Into the Darkness (Crossover The originals and The vampire diaries)

A vampire named Gabriel from another time line where neither the Salvatore brothers nor the Originals exist.

This time a greater danger than they have faced so far will make Damon and Stefan and the Original family have to work together !.



Hi everyone, this is the story as well as being a crossover between both series

This story has as a canon the seasons 1-6 of The Vampire Diaries

And the 1-4 of The Originals









Gabriel was a Spanish vampire who had seen his father die for the betrayal of the human he loved, from that moment he became an evil and cruel being harming humans and vampires alike.




He betrayed his creator and took away all his power, but was defeated by his own sister and by a girl. He was imprisoned under the Earth for 17 years. When he woke up there was a war between the different species, so he had to join his enemy the little witch who defeated him who had now become a woman, and over time he fell in love with her.




Unfortunately he died against an evil vampire named Johan who put all the races in check. Gabriel was defeated helplessly and only an "The Chosen one" named Leo was able to defeat him.




5 months passed since the death of the young witch and the vampire was obsessed with bringing her to life or changing the past so that she could live. 










The dark-eyed young man with straight hair and piercing eyes was holding a young girl of color trying to break free, but the vampire was holding her tightly by the neck.



- I have not been sufficiently clear? - Gabriel asked


- Okay! - said the young woman, forcing her voice to the young man having her seized by force.




Then he fell to the ground, and the Spaniard's face relaxed, as he sat on an old wooden chair and watched as the girl entered another room. The vampire in the months after the death of his beloved moved to different parts of the world looking for witches / as dark magic that had dominion over time or death




While he was wanted by the vampiric community to capture him since he was considered "very dangerous" he had to move quickly so that he would not be caught. Now he was in a small forest where Samantha was considered the queen of time.




He thought that the wavy-haired young woman he had held in his hands was the famous Samantha but he was wrong. Seconds after the girl brought with her a kid of about 6 years old.




The little girl with the two pigtails approached the vampire and put her hands on her face.



-I can not help you!. No witch has the power to resurrect a deceased. I can not change the past either! In this time line it is impossible! - said the little girl.


-Temporary line? - Asked the boy surprised



- Exactly! There is a witch that is the most powerful of all time lines, her name is Hope Mikaelson, it is possible that she could do it. I can not change the past! But I can open a portal to the line where that witch is! - explained the little girl


- Please open it! - The vampire's face was of absolute sadness


-Agree!. But you have to know the time there is different 1 month from there is a 1 year in our line. If in 2 months there you do not return you will be trapped forever- counted the little girl


-How can I go back? - Gabriel asked


-The portal will be open 2 months from the time line there, it will be invisible to everyone except you, you will have to return before the time is up. But be careful Hope Mikaelson is the daughter of the hybrid Klaus and is a member of the original family - the little girl commented


-The original family? - said Gabriel missing


-There did not exist the "Ancient", there is the original family creator of all vampires.-pointed the girl.


-Well, it looks like it's going to be fun! - The Spaniard smiled maliciously




Finally the girl began to speak in an unintelligible language while raising her hands. The vampire watched as a large portal opened in front of him. Gabriel approached the silver door looked at the girl and soon after entered.




The young woman, when she saw that the Spaniard had entered completely inside the door, approached the girl.



-Why have you helped him ?. We would have to warn the 4! -


"It's not as bad as you think!" The little girl answered.




In a few seconds Gabriel appeared in a place he did not know, the streets were undoubtedly Eastern Europe but he did not recognize the monuments, shortly after he saw the sign where "Valerian" was.




The vampire supposed that being another temporary line it was possible that only existed there, since from where he came there was no city or town with such a name.




He noticed a great crowd of people who crowded a large square of golden color, approached and observed several men and women tied behind them there were also people of different sex holding stakes.




They were all bloodsuckers, in an instant he noticed a young man in a white Hawaiian shirt, black eyes, short hair down his face, in that instant they executed all the undead who were tied.




Gabriel after seeing how they died, decided to leave the place but the young man in the orange shirt cut him off, had moved at a great speed that he had barely noticed.




A woman appeared behind the boy, she was white skin, blue eyes and golden straight hair, she was really beautiful, the Spaniard immediately noticed that she was a witch her aura was as powerful as that of her beloved.




The witch placed her hand on the vampire's forehead, which could barely move, probably by some kind of spell, the sea-colored eyes suddenly changed color, turning white and disappearing their pupils.




Shortly after the girl, she removed her hand from Gabriel's forehead and everything went back to normal. She looked at the casual-looking boy and approached, they started talking in low voices. While the Spanish could not move.




A few seconds later the boy approached Gabriel showing a big whitish smile without any evil raised his hand.



-Welcome to Valerian! - He said smiling.




The young man realized what had happened, the golden-haired woman had the ability to read minds and had read hers.



- Your goal is Hope Mikaelson! And ours is the death of all the originals, I think we could help each other!




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