vivid ;; ashton irwin

naomi reese saw everything in black in white ; a colorless world.

until ashton irwin came and changed it all ; a shining rainbow.

[ based on vivid by loona ]


3. three .

- naomi's pov -

i walked home, my thoughts running over today's events. i got food thrown at me, called loads of names, and then some boy suddenly wanted to act like my friend. it was too unrealistic.

maybe i could have been less of a b*tch, though.

oh well, what's done is done.

as i was getting lost in my thoughts, i suddenly felt a presence behind me.

and then i heard his annoying voice.

"woah, you walk this way too?" ashton asked, walking happily next to me. i swear he was stalking me.

"yes." i replied curtly. i don't understand this kid, i truly don't. i think i'm going to snap.

"that's cool! that means we might live near each other!" he went on, but i just kept quiet. we walked together in awkward silence - it was probably comfortable silence to him.

as we rounded the corner of the street to my house, he sighed and stopped walking. without thinking, i turned around and asked, "what?"

now he knows i kind of care.

"i'm bothering you, aren't i?" he asked, his voice seeming hesitant.

yes, i thought"no." i said.

"you don't have to lie."

"...then yes."

he looked at me, and i looked back at him, and it was the most intense six seconds of my life.

"i'll see you tomorrow." and with that, he turned around and quickly walked the other direction.

what in the ever living hell was that..?




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