Coming Home

He came home, and she knew hell would break loose...


1. Tennessee


“So your mom dropped the bomb that Kane and his family are coming home for the summer? Are you fucking kidding? They moved away like 10 years ago and Kane was always nasty to you!” Haylee said, shocked.

“Right? Like this is the worst way to end our senior year; having to be stuck showing fucking Kane and his friends around.

“Wait, friends?”

“Yeah, my mom said he’s bringing some friends along.”

“Dude, did I hear you guys say Kane’s name?” Dean asked, walking over.

“Yeah, he’s coming home for the summer.” Haylee said, shaking her head.

“Bro, I haven’t seen him in fucking years.” Dean said.

“Yeah, tell me about it.” I said. “And I get to be his personal tour guide this summer.”

“The whole summer? After how he treated you?” Dean questioned.

“And there it is.” Haylee joked, making us laugh. “When do they get here?”

“Next week; literally the day before our graduation.”

“So that means they’ll probably be coming, won’t it?” Dean asked.

“That’s exactly what it means.” I said slowly, closing my locker as the bell rang.



“Mom, seriously, Tennessee? Do we have to go back? I enjoy Los Angeles just fine. I had no issue with leaving that country hell hole.” I groaned as my older sister, Taylor, laughed at me.

“We’re going. With your dad gone now, Cami offered us to come spend the summer with them for a brief get-away and we are all going. You’re lucky enough I’m letting your friends come and that Cami and Craig are okay with it. Plus, you haven’t been back since we moved. I’m sure everyone would love to see you. Taylor, are you all packed?” My mom said, changing the topic and moving on from me.

“Yeah, I’m packed. I can’t wait to see Beth. Like it’s been so long!”

“The fucking fatty, seriously? Like why do we need to go to her house? What’s wrong with a hotel?” I groaned.

“You need to be fucking nicer. You are 18 now and when you were a kid we let you off easy with her and how rude you were.” My mom snapped.

“Seriously; Beth was always cool as fuck. You were nasty as hell though. According to her friend Stella that I kept in touch with, Bethany knows what the fuck is up down there.”

“Yeah, like she would know how to have a good time.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“I swear to God Kane, I will kick your fucking ass if you don’t get your shit together.” My mom snapped just as my friends, Travis, Jake, and Tommy walked in. I wandered off to my room with them to play video games while Taylor and my mom kept talking about Tennessee.

“So Tennessee, huh? Like of places to vacation, this is where we are all going?” Travis questioned.

“Yeah, a boring ass hell hole.” I groaned.

“At least we can bring the xbox.” Tommy pointed out.

“Yeah and listen to Kane talk about how in love he is with Beth.” Jake said, smirking.

“Not even true!”

“Yeah it is. She’s all you have talked about since this trip came up; how much you can’t stand her, all that shit…you liked her when you were younger and you still do!” Travis added in.

“If it makes you feel better, she isn’t totally fucking ugly.” Jake joked.

“Very funny guys.”

“I wonder if Sophia would appreciate knowing you still have feelings for your childhood crush.” Travis said, smirking.

“We aren’t even together so she’s none of my business.”   

“Close enough to being together.” Tommy pointed out.

“Fuck off, all of you.”

“Are you getting packed up?” My mom asked, walking in. I groaned and slumped down even more into my bed.


“Get fucking packed.” I groaned again as all my friends smirked.



“So I’ve heard rumors about Kane coming back to town; how true are those?” Stella asked me.

“More true then I would like them to be.” I sighed.

“Damn…that’s gotta fucking suck ass.” Logan said, shaking his head.  

“You’re telling me? Like everyone remembers how he treated me when we were all kids. I’m not even close to excited to be his babysitter this summer because we all know that’s what’s gonna happen.”   

“Maybe it won’t be so bad…maybe he matured.” Stella said slowly.

“I’m still going to keep to my hatred for him until he proves me otherwise.”

