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I make a lot of covers and I can't always choose which ones to use. I thought I could put them all in one place, so you could help me pick, or, just look at them for fun. :)


14. Seasons' Changing

       Aurora's father is the Emperor of the kingdom of Harmonium. They live in the center of their kingdom, which is cut into four sections. One, for each of the elements. Each element has a season, and during that season, one warrior is at the palace training with Aurora to be the best warrior they can be, for, one day, they will be captains of her royal guard, in charge of keeping her safe. But, a darkness is spreading across the land. 
       The seasons are not staying within their designated regions. Things are changing overnight, and, different again, by dinner. Things that should be taking months to happen.
       She investigates, despite her father's wish, readying her team and going on an adventure like never before. She has three close friends by her side, and, one trainee who she's never met. No one knows anything about the fire wielder. Her father kept him away from her for reasons she doesn't understand. But, her and the fire wielder, Nix, have more in common than anyone could ever imagine. 

Rated Yellow for some sexual scenes later on in the story and violence.





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