Kidnapped By My Ex-Boyfriend

A girl Name Lexi and she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Shane and he doesn't want that to happen. So ever since that happened, Shane stalks her during school and one thing that one of Lexi friends has been harassed by him.
What would happened if he kidnaps her for himself???


2. Ch 2

Lexi POV:

The next day I woke up and I am still in my room and the first thing that I thought is that I am worried about is Dana. Is was so scared for some reason. I will know sooner than later. I just hate when my friends get sad or anything. I grab my phone and I have 20 missed calls from Dana and 10 message from Dana. Oh no, this can't be good.

Messages From Dana:

(Hey Girl u there. I need help)


(Their someone at my door!!!)





(i am hiding rn)



"She didn't finish the message. I need to go to her house if she okay"

I got my stuff and I ran to her house and it took me a few minutes to get there.

I got there, the door was opened. I got shocked and I ran inside and the place is a mess and ran upstairs and I found her on the ground. I try to wake her up and I call the hospital.

When They got here, they got her and bring her to the hospital and I cried and I found her phone in the closet. So I grab it. I left the house and went to the hospital, and I am mad that her parents went on a long business trip and her alone in the house.

~At the hospital~

I look through her phone and found messages it a message from an UNKNOWN.

~Message from UNKNOWN:

UNKNOWN: (I warn you, Dana, I told you not to tell Lexi)

Dana: (I swear!! I didn't tell her.)

UNKNOWN: (Liar!! I know u, Dana, you should of listen to me and u don't get much of a choice

Dana: (Please stop this, why are u doing this!!!)

UNKNOWN: (You will see Dana..Have fun tho. U ****!!)

WTF is going on, and who is this UNKNOWN' guy??? I am so pissed right now. I need to know what going on!!

I went to Dana hospital room and she barely breathing. She got stabbed, cuts, etc. I hope that she wakes up. then I look at her phone and it a text from UNKNOWN.

Unknown: (Did you had fun Dana?)

Hmm.. I got an Idea...

Dana Phone: (WHY ME!)

Unknown: (AWwww.. is someone mad... If you tell, I will Take her away from the world..)

Dana Phone: (YOuu are cruel!! I hate you! MONSTER!!)

Unknown: (Call me anyway that you like Dana.. If you get in my way, I will kill you myself. got it ****!!)

Dana Phone: (YOu won't get away with it, she already knows cause she saw the messages u Asshole!!)

Unknown: ( Oh God! HAHA!! That's Perfect)

Dana Phone: (What's Perfect?)

Unknown: (HA HA!!! Because I am ahead of u Dana. Watch out. you gotta need it)

~Unknown OFFLINE~

Damn!! WTF! This UNKNOWN guy is messed up. Who is he!? One day I will know who he is...

Then I saw Dana waking up...


"OMG!! what happened? The last thing I remembered, is that 2 men raped me and I had no one to help me, and you saved my life!"

"Dana, it going to be okay. tell me, Who the Unknown man from your phone? I need to know so I can help you."

She got so scared in her life that I show her phone and I told her about the recent messages and then she said,

"It's your ex Lexi"

"Why him to u and me?"

"Idk gurl, but don't say anything to him and pretend that you don't know."

"Okay, I promise."

"I going to get me some sleep. okay?"

"Alright. I call me if something happens."

"I will Lexi"

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