Feelings disturbed


1. pain

What is this pain inside?

Wherefrom does its strength draw?

Why is the pain always strong when I am weak?

How can pain be filling when I am hungry?

It thrives...

How can love suddenly disappear?

Do outbursts always come in pairs?

Do butterflies die and whither? How can they survive the cold of winter?

It does and they do...

How desolete this feeling of one against more

Whereto wenr the future?

Does time come again? Is the pain on repeat mode?

Nowhere and beyond...

I hope and I do not...

Depression is like an empty void

No one to reach out to

No one to hold one to

No one hears your pain

Husband and wives bound by a promise

In happy times, easy to fulfill

In sad times, hard to anticipate

Developing bodies and minds, promise unupdated

Divided by living until one becomes two again

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