The legend of Ruwen and Luwen

The story is about a girl who is invovle in a murder case and find's out the truth of her family's history. Then she goes through what any teenager wants, love. After learning about herself, she tries to find a way. Soon she ends up seeing more of what she couldn't imagine.


1. Narrater/Airi

I stood in a room, my heart felt cold chills. I turn around and an angle like creature stares at me, her pointy elf ears and her beautiful wings enlightened me. Her eyes gave me more chills as I stare at it. Her hair the color of blue ocean but as it gets lower her hair was the color of green seaweed. The dress she wears reminds me of an ancient legend, I couldn't recall what it was. Just as I was about to ask who she was, a cold wind blew and thunder began to crash, the wind carried me to the angle like creature, her wings protected me as if I was a part of her, like she was trying to communicate with me. Blood soon drips from her wings, like she was hurt by a sharp object. There was no one around us, only the ocean and a hill, my mind panicked and I started screaming for help. My heart races as blood touches my skin, I hated blood ever since I was little. Her wings lost grip of me and when I opened my eyes I was falling from a thirty-six story high building. I gasp for air and when my eyes wonder around I see my own bedroom. It was only a dream.


She looked around and heard a BANG sound. As she left the bed a reflection and a shadow on the window is shown to her, outside is dark and stormy out but there was something unusual about this night. A baby's cry echoed her ears wondering where it came from. Her legs reached the last step of the stairs. Again,  she saw a shadow, this time it dashed past her that she almost couldn't see it. Outside the window, her vision tells her a person is standing with its back toward the window, it wears a green raincoat and has a hammer on its left hand, she wasn't quite awake, so her mind is confuzzled. She made the way to the living room and stepped on something wet, but it doesn't feel like water, it felt cold and had a smell to it.

The dark room felt cold and sticky, Airi walked forward and her foot felt something, it felt like a person's body, her heart thumps and kept racing and her breath became heavier. Everything made sense now, she realize that she is stepping on blood, that explains the nasty smell it gave. But who is the person lying on the floor, and why is it in my house, in the living room?

Airi quickly laid her hands on the wall to search for the light switch, there was nothing on the wall. Her heart wouldn't stop beating no matter how much she tries to calm down. Her body stayed closed to the wall and she began to scream, as if She had been possessed by some demon. She tried screaming but felt a strange sense, it felt like no one was home but her and the person lying on the floor. Suddenly, Airi felt hands on her neck, her throat is hoarse and her voice is gone. Someone was choking her, and she tries to scratch the persons face, but she could feel there is a scar on his or her face and had a very slim nose. Could this person be a woman?   

She grabs the person's arm, kicked her and ran to the front door out into the rain and ran, when she looks back the person was gone. Airi turned left without knowing what street it was and stopped in front of a door, and rang the bell. Good thing I lost the chaser. Her vision began to blur, and her head is getting dizzy from all the rain. She lightly fell on the stairs in front of the house.

The sun happily shined on her face and She opened her eyes, not knowing what happend yesterday. Who am I? Where am I? She had these thoughts in her mind, She doesn't know who she is or what happened anymore, Airi's mind is blank. A woman stood at the door.

     "You're awake?" The women asked.

     "Who are you?" Airi questioned the women.

The women smiled, she had red hair, green eyes and a slim nose. On the right side of her face there was a large scar. "That's what I should be asking you, we found you fainted, on our stairs in front of the door. Honey, who are your parents, we can send you back home."

     "I don't know, I don't remember anything."

The women asked her if she should call the police, Airi knew that it would be a wise decision but for some reason she didn't want to call the police. She stares at the women's eye and could see she was relieve. The women said her name was Shira, and she has two sons and one daughter, Daniel is thirteen, Diana is also thirteen, and Rile is ten. The women said she would help Airi regain her memories. She know she has amnesia but didn't think she lost all her memories, she still remember things like her name and her age. Shira has a big house, she has ten rooms, and three bathrooms. Airi told Shira not to tell the police, she told her to keep her as her friends daughter. For some reason I feel like Shira is the reason to my problems. Shira introduced Airi to everyone in the house, including her husband Quinten.


I walk down the side walk after coming back from the grocery store. Crack, I heard a noise and turned around, no one was there. I walked again and turned left. I've trapped the stalker.

     "Why are you following me?" I questioned the stalker in front of me.





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