Good Girl Bad boy

Warning: content not advised for younger readers. Read at your own risk :)

Cover made by @Ziree

You guys will have to read my blog on what it's about because I couldn't fit it on here.


Author's note

Hope you enjoy my first fiction book that has no fantasy in it.

6. Chapter 6

Kia freezes at the sound of laughter not that far ahead. She had just turned the corner of the street. Not that far away from her are three intimidating figures. The one on the right is muscular but smaller than the other two. The one in the middle is the tallest and seems to be the most built of the three. The one on the left is just shorter than the guy in the middles and he’s lean, not as muscular as the other two though still intimidating.


They all look to be in an abandoned car lot, a very expensive looking car, is parked not that far from them. Kia’s heart beats nervously in her chest as she prepares to turn around and walk back, a bad feeling about these guys sending warning signals through her head. Just as she was about to turn she sees a guy stalking behind th guys who were facing the opposite direction. The first thing she notices is the gun shining in the street lamp, the only light since it’s so dark out.


His focus is only on his target so he doesn’t notice Kia who watches in horror as he points the gun at the back of the tallest guy, all three oblivious to what was happening behind them.


Everything starts happening in what seems like slow motion. Kia, without thinking, runs at the guy with the gun, arm outstretched shoving the gun up just in time. There’s a loud bang and she tackles the guy to the ground, the gun skidding across the ground and out of the man’s hands. The guy looks at Kia, a startled expression on his face before he recovers shoving her off of him anger flickering in his eyes. “Do you even know who you just saved you stupid girl!” He shouts at her.


The three figures have turned and are looking between Kia and the man in shock. The two guys on either side of the man who was just targeted recover quickly and go after the man who has almost shot the guy in the middle. The man’s eyes quickly turn fearful as he tries to get up and run away. Kia looks at the big man that she had just saved that’s just watching with a bored expression on his face.


Out of the corner of her eye she sees a guy trying to sneak from behind. He had a gun as well pointing it at the back of the man’s head. Kia springs up onto her feet, though she knows there’s a slim chance of it working, she takes what she learned in defense class, which she learned after what happened a year ago. She runs at the guy, swiping her foot behind his knocking both of them to the ground.


She does it just in time the bullet barely missing the guy who is now unharmed under her. Her heart’s beating rapidly in her chest, her adrenaline still flooding her system. After a couple of minutes she realises she’s still on the guy and her face flushes as she scrambles off of him mumbling a quick apology. She looks around taking in the scene in front of her. The guy who had been on the right of the guy she just saved has pulled out a knife. The other guy has gone to the other man that had tried to shoot the tall muscular guy, grabbing him. Her eyes widen and she scrambles to her feet.


The man she just saved is already on his feet. Before Kia has a chance to run the guy grabs the hood of her jacket, that had fallen after tackling him, and yanks her back to him. He then maneuvers around so she’s shoved up against the wall, a hand on her shoulder pinning her there. She looks up, her body trembling in fear, and her breathing becoming irregular as she starts to panic. The man’s icy blue eyes are emotionless as he starts taking in Kia’s features.


Brick stares at this trembling girl. He could’ve stopped her from tackling him easily. He was just shocked that this tiny girl had tackled a man to save a stranger’s life. As he continues to study her something inside him stirs. He doesn’t remember this feeling, but he knows he’s felt it a long time ago, and he plans to find out what it is. Still keeping the girl pinned to the wall he turns his head to Red and Snake. They’ve already knocked the two guys out and are shoving them in the trunk of his Ferrari.


Once they are done they walk over to him anger and concern written all over their faces. “Are you ok Boss? Do you think it was Ice who wants you dead or do you think it was that someone put a hit on your head?” Snake growls and punches the wall, “I swear if the dirty slimy…..”


Kia pick up on what they are saying and she realises she may have just put herself in danger by saving this guy. Brick, momentarily forgetting about Kia, turns to fully face Snake and Red, his arm no longer pinning her to the wall. He turns his attention to Snake. “Well then how about you call him and tell him that this time he meets where I want to meet?” His voice is deep and just as emotionless as his eyes.


Kia slowly scoots away and turns to leave when a hand shoots out to grab her hood again shoving her back against the wall, which causes her to let out a yelp of surprise. Her nerves sky rocket in fear of what Brick was going to do to her. SHe looks at the sky studying the stars as she slowly focuses on her breathing. Slowly her breathing goes back to normal and her heart rate steadies to be just a little above normal.


Brick is staring at the girl who’s now admiring the sky. To his surprise, the girl is no longer trembling, even with him pinning her to the wall. He feels a tap on his shoulder and he turns to Snake and Red in annoyance. “What are you still doing here? Go make the call. Red go take the two men to our……..Special place.” Brick says. They both nod, Snake heads to the bar that is not that far away and Red gets in Brick’s car, driving off.


Kia snaps out of her trance coming back into reality as she looks at Brick, her breathing picking up again as the two guys leave, and she is left alone with the towering man. He turns to face her placing a hand on either side of her, blocking her from escaping. She’s shaking as his icy blue eyes stare into her’s with a blank stare. He cocks his head in almost an animalistic manner.


“Now on to you. What do you want?” His voice is deep, rumbling throughout his entire body. His voice holds the only emotion she’s heard or seen this whole time. It has a slight curiosity to it. She nervously goes to to grab the strap on her bag with the little space they have between them. Her eyes widen when she grabs nothing but air. She gasps when she looks down and sees that it’s not on her person.


