Fun at Hogwarts

The marauders are about to go to Hogwarts but what lies ahead? Remus Lupin in struggling to hide what he truly is and Lily Evans and Severus Snape are best friends. Sirius Black and James Potter seem to be getting into more trouble everyday...

The story line is my own idea but all the characters go to J.K Rowling who I cant thank enough.


Author's note

This set in the marauders era and...ENJOY!!!

12. Chapter twelve~The lost points

Disclaimer - I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters. They belong to J.K Rowling.


"First day didn't go too bad then, did it?" asked James, practicing Reparo on his cauldron which he had deliberately dropped.

"James!" Remus exclaimed, "Professor McGonagall and Professor Wright took points off you and Sirius for mucking about,"

"I was just seeing which teachers were strict and which weren't. I got a fabulous deduction! Professors McGonagall and Wright are whereas Professors Flitwit and Sprout aren't," argued James, being what he thought was reasonable, "Now I know not to muck about in those classes anymore,"

"You shouldn't muck around in any! You should be learning and from the looks of that cauldron, you clearly didn't hear that it's a sharp jab and not a swooshing swish," defended Remus, looking at James with an angry look before starting on Sirius, "And what about you! You are as much to blame as James is!"

"In my defence, it was that Adam Boot, from Ravenclaw, that cracked me up in Transfiguration. Then I told James. I mean, Professor McGonagall does look like a squirrel a bit, doesn't she?" Sirius declared, truthfully, an image of her in his head.

"I just can't believe you've already lost a total of 20 points on the first day," moaned Remus, "Don't you want to win the house cup?"

"10 points!" explained James, with an obvious expression on his face.

"20 points if you include me James, I think that's what Remus possibly meant," laughed Sirius, whilst Remus looked at him disappointedly.

"Reparo!" yelled Remus at James' cauldron which instantly was fixed, before turning back on James.

"Please James, please try," whispered Remus, staring at him in the eyes.

Sirius was about to start laughing again but the look on Remus' face said it all. Deep down ,they knew how much Remus had wanted this day to go so perfectly. 

"We're very sorry Remus," started James, before looking at Sirius who finished, "We wont get into anymore trouble tomorrow and will even get the points back!"

Remus dropped James' cauldron again and looked at him, signalling him to do it.

"Reparo!" pronounced James, with a sharp jab, whilst his cauldron parts flew back together, fitting perfectly.


A/N - I know that Professor Wright is a made up character but that's because no one knows who the marauder's DADA teacher was. Pottermore hasn't said and no other teachers fit in. Professor Merrythought could have been it but Tom Riddle (It says in the Half Blood Prince) says that she was supposed to be retiring. So sorry for that but I hope you all enjoy it. All these reads!!! Thank you so much, I never thought I would get this many!

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