Little Stories

Emotions are what we live by. Without emotions we are just a type of clone, knowing nothing of love, nor hate or guilt.


1. The streets

I walk down the streets, thinking about what happened. My heart cries out even more than before. It hearts so much my head hurts. My legs ache. I thoughts about what he said. 

"I have never met anybody like you, you are the worst person I've ever met."

they rang through my head. Hot tears fills my cheeks, my heart hurts even more thinking about what he said. Maybe he is right, maybe I am a whore, Maybe I am a Bitch. I didn't care what others thought about me, but when it came out of his words I sank Immediately, I just ran away like that, now they think even worse about me. I fell infront of a wall of bricks, and Just cried in the dark streets lined up with lights.

I got up, my legs were numb, I couldnt stop anymore, I walked across the streets but my vision was about to fade. I felt light and tears were still on my cheeks. I was about to twist my legs and fall thinking that maybe I would just die there on the streets, but that wasnt true. A strong muscular arm held me, and I looked up, his eyes were bueatiful, He looked mixed but had Stunning blue eyes. Me in his arms, I felt warmth, and we stared at each others eyes.

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