Never Forget

This is just a poem, written to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the First World War.


1. Never Forget

One whole century I've lain here

Seen rain and storms and skies so clear

And countless people come and go,

The people come through rain and snow.


Alone, I watched, I've heard trees rustle

Seen the blackbird's springtime bustle

I've lain here, stayed here, slept in bed

With thirteen bullets in my head.


A long time since I crouched in trenches

Felt the wind through barbed wire fences

Heard the cries of enemies

And friends in death's serenity.


For God, for faith, we fought the war

Laid down our lives for some good cause

Causes that we scarecly knew

For most of us were too young to.


So now we're here in peace and calm

Lying here does us no harm

Perhaps we may be long gone men

But our souls walk earth as they did then.


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