Good Girl Bad boy

Warning: content not advised for younger readers. Read at your own risk :)

Cover made by @Ziree

You guys will have to read my blog on what it's about because I couldn't fit it on here.

1-6 have been edited.


Author's note

Hope you enjoy my first fiction book that has no fantasy in it.

13. Chapter 13

Kia looks at her phone and decides to call Brick to call off the dinner. She didn’t even want to have it in the first place. She had headed home and got a call from Sam that she’s being kept up at work because someone jammed another printer. Kia of course was fine with eating alone being it’s nothing new for her.


She presses Brick’s contact, which she decided to label as Jackass, and presses the phone to her ear listening to it ring. He picks up after a couple rings being his usual self. “I can’t make it to dinner… well something came up and I really have to take care of it so dinner is a no go. I know you wanted to but...No Brick. I’m not you with you… I mean just that. I’m not going to dinner with you ever.” She hangs up and tosses her phone on her couch.


She walks to her kitchen and opens her fridge skimming for something to eat. When she doesn’t see anything she skims the freezer. She grabs a frozen meal and pops it in the microwave with a sigh. While the microwave is going, she walks over to her Keurig making herself some tea. She grabs her mug then the meal from the microwave. She sets down the food and grabs a fork from one of the drawers. Her phone buzzes and she sighs setting the fork down on the counter.


She walks over to her phone walking slowly not really rushing to see who it is. She picks up her phone and turns on the screen looking to see who had texted.  She smiles when she sees who it is, glad it wasn’t Brick. Though she doesn’t know why Jeffery is texting her. He’s never texted her before. He’s always been the quiet tough guy. Even at work. He only really started talking to her recently. She opens her phone so she can read his text.


Jeffery: Why weren’t you at your office today?


She looks at the text and bites  her lip as she thinks of what she was going to say to him. She didn’t want to tell him what was happening to her but she knew he was probably the only person who would just listen and not try to jump in and fix her problems. So she texted him, telling him everything that happened between yesterday and today.


When she hits send she places her phone in her pocket and goes back to the kitchen her food and her mug then sits on the couch, the creaking on the cushion echoing in the silence of her apartment. She eats in silence as she feels a peaceful calm wash over her at the normality of tonight. Well at least for her it’s normal. Her phone buzzes in her pocket as she finishes the last bite of her food.


She sets down the now empty container. She pulls out her phone after wiping her hands on her pants. She looks at the message Jeffery sent.


Jeffery: Well shit… Seems like you’ve been through a lot…. You sure you should be home alone right now? I don’t mind coming over if you want some company.


She grabs her plastic container and gets up, phone still in hand. She debates on whether she should say yes. She’s really enjoyed the silence but she knows there’s a big possibility she’s going to have another nightmare. She doesn’t want to be alone when she wakes up, but she also doesn’t want to have to depend on anyone either. She sighs and finally comes to a decision. She texts him.


Kia: I think it might be nice to have some company. Maybe we could watch a movie.


Kia sends the text and frowns as she looks around realizing that her apartment is extremely messy. SHe sighs setting her phone in her pocket and starts working on tidying up. Picking up her dirty clothes, she tosses them inside an empty hamper in her bedroom. Walking back to the living room, she folds her blanket up neatly and places it on the back of the couch. She grabs all of the papers that are strewn all over her coffee table. She makes them look neat and stacked placing them at the corner of the table.


She then heads to the kitchen next and starts washing what little dishes she had, in the sink. Drying them off and putting them away. Wiping of the counters with the dish rag, she hums a song that pops in her head.  She rings out the rag and sets it on the sink turning and heading back to the living room just as she heard a knock on the door. She walks to the door and opens the door. She immediately closes it again. She frowns and looks through the peephole of her door. There’s a strange man on the other side. He has a shocked expression on his face.


His hair is almost a golden brown and he’s wearing sunglasses. His mouth that was open in shock now closes into a thin line. She watches as he takes off his sunglasses. The first thing she notices are his eyes. They are two different colors. One is a very light blue and the other is brown. He looks at the peephole as if he knows she is watching. “Miss Nolan, I’m here to talk to you, not harm you. It’s about your father, Christopher Nolan.” His voice sounded grave.


She frowns and slowly opens the door just a crack. “What about my father?” She asks looking at him. She notices the briefcase in his hands her in his hands and her heart sinks slightly. She opens the all the way. “Come on in. I’m sorry for slamming the door in your face. I’ve had a very… interesting few days couple of days.” She says as she steps to the side and lets the guy inside.


