The Epidemic Part 2

The Epidemic started in New York. When Caroline Gorman and her girlfriend Tracey, and others settle in Ellis Island, a new virus infects Ohio, causing the military enforce more restrictions at the camps.


5. The Epidemic Part 2-A novel-Five


Day 6


Part 2


The White House.

11:35 PM.

President Trump was awake. 

He wrote on Twitter. "This is an epidemic that's attacking American cities. I want all of you to let the medical authorities to asses you if you have a bad fever; I want you to remain indoors. The Military are forcing teenagers, and adults, to go to their local Hospitals, and Town Halls, for safety. I'll post more updates tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM. Good night!".

And he pressed the SEND button.


Ellis Island Fever Hospital.

New York.

11:48 PM.

Professor O'Neal saw Tracey. "I'm sorry it's late. It's been a late night with the fever victims. Everyone is scared; everyone is terrified they'll die immediately. I'm not too sure about patients who have a cold, and don't die. It's a rare case that effects some children and teenagers. The Epidemic is spreading. Some cities are free of disease; some places are free altogether. In short, over three decades since nineteen eighty-eight, death meant you had HIV/AIDS. And you never survived it. Besides, now we're dealing with new strains of diseases in the 21st century; new strains that're resistant to antibiotics, and other medications. In short, we're running out of drugs in drug stores across America; some drugs are imported from other countries. Death is death. Now, has Nurse Chambers made you welcome Caroline, Tracey?", he asked them. "Yes, we're fine. We just need to sleep", Caroline answered. "Good night", the Professor said.

And he walked away from the beds, and headed to his Office.


Denise sneezed.

She gazed at the pillow. 

She wasn't infected. 

She grabbed a tissue and wiped her nose. She threw it in the silver trash bin. She walked from her bed to the toilets. She opened the door, and flicked on the light. She washed her hands, then she turned the light off. And went to bed.


By Midnight on Day 6, the whole of America was in darkness. New York, Seattle, Mississippi, and Ohio were infected; Kansas, Alabama, Massachusetts, and North as well as South Carolina, were using generators. The back-up power was used overnight. By 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM, everyone was asleep. Soldiers were on night patrol across America.

And, consequently, teenagers continued to sneeze.

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