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10. goodbye.

Today is the day that every senior is waiting for, graduation day. It's sad to say that I might miss high school a little. I put on my cap on looking at myself in the mirror, twirling around.

"Having fun there?" Dad says with a smile on his face. I smiled back and put my hands on my hips.

"For your information, I am. I'm not a kid anymore, time for the real world."

"Yeah. And let me tell you, you'll think you're ready for it but it's a pain in the ass. I'm proud of you though. Justin told me he helped you get into NYU. I love him, he knows that and you know that."

"Alright, if you love him why haven't you told him about Jason being alive?" I asked.

"He doesn't need to know that. He needs to focus on his career and bettering himself. You'll be away and so will he. It'll give him plenty of time to find himself again. Realize who he actually is. Realize if he makes one mistake everyone will judge him for that. I'm trying to protect him like I would if you were a celebrity. I care about him that's why I haven't told him, he doesn't need anything to fuck up his reputation. He's a good kid, he just needs to stop doing things that'll get him in trouble. I respect him protecting you and loving you, that's what a real man does but, some things you can handle on your own."

"I guess. He loves you too, you know. He trusts you. You treat him as if he was your own, he will do dumb shit and he's going to learn from that. Let him make mistakes dad, he's going to always make them. We've all been there."

"You're right. I still think it's best for him not to know, Jason knows what'll happen if he snitches."

"Dad, I understand you're doing your best to protect him, but protect me also, alright. This is my graduation night, and I don't want to talk about Jason anymore after this. I need a fresh start, for real this time. No bullshit. I'll be off to college, focusing on work and I don't need his energy in my life. It's over and done."

"I still think you need justice. He should be lucky I helped him instead of breaking his jaw myself." He says I gave him the 'drop it' look. He sighs and rolls his eyes. "I'm proud of you Adrian, you're a strong young lady, never forget that, and never let a guy like that bring you down ever again. You're somebody."

"Thanks, dad, that's exactly what I needed to hear," I said smiling.

"Hey, peeps, ready for the big day? It's going to feel so good to walk across that football field. I wish I was valedictorian I'll tell everyone about themselves and how much I'm not going to remember them." Kathy says pushing me away from the mirror, glancing at herself. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms. "Where's Justin?" She added.

"He's already there, practicing his speech. I'm so happy for him."

"Yeah whatever, will there be a party? If not I have to get things ready?"

"He has to leave right after so, I'm not sure, but he wants us to all have a graduation dinner before he leaves. It'll be the last time we'll all be together, so be there."

"Fine. But I'm leaving early to get ready. Ooh, wear a bathing suit, a cute one. What time is dinner starting? Where are we meeting? At his place?"

"He already sold his house so no, we're having it here. That's why Kristie is cooking a big meal." I said.

"I'm really going to miss you. You'll already be gone to New York, I'll come to visit you."

"Thanks, I appreciate that."

"Kathy! Adrian! Dinners ready!" Dad yelled from downstairs. We took our caps off running downstairs to the table. "Where's Justin? Shouldn't he be finished saying his speech already?" He asked.

"I'm here, relax," Justin says coming inside kissing my cheek sitting next to me. "What? Why are you staring at me?" He asks, noticing we were all staring at him.

"You look handsome, that's all," I said smiling grabbing his chin. He smiles too, kissing my cheek.

"Is your mom coming? I'm sure my dad and Kristie would like to meet her?" I said.

"Yeah, where's your parents?" Dad asks.

"My dad is in jail right now, and my moms a drunk, you wouldn't want her here."

"Oh come on, invite her I'm sure she isn't that bad. We're all family, right? So what if she has a drinking problem, she's still your mom, and she wants to be in your life, doesn't she? Don't single her out because of how embarrassing she is. Hell, I'm embarrassing right?" He asks we all nodded agreeing with him.

"Alright, fine I'll invite her." He says texting her.

"I think it's a great idea that your mom is joining us, I'm happy you finally let her into your life. No parent is perfect. Even though she mistook me for a servant, she's your mom and she's my new mother in law."

"You're reconsidering getting married?" He asks.

"Yeah, I don't know but today makes me feel like life is too short to wait until I figure out what I want. This is our last goodbye until we meet again and I want us to be married when we see each other again. Why don't we elope, and get it out the way."

"Adrian I don't want you to feel pressured or feel that I am pressuring you. It's okay. I love where you're going with this and trust me I love the idea, but we can wait." He says holding my hand.

"Okay then. Whatever you want." I said. The doorbell rang, I got up to answer spotting Patricia. "Hi, how are you?" I asked happily hugging her.

"I'm good. Is Justin here? He invited me since I am the guest and I didn't have time to cook since it was last minute I bought wine. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, of course, come in," I said letting her inside. I closed the door and led her to the dining room. Finally, everything was perfect, well..almost.

"Are your parents coming?" Kristie asked.