He walks in and looks around before resting his eyes on Kia. “It’s fine Miss Nolan. I should’ve called and told you I was arriving.” He says smiling at the young adult. He then clears his throat getting back to the matter at hand. I think it’s best you sit down for what I am about to tell you.” He motions to her tattered old couch. The apartment looks old and h can see the cracks in the wall. It looks like something you’d expect a person working a fast food job would be living. No offense meant to be who work in the fast food business just stating a simple observation and not that he’s judging her either. He’s seen much worse.


Kia sits down on her couch as her heart pounds in anticipation for the news she’s dreaded even thinking about hearing. She crosses her legs placing her hands in her lap so he can’t see how badly she is shaking right now. Her phone vibrates in her pocket but she ignores it as she watches the guy sit down next to her setting his briefcase down on her coffee table and opens it with a key.


He takes out some papers and looks at her. “My name is Sebastien. I came to you today with some very grave news. Your father had been in a car accident. The ambulance didn’t make it in time and both your father and your step mother died on the way to the hospital. The only reason you were not notified immediately was due to a final request from your father not to. He wanted you to be told in person instead of over the phone. I have here both of their wills. IN your father’s will you have been given any vehicle or property that he owns as well as a decent some of money. Your step mother’s will states that you get all her jewelry and photos…” He outlines the wills.


Kia can’t listen anymore as he goes back to talking about whatever that has to do with her parents. A tear slips unwillingly down her cheek as she clenches her fists. After that it’s like a waterfall as her tears start to flow in streams down her cheeks. She feels like she was just stabbed in the the heart and it shattered into a million pieces. She clenches her fists so tightly that her fingers and palm start turning white as her fingernails embed themself in her palm. The parents that took her in, cared for her, loved her...She can’t begin to believe that they are gone. She doesn’t want to believe it.


Sebastian stops as he sees the girl in front of her break down. He hates that he had to be the bearer of bad news for this poor girl. Especially with her being alone. He puts down the highlighter. “I think it best if I come back in a couple of days. I know this must be hard for you so I’ll give you some time to process this. I’m sorry you had to find out after your parents had already passed. I’ll leave you with my information so you can call me if you need to.” He gets up and heads out of her house without another word, briefcase in hand, and a business card left on her coffee table.


As soon as he’s gone she cries and sobs curling into a ball, her hole body shaking. After awhile she finds herself in the bathroom with one of her razor blades against her wrist. She winces as she drags the blade across her wrist but she doesn’t mind the pain. Anything to get rid of the ache in her heart. Red blood trickles down her wrist as she goes to make another cut. She stops when she hears her front door open.


“Kia?... I know your still in here otherwise you wouldn’t have texted for me to come over.” Jeffrey says. She hears him walk around and tries to stay as silent as possible knowing he would only try to stop her from cutting herself. She slides the blade against her wrist yet again relishing in the moment of distraction from the pain of losing her parents. She bites her lip as a small sob escapes. She hears the footsteps approach the bathroom door.


There’s a knock on the door. “Kia? You ok in there?” He asks from the other side of the door. He feels his heart race slightly. He had thought that someone had kidnapped her. He here’s a sniffle from the bathroom and relaxes slightly. “Come on. Open up. I know you’re in there Kia.” He says knocking on the door yet again. He listens but all he hears is silence. “I’m giving you to the count of three before I open this door. One…….two…….three!” He swings the door open.


What he sees brings him to a stand still. He takes in the scene in front of him. ON the floor curled up by the toilet is Kia. There’s a blade in her hand and two fresh slashes across her wrist. Her face is tear stained and her wrist is bloody. Slowly drops of blood hit the white tile floor. His eyes turn sad.”Oh Kia.” He walks over to her and grabs the blade from her hand. She doesn’t even fight him for it. He picks her up from the floor and sets her on the toilet seat.


He goes in her drawers and finds a first aid kit. He grabs a rag and makes it damp. Without another word he cleans the cuts and wraps them up. He watches Kia’s face, but it never changes from the broken distant expression. Tears still roll down her face and he wipes them away. He picks her up and takes her out of the bathroom. He sets her down on the couch then heads back to the bathroom. He pulls out his phone and calls Sam.


