Deva a girl who moved around her whom life with her only family, her mom. But when her mom becomes sick the moving stopped, her mom got married and they settled down in Korea. Now her mom is gone. Her step-dad travels making Deva live with her step-brother and his band.


1. Kpop Cinderella

You all heard the story of Cinderella. Well I am the modern day Cinderella with a few differences.

1) My name is Deva

2) I'm 16

3) I love Kpop

4) I have a step-dad and a step-brother

5) My step-dad travels and ignores me

6) My step-brother hates me

7) My step-brother is Bang Yong Guk, leader of B.A.P

8) I know have to live with him and his band mates

Yep that's right Yong Guk is my step-brother. I'll give you a few minutes to fan girl.


Done? It's not that. Look at number 6. He hates me and so does his band. Their fans bully me everyday. It's a wonderful life....NOT.

But it feels like something will change though I doubt I will leave my family with a prince. Truthfully I would rather have my step-brother think of me as a sister than dirt. I love dancing and I do look up Yong Guk. I always wanted an older brother kind of like Yong Guk just more loving.

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