Bts: telling them you're pregnant

This is just a bunch I cute little stories for the people who like that sort of stuff.


1. Jin

You lie there looking at your husband, Kim Seokjin, as you think about the test you took last night. After you took it, you couldn't go back to sleep. Full of excitement you gently shake Jin, for him to get up because you can't wait to tell him.

He then opens his eyes and stretches, realizing you are staring at him.

"Morning honey." He says in a groggy voice.

You just smile at him and say:

"Morning. I took a test last night." You say this wary of his response.

"What do you mean?" He asks with concern.

"I'll show you, but I hope you won't be mad." You say turning around to grab the test.

He looks at you with curiosity and worry as you pull it a wired shaped stick. But its not just any stick, it's a pregnancy test.

He looks at the side which says: two lines= pregnant, one line= not pregnant. Then he looks to the little window, where there is a bold line, and right next to it a faint, but visible second line.

Tears start rolling down your cheeks as you wait for his response. "I don't know if I am or..."

He suddenly hugs you and starts crying too.

"Y/n you made me the happiest man on earth!!!!!" He cries, still hugging you.

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