“I think that’s fair.” Logan said, shrugging.

“Yeah, I agree.” Stella added in.

“Hey sis, Dean is ready to bring us home.” Sam said, walking over to my locker.

“Yeah I’m ready.” I said, grabbing my backpack. “See you guys later.” I said before walking off with Sam.

I was dreading this whole week and was hoping it went by slow as fuck. I didn’t want to see Kane; his sister and mom on the other hand were great, but Kane sucked ass. He always treated me like crap when we were kids and I hated it. I cried a lot as a kid because of him and it stuck with me. It’s probably partially why I am who I am now. I worked my ass off to look the way I do now. I probably never actually had to, I was just late losing some baby fat and yeah, probably ate more than needed but shit, I was a kid. But either way, I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he saw how much better looking I was now. I’m not a cocky person but I was still angry so I wanted to rub this in his face, and my best friend, Haylee knew it and was more than willing to help me do so.

When I got home, I was feeding the horses before dinner, trying to avoid helping my mom set the house up for Peggy, Taylor, Kane, and his friends. I wanted nothing to do any of that; though I was excited to see Taylor and Peggy, it was the thought that Kane was coming that was making me dread anything involving them. I know it’s been 10 years but it really got to me as a kid. The thought of all of this was haunting me more than I should let it.

“Hey, you good? Mom and dad feel that you’ve been out here a long time.” Sam asked, joining me.

“Yeah, just dreading Kane showing up.”

“I know, but it’s been so long. Maybe things will be different.”

“I know it sounds stupid but it still really hurts.”

“Yeah, I know. Mom was sure you were upset about the break up with Chase. I didn’t think that was it since you left him but still…”

“Well he cheated. What did he or anyone think was going to happen? Yeah that shit hurts too. I guess it could be a mix of both to be honest.”

“Well you can do so much better than Chase, and honestly, fuck Kane. He was an ass and if he’s still the same then ill drag his ass around with me.”

“Seriously?” I asked, hoping she was serious.

“Maybe sometimes but not all the time. Fuck, I hate the kid too. But he also never bothered me. I hate him because you hate him.”

“Thanks for the half assed effort.” I said, half smirking.

“No worries. But dinner is ready.”

“I’ll be right in.” I said, finish up what I was doing before following Sam inside.

Yeah, Sam probably had a point. After what I found out Chase cheated, I also found out Kane was coming so it was honestly two problems mixing together. Chase was shit, Kane treated me like shit as kids…it only made sense. I still hated the idea though, don’t get me wrong. I guess the Kane news just over powered the Chase shit so I wasn’t so focused on it. It was probably a good thing but it wasn’t exactly good either.

After dinner I made my way to my room. I did some studying while listening to some music. It was finals week and I had a couple more to get through and I figured this would get my mind off some of the shit going through my head. It worked for a bit then my brain gave up and it was all Kane and Chase and that was when I knew it was time to call it quits. I turned off my lights and crawled into bed, checked out for the night.



I was sitting in class since I finish my last final. I was just waiting to be dismissed so I could go home and hate my life all over again to hop on a damn plane to go to Tennessee. I wasn’t sure which was worse at this point. I almost wish I could just take these tests every day this summer instead of spending it down south, away from all of my friends. I just kept telling myself that having Tommy, Travis, and Jake was going to get me through this shit.

“I’m gonna miss you babe!” Sophia said at my locker after we were dismissed.

“Yeah, same.” She grunted and crossed her arms. She wanted more than I was willing to give her and I made it known to her, she still tried anyway though. There was also something holding me back from her. She just wasn’t right for me, you know?

“Really? That’s all I get out of you?” Sophia huffed.

“Yup. You know the deal with me. I was honest about it from day one; no commitment, no emotions, no feelings.”

“Well no.” Sophia huffed again, knowing I was right. I was honest with her about how I felt about her. And she was maybe the only reason I was happy to get of here, but at the same time that meant three months, no action. Then again, with how she has been acting, I’m pretty sure this will die out soon anyway.

