Psycho Love

BTS. A deadly gang. Bloodthirsty, psychopaths with no remorse. Murder, arson, torture to name a few crimes. One member is feared by the rest. A younger member. The leader barely has control.

Each member has a psychological disorder unknown to the world but known to each other. They learn to live with them. The leader's girlfriend acts like a mother trying to help them stay in control of themselves.

But when the deadliest member sets his eyes on a girl. The others are waiting for the day she ends up dead in his bed. But when he starts to take his meds do they realize how different she is


3. The Girl who can Tame the Beast

~Maranda's POV~ I woke up with a stretch. Namjoon was still fast asleep. As quietly and as quickly as I could I slipped out of bed and headed towards the bedroom door to start breakfast. As soon as I stepped out, Jungkook smiled at me from his spot at the dinning table. The bags under his eyes were darker than normal telling me his insomnia was bad last night. "Nightmares?" I asked she nodded. "Don't worry I didn't wake the girl. " I raider an eyebrow at him noticing he was at the table not the couch. "You have a stalker on your couch." Chuckled Jungkook reading my mind "Stalker?" I questioned He nodded his head towards the living room. Walking in I spy V asleep on the couch. I glanced at the door where our visitor was sleeping. "Poor girl." I whispered "Yeah. For him to move to another so quickly is weird." Said Jungkook coming up behind me "He also gave her his leather BTS jacket last night. " I told him I could almost feel his eyes widened. "Really? He never does that." "Yep. Now let's start breakfast before everyone wakes and gets grumpy. " Jungkook and I were about done with breakfast when he heard a door open. Her door. She walks in sniffling the air. In her arms was V's jacket. "Smells good." She says her eyes landing on Kookie I held my breath thinking she would be frightened but she surprises both of us. "My name is Kat." She grins holding her hand out "Jungkook but everyone calls me Kookie." Kookie says slowly taking her hand "Maranda where can I put V's jacket?" She asks "Keep it." V's deep voice says from behind her Instead of jumping or screaming Kat turns to him with a smile. "I knew you were awake!" She says a huge grin on her face. "Thank you for last night but I can't keeps this. This is your BTS jacket." She tries to hand him his jacket back. "Wear it until you go back home." V tells her surprising me "Fine but you are taking it back." She glares at V V just smiles at her He smiled!!! Kookie looks at me with surprised filled eyes. I knew mine mirrored his. All during breakfast the rest of BTS and I watched V and Kat with confusion. V was laughing with Kat. Kat had no fear of the boys, she was trying to get them to talk to her. Namjoon told me what happened yesterday but we all thought it was a front to hide her fear. Maybe it wasn't. Was that the reason V was so attracted to her? "Thanks for the food Maranda. " Kat said standing up V stood up as well. "I'll take you home. " "Take me home or stalk me home?" Kat asked him with a raised eyebrow "Ummm." Said V with wide eyes All of our eyes widened. No girl has ever caught V stalking them. Or if they did they knew better than to say anything. "What do you mean Kat?" Asked Namjoon carefully "Oh please I knew he was following me since he gave me his jacket. Him sleeping on the couch proved it." Said Kat "V you don't have to stalk me. You are more than welcome to walk beside me." With that Kat walked to the door. "You coming?" She asked V as she walked out V quickly followed. "The girl who can tame the beast." Said Jin staring at the door
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