" They rather work instead of watching their daughter graduate but..whatever. I'm cool. The only ones that matters are here now, you're my real family. I never knew what a family felt like because my parents rather work instead of spend time with me. They barely know I exist. That's why I'm such a bitch, and that's why I'm always over here. It's fucking lonely there. Now I don't have to be alone anymore. After my program in Europe, I planned going to college here. I got the opportunity for something big and it's something I never thought of doing, and that's working for NASA. But, my wonderful friend Justin, wanted me to be his new manager after his tour. I want to do all three, it sounds impossible but, I'm going to do it. Maybe in a year, I'll be richer than my parents, be able to get my own place and start a family of my own if I find the right guy, I'm hoping to find a good looking foreign guy when I'm away. Hope it all ends well. I'm gonna get ready." She says dismissing herself from the table.

"Me too. Come on." I said grabbing Justin's hand guiding him upstairs.

"Dinner was nice, this is my first seeing her so calm. Doesn't look like she's drunk."

"She's changing her life for you, she wants to be your mom again and you have to let her. She's tired of embarrassing you, it was a nice dinner I agree."

"Are you going to check on Kathy? I'm sure she needs a shoulder to cry on."

"I'm sure she's okay. I think her parents are mad at her for taking their Hawaii tickets that she gave to me. Her and her dad were going to go this summer but there was only one ticket left. So, her mom is going. And her dad is going to do what he does best, work. Her dad works for this big tech company and he's always fantasized about this smart house, I guess he wants to make enough money to get it. But enough of them, I want to tell you how amazing you look. I am so lucky."

"Adrian, go check on Kathy."

"She's okay, we've been down this road before. I asked her if she was okay and she said yes-"

"This is graduation night, her feelings are different now. What if you were in her position?"

"I would be fine with it. If you love me-"

"This has nothing to do with love, this is about checking on your best friend knowing her parents aren't going to be there for her."

"Why are you always making me do stuff?"

"Because you love me, and I love you." He says smiling, I rolled my eyes taking a deep breath.

"I thought this had nothing to do with love Justin? Look, I know you're worried about her and care about her feelings but she'll be fine. Even if I go over there and check on her she's going to act as if nothing happened, I know her. I just want to spend every second with you, alright. Once you graduate, you'll go back to your precious celebrity life and act like no one at that school exists."

"I'm not going to forget about you guys. I already told myself I wouldn't. Scooter's going to be there, I honestly don't want him to be but he wants to make sure I'm on that tour bus soon as everything's over."

"Want to tell me about that dream you had? We have plenty of time until graduation."

"Alright, well it's a very long story but, it's also interesting. But, okay. I'll tell you." He says sitting down on the bed. I sat down next to me as he started to tell me about the dream he had.

"It all started after I got shot by Jason. I woke up in the hospital as normal and I saw you." He started to say, I smiled and held his hand as he told me the rest.

"Wow, I married your cousin?" I giggled.

"Yeah, and I was pretty pissed when I found out. But I got over it. It felt so real Adrian, I never thought I would wake up from that and I'm so happy I did. Losing you more than once was heartbreaking for me. I'm happy I stopped hating my mom and just talked to her. I'm tired of being angry, holding grudges. And I may get angry again but I have to deal with it." He says checking his watch. I knew it was time to go, so I got ready and met everyone at the football field. When everything was over, it felt great knowing I graduated. Kathy already left to get prepared for the party. I stayed and waited for Justin. I saw him with his fans taking pictures and signing autographs. He spotted me and started smiling. He walked away from the crowd making his way towards me.

"You thought I would leave without saying goodbye?" He asks.

"No. I knew you were signing autographs and taking pictures, you're going back to your old life now. I loved your speech by the way."

"Thanks. And yeah back to the old me. I feel different when I'm with you Adrian, this, signing autographs, taking pictures and everything that'll always be me."

"Yeah, you're right it will. Why does it feel like I'm about to cry?"

"Because I'm leaving. You'll be okay though, I know you will."

Well, I wouldn't want you to miss your tour so, I guess this is goodbye." I said walking off.

"Adrian, come on are you really walking away from me?"

"Yeah, isn't it what you want. To forget everything?" I asked turning back around. "How could we ever work huh? I'm a normal girl and you, you're not so normal. Every time I'm with you yeah it's phenomenal but I feel like I have to wear a disguise and match your image."

"You don't have to do any of those things, the reason you're saying all of this is because you're sad. I get that. We don't need to depart like this."

"Justin, we have to go," Scooter says.

"Give me a fucking minute! Can I have a minute with Adrian? That's all I'm asking?" He says, Scooter rolls his eyes and walks off. "I thought you would be happy about this, me finishing my tour and graduating?"

"I am happy. I am. I just don't want to see you leave. It'll be months before we see each other again. You'll be going to different places not stuck here in Cali, meeting and bumping into other girls that you may find attractive while I'm in New York. Justin, I love you, I do. But this is exactly what you signed up for, you didn't know you would meet someone like me. I wanted someone to love me after what happened between Jason and I. Yeah I was a bitch but I was also naïve."

"What are you saying, that we need to break up because of my career? Because that's what it sounds like. I promised I would come to see you every weekend. If that isn't enough then I don't know what else to say. Whatever you choose, whether you think this isn't what you want, let me know. I have to go, congratulations Adrian." He says handing me a small box before walking off.

"Justin, please don't go," I begged. I watched as he kept walking towards the tour bus. He looks at me before entering.

"You okay?" Dad asks.

"No, and I'll never be," I said handing him the box walking to my car going home.

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