“Well yes. I told you that.” I said, rolling my eyes. “See you around.” I said before walking off to find Travis, Jake, and Tommy so we could head to my house and get ready for graduation tonight before the flight tomorrow morning.

After graduation, we all headed out to a graduation party one of my friends, Bailey was having. I was trying not to drink too much since I had to drive the guys and I back to my house for the trip tomorrow morning. It was all I could think about and Bethany…for whatever reason I couldn’t stop thinking about Bethany.

“You alright, man? You’ve been staring off into space for a while now.” Jake said, shaking my shoulder a little.

“Yeah, I’m good.”

“You’re thinking about Bethany.” He joked, smirking.

“Shut the fuck up. Between you and Taylor I can’t catch a break.”

“Taylor was busting your balls too?” Jake asked.

“Eh, sort of, in her way. She knew I had a crush on Bethany when we were younger but never said anything. But I think it’s more I know she’s probably going to hate me, as will everyone else since Bethany for whatever reason was always the most liked person back home so I’m just thinking about how this trip will probably suck because everyone is going to remember how it was like when we were kids.”

“Dude, it’s been 10 years. I’m sure they all forgot about that shit.” I started laughing and shook my head.

“You clearly have never been to a small town, have you?”

“Uh no…I’ve lived here all my life.”

“Yeah, they never forget shit down there.” I said, turning serious again.



I finished my last final and found Sam and Dean so he could take us home. We were all pretty quiet knowing today was the day that Kane and his family were showing up. And I had plans tonight and Dean and I already had a feeling we were going to be told to drag Kane and his group of friends around which meant our graduation celebration was going to be filled with city people who don’t appreciate our life down here. We all just knew it. It was the hot topic in between finals today.

“See you tonight, alright Bethany?” Dean said when he dropped off Sam and me.

“You know it!” I said smiling and hopping out of his truck. He waved before heading a bit more up the street to his house. I walked inside to my parents doing last minute cleaning before the Brown’s showed up and I was just shaking my head. I dropped my stuff before changing and heading off to the barn before I could get warped into anything.

“Hey there Bubba…” I said, petting my horse once I got to the barn. I saddled him up and took him out for a ride, knowing I needed to clear my head.

I had to have been gone for a few hours because the next thing I knew, the sun was going down and my phone kept buzzing and ringing. It had been going on for quite some time now but I was choosing to ignore it but I knew it was time to head back at this point. This could either mean they were here or they were on their way at this point.

“OH THERE SHE IS!” My mom yelled when I came riding up. They were all unloading their car and I only saw Peggy and Taylor.

“Oh Bethany! Look how much you’ve grown up!” Peggy said. I stayed where I was and just smiled.

“Thank you Auntie Peggy; it’s so nice to see you again; you too Taylor.” I said.

“Hey mom…” I looked up as Kane trailed off, looking at me.

“Hey Kane.” I said as a group of guys followed him out, all stopping dead in their tracks. I knew I was smirking, and this is the little payback I needed.

“Uh, hey…Beth. This is Jake, Tommy, and Travis.”

“Nice to meet ya’ll. Ma, I’m going to bring Bubba back to the stables and I’ll be back, I just wanted to let you know I heard my phone so…”

“Oh of course! Thank you sweetie. How was your ride?”

“Pretty good actually. The hills never grow old.”

“Oh you went up there!” Taylor said, sighing. “I miss riding up there.”

“Sam can take you later.” I said, offering up Sam. She rolled her eyes but knew I had plans. “Blondie is still alive, well, and kicking up a storm in that barn so, I’m sure she’d love to see you.”

“Oh my god, Sam, would you really?!”

“Of course.” Sam said, smiling. With that Taylor and Sam made their way inside with Taylor’s stuff and I looked over at Kane once more before turning around and headed back to the barn.

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