Beauty From The Thorns

With the growth of every rose, comes a thorn. Nobody said pretty things didn’t have flaws, or sometimes painful stories behind them. Look at diamonds, they wouldn’t be formed if there was no pressure. Join this journey of growth, self-identity, and self care. Become a diamond, become a rose, show the beauty from the thorns.


5. Self Growth : Part Two

In order to grow, you have to leave. In order to grow, you have to leave. When many people think of leaving they think of going away permanently or maybe leaving your family. This isn’t what I’m referring to. In order to grow, you have to leave the level you were at before, whether it’s a mental level, spiritual level, emotional level, or physical level. We must leave by rising to a new level, if we stay at the same level, we will not grow. When a plant is growing it doesn’t get shorter and shorter, it grows up, and out, but not down.

  Sometimes leaving means leaving other people behind. People can either grow with you or without you, but you still have to grow. This isn’t being selfish, because some people are toxic and are meant to be only there for a certain period in your life, not forever. Those who are meant to be with you, are those who uplift you, change you for the better, make it clear that they have your back. Sometimes you have to help pull people up to the next level with you, but don’t let ANYONE hold you back. It is important to let go of the toxic, no matter how much we want to keep them close. Sometimes we hold on to people for their company but they are not for us. Think about your life and the people you surround yourself with. Do they build you up? Or do they break you down and joke about it? Be careful with who you surround yourself with and get close to. The more you gain from being around someone who is toxic and not for you is the more you lose yourself, stunting your self-growth.



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