...You will meet your other classmates and teacher soo-" Aei said but suddenly was interrupted by a sound. She turned her attention to behind the couch. A person slowly stood up.

The man had black hair and burning red glowing eyes. He walked around in a black t-shirt with a red button up shirt over it. He had a chain around his neck and a toothpick in his mouth. He had a chain as a belt and black leggings with black boots with chains around them. He had lines under the eyes and looked tired:
"Oh. Analyzing." Aei said:
"Don't mind me." The man said standing up. He walked to the other side of the room and left the other door:
"Analyze incomplete..." Aei said as she shook her head:
"Just take place...I can feel the next helicopter just had landed...I will go there now." Aei said before just vanishing into thin air:
"Well...That was weird." Segno said as he sat down. He began to whistle a soft tune as he scratches his hair. A good fifteen minutes past before the door opened...Not the one he came from...The other one:
"Oh...still here?" The man said as he came in...He sighed:
"Y-Yeah," Segno said:
"Name." The man said:
"What?" Segno asked:
"Name...Come, say it." The man said:
"I'm Segno Oivan..." Segno said:
"Oivan?" The man said...His eye seems to widen for a second:
"I see...Oivan huh..." The man said:
"What...Do you know me?" Segno asked:
"No...Well-" The man said but was interrupted as the door behind Segno opened. Aei came walking talking with someone:
"This is where you will meet your partner...Here he is." Aei said. A girl walked inside the room.

The girl had water blue hair and light blue eyes. Her hair was long and hang all the way down her back to her butt. She got semi-long hair in the sides going to her shoulders and just a few bangs in the front. She got an emerald green in her right ear. She was, of course, wearing the schoolgirl uniform. A white jacket with a black outline with a black bow around her neck. She got a white skirt with a black bottom outline. She had black shoes.

"Oh..." The girl let out a gasp as she looked at Segno:
"Hello there...Seems like we will know each other quite well. I'm Segno Oivan...Pleasure." Segno said bowing his head:
"I'm June Noctis. Nice to meet ya'll." The girl said. Her dialect was that from the countryside
"Wait...You're a farmers daughter?" Segno asked. She nodded. Segno opened his mouth to say something, but:
"Analyze complete...So this was where you were hiding." Aei said:
"Calm down, trash can." The man said. He walked out the other side of the door:
"Please wait here until further instructions-" Aei said:
"Come back here!" Aei shouted and chased after the man. Silence filled the room:
"So...We will be seeing to each other a lot...This will be nice..." June said:
"Oh yeah. I'm really pleased to meet you...Let's do this together." Segno said holding out his hand. She high-fived it:
"Ya'll got that right!" She shouted. Segno smiled. The room then suddenly went dark and the one television on the wall started to turn on. 

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