Kia just sits on the couch curling back up. She feels embarrassed that Jeffery found her like that but she’s too upset to really care what he thinks about her at this point. She watches as he comes back with his phone to his ear talking about something. Her eyes go from him to her parents wills that still lie on the corner of her coffee table. Jeffrey must of noticed her staring at it because he walks over and picks them up. She watches as his eyes scan the papers then turn from concerned to grave. “Sam, there’s no more delaying it. You seriously need to come over now. Make them fix the damn thing themselves. This is more important.” His voice is monotone.


He hangs up and turns to Kia. “Everything’s going to be ok Kia. Sam and I are here for you.” He sits next to her and pulls her into a hug. She buries her face into his chest silently crying but with no more tears left to shed. She hugs him back tightly clenching his shirt in her fists. He stays silent rubbing circles in her back letting her mourn over the loss of  her parents.


After awhile he feels her grip loosen and her breathing evens out. He slowly moves her checking to see if she had fallen asleep. Once he sees that she has fallen asleep, he gently picks her up and heads to where he assumed was her bedroom. He nudges the door open and walks in. He shifts her weight so she is only in one arm moving her sheets before setting her down and covering her up. He checks her bandages before heading out and closing the door slowly and quietly.


“What are you doing?” A voice startles him and he turns to Sam with a glare. “Damn! You scared the shit out of me!” He hisses in a whisper as he walks over to her and motions for her to follow as he goes over to Kia’s coffee table where the wills are. He picks them up. “So the full story is that Kia wasn’t answering the front door and it was unlocked so I walked in. She wasn’t answering me so I had started to get worried.” His eyes turn sad. “I finally heard a noise from the bathroom. I found her in there with a razor. I already cleaned up her cuts….She looked so broken Sam. I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to be left alone again for a little while.” He shows her the wills.


Sam scans over them. “Poor Kia. She’s always been close extremely close to her father from the stories she used to tell me about him and her. There’s been something that has been bothering her to begin with her today. This must’ve set her over the edge. I’ll call work and let them know the situation. I think it’s best that you and I stay with her for a couple of days. Make sure you remove the sharp things from her bathroom.” Sam says. She sets down the wills. “I’m guessing she’s asleep right now. I want to make sure she doesn’t wake up alone. If you want to go home to sleep on your own bed you could always come back in the morning.”


Jeffrey shakes his head. “I’ll just sleep on the couch. I’ll probably leave to get some breakfast when I wake up anyway.” He says with a small smile. He sits down on the couch. He runs a hand through his hair. “I don’t know what would’ve happened if she hadn’t have asked me over to watch a movie. If I hadn’t have come when I did….” He cuts off not wanting to finish the thought.


Sam gives a stern look. “Don’t think like that. You’re here. She might not be 100% right now but she’ll be ok We’ll both help her get through this. Right now it’s best she’s not alone. She needs someone she can lean against now that her father’s gone.” She sits next to him. “And right now we’re all she has.” Sadness flows through Sam as she looks at Kia’s bedroom. She sighed and pulled out her phone.


She realises she doesn’t have her new bosses number. She looks at Jeffrey. “I forgot that we had a new boss. He might be more lenient on Kia. I’ll go in the morning and tell him that she had a family emergency. Let’s hope he doesn’t make her go to work.” She says as she clicks her phone off. She sets it on the coffee table and runs a hand through her hair.


Jeffrey shakes his head. “I’ll take care of it. You should be by Kia when she wakes up. Plus it’ll be good for me to meet the new boss. You know how i am with trusting new people. I want to see what his intentions are for buying the company.” He says as he stretched out in a casual position. “You go get some sleep.” Her gives her a small smile.


Sam sighs. “Alright but be careful. There’s something about the guy that I don’t like.” She says before walking toward Kia’s bedroom. Slowly twisting the knob, she opens the door and checks to make sure she’s still asleep before walking in quietly, soundlessly closing the door behind her. SHe looks at Kia who’s curled up in the sheets.She sighs and walks to the bed. The white bandages wrapped around her wrist are the first thing she notices. Her eyes tear up at the sight of blood staining it.


She gingerly runs her fingers along the bandage. SHe watches as Kia moves her arm closer to her chest with a smile sigh. She stays completely still thinking she woke her up. The room stays silent so Sam assumes she’s still asleep. She moves the covers and gets in behind Kia. She wraps her arms around her pulling her close. Kia turns and snuggles into her in her sleep and Sam smiles softly. Sam kisses her forehead. “Goodnight Kia.” She whispers before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.

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