The Secret Castle 3

During the third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter, now thirteen, returns after spending the summer with his adoptive family, the Dursleys, who hate all things magical. When he meets Sirius Black, his Godfather, he feels that he has family to call his own. When they face dementors and other dark creatures, Harry knows that he must go through the secret castle's doors again.


5. The Secret Castle 3-Part Five


The shadows of the castle was full of thick fog. 

Harry Potter stared at Professor Trelawney, the Divination Teacher, as he saw her staring at the black cup that was full of English tea with green leaves in it. "It seems we're in danger today. A lot of wizards are scarce; a lot of witches are forcing Professor Dumbledore's hand as they protest Slytherin house's power at Hogwarts. Oh my! There's great danger this year! A lot of danger...Beware Harry Potter! Beware! Beware!", she shouted, as if in a trance-like state. Harry grabbed his glasses with his hands, and then put them on his face. "I'll be fine, Professor", he said to her. And, one hour later, he walked down the stone steps of the North Tower, and attended his other classes before the Professor could tell him that the dementors were around.

     "It's going to be alright, Harry", Ron said. 

     "How to you know?", Harry asked him. He felt his scar burn in his forehead. Seconds later, the pain went away. Hermoine glanced at him. She had a look of deep concern on her face; she saw Professor Dumbledore was gliding away upstairs towards his old office. "Harry, what can we do about Draco?", she said. "We'll keep tabs on him. Let's go downstairs to the Slytherin dorm rooms", he stated. And she shivered, and they grabbed a lamp in their cold hands, then reached the secret door just as Crabbe and Goyle blocked their path like guards on patrol. The Slytherin students were eating doughnuts, and stuffing their faces. "This is our dorms, Potter", Goyle said. He was as fat as Dudley Dursley was. "Draco is hiding something", Hermoine said. Crabbe shook his head. "No he isn't", he said. Sweat was poring down his face. "He is. Tell me!", Harry added. He grabbed his wand and aimed it at their faces. "Don't...please don't...", Goyle shuddered. And he opened the Slytherin dorm room doors, and they saw Draco gaze at them. "Potter! It seems we're going to have a great time getting to force me to use dark magic", he said. He smiled at him, and aimed his wand at Harry. After several colours of blue, green, and black were in the air, Harry and Hermoine waited until they used their own wands to use magic against their enemy. Once the attack was over, they heard the thud of boots coming downstairs. "It seems you're in trouble, Potter", Professor Snape uttered. And he grabbed Harry's cloak with his right hand, and he, as well as Hermoine, walked to Snape's office in the darkness of the cold dungeon.

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