Brick looks at the girl in confusion as she starts freaking out. He doesn’t stop her when she ducks under his arm and starts looking around frantically. She seems to have found what she was looking for because she kneels in front of what looks to be a bag of some sorts. He cocks his head as he watches her scramble to open the bag.

Kia almost bursts into tears as she looks in her brown bag. There lies her computer, in pieces, all inside the bag. All of her work was on that computer. All her short stories she’s ever written were on there. She bites her lip to keep from sobbing as she clutches the bag against her chest. She temporarily forgets about the man behind her feeling devastated at the loss of her computer that she’s had since the 9th grade. Sure it was an old computer but it meant something to her.


Brick watches in slight amusement as the girl mourns over her ag. He shakes his head with a frown wondering what’s so interesting about this girl and wondering exactly what he’s feeling. It’s familiar but seems far away, like a distant memory. He walks to the girl and grabs her shoulders, turning her to face him. She yelps in surprise.


Her eyes are wide and filled with tears. “L-l-let me go!” Kia says and tries to get out of the grip he has on her shoulders. It only tightens staying firm. She looks up at him no longer in the mood to deal with him. She glares at him. He just watches completely amused as the once trembling girl finally gains some claws.


He smirks. “You’ve gotta answer my question first.” He moves to pin her against the wall again, his body against the wall his body against hers pinning her arms to the side. Her eyes widen in surprise at his sudden closeness and she struggle more to get free.


“I want you to let me go!” She snaps glaring at him.


He leans down so his face is inches from hers. He places a mask on his face not showing her how much he is enjoying the spark the girl has gained. “And if I don’t want to?” He asks his voice monotone.


She stops struggling. “You owe me. I could’ve just turned around but I didn’t.” She says feeling slightly desperate to get away from him. There’s something about him that just made her want to snap and yell back at him. She’s not that kind of person. She doesn’t like being that type of person.


He leans closer glaring. “Then why did you? Why didn’t you just leave?” Brick asks feeling slightly annoyed at this girl, at the same time he enjoyed being close to her, and watching the emotions flicker across her face, as well as the fire she has inside of her.


She glares right back at him. “Because I’m not the kind of person to just let someone be killed. I would never just watch if I can do something to help or even stop it from happening. You look like the type of person who would just walk away.” She says. Her heart’s hammering in her chest knowing she probably shouldn’t make this guy angry. He just gets under her skin.


Brick cocks his head. “So you did it out of the goodness of your heart, right? Not because you thought you could get something out of it?” He asks disbelievingly. No one does something without expecting something in return. No ones that gratuitous. “So what do you want?” He asks again slowly pronouncing each word.


She breathes out in frustration. “I already told you. I want you to leave me alone. I would like to go home so I can get ready for work that I have to be at tomorrow. I would like to get some sleep and just forget about today. Instead here I am with you, a jackass who’s extremely spoiled, and a very ungrateful man.” She saps instantly regretting her words as they flow thoughtlessly through her lips as anger pierces through those ice blue eyes.


His head goes back and he lets out a throaty laugh surprisingly her. He looks at her a smirk on his face, his eyes alight with amusement. “You’re a very interesting girl, tiny tiger. I would love to get to know you more.” His lips are mere inches from hers, his body pressed firmly against hers.


Kia inhales sharply at the nickname the memory of the guy who beat her up flashing in her mind. Her heart speeds up beating heavily in her chest as she struggles not to panic. “D-d-don’t call me t-t-tha.” She stutter, mentally cursing herself for losing her cool.


The smile doesn’t leave his face. “But it suits you. Plus you haven’t told me your name yet.” Brick says and is surprised at the sudden urge he gets to kiss the trembling girl and have her all to himself. His smile is gone and he shakes his head dismissing the thought immediately. He puts a little distance between him and the girl but still keeping her pinned against the wall.


Brick though is mistaking her trembling as fear. Kia is mad. “I’m not going to tell you my name. I hope I don’t ever see you again. If I never see you it will be way too soon.” She growls angrily shoving his chest hard. He doesn’t even budge any standing strong like a brick wall. He just stares at her. That just pisses her off more.


He moves one of his hands to brush along her cheek. His eyes are no longer teasing but she can’t read them anymore. She moves her face away from his touch feeling her cheeks heat up. “Can I just go home?” She asks in defeat, her fire now gone as the day’s events start to weigh on her.


She feels something brush against her ear. “But I want you.” She hears him whisper in her ear. She shivers involuntarily as she feels his warm breath against his ear. His lips pull up into a smile living her reaction. “Oh and by the way, the name’s Brick.” He says as he pulls away slightly.


She glares at him silently still not giving him her name. She opens her mouth to make a snarky comment on his name when his phone goes off. His face drops from his playful demeanor as he takes his phone out no longer pinning her to the wall. His attention goes from her to the text on his phone.


She moves away from the wall but he grabs her wrist. “Where do you think you’re going tiny tiger?” He asks not even looking up at her. She rips her wrist form his grasp pulling her arm close to her and out of his reach. She grabs her bag the sadness of losing her trusty computer coming back. “Getting the hell away from you.: Her voice cracks and she sprints away hoping to never see Brick again.


He doesn’t bother freaking out and trying to chase her. He knows he’ll be seeing her again real soon. He always gets what he wants and right now……..


He wants her.

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