Coming Home

He came home, and she knew hell would break loose...


3. New and Amazing


After graduation, and being mildly hung over from the night before, I was so excited. Me and all my friends were running around hugging and screaming. This was our summer before we had to start growing up for real and I knew a lot of my friends were leaving and this was our summer; our time.

“There’s a party at my house tonight if you guys want to come! Literally everyone is invited. And I mean, Kane and his weird looking friends too if your mom and dad force that shit to happen…” Maggie said. “I want to have the best summer ever before going off to Texas A&M, you know?”

“No, we are right there with you.” I said. “I would love to go.” I said, smiling.

“Girl, are you going to UC Santa Barbara; have you decided yet?”

“I don’t know; my parents need me here…”

“This is your dream; writing and literature has literally always been something you wanted to do, you should do this. Your family would want you to go.” Maggie pointed out.

“Yeah, about that…”

“You didn’t tell them you were accepted, did you?”

“No, I did not…” I sighed.

“You really need to think all this over. I know it would be a huge culture shock, huge change, but damn, you know how great it would be for you? You’ve always wanted to get into this. I mean, you’re literally always writing something and you’re fucking good to. At least think about telling them.”

“I’ll think about it.” I said as Bee came running up to us, arms wide open.

“GUYS OH MY GOD, WE MADE IT! “Bee screeched. We all laughed since she was always the perkiest of all of us.

“Why do I need to have the most obnoxious sister…?” Jackson groaned. “And in the same friends group so I don’t get away from her.”

“That’s what you get for having a twin sister.” I joked.

“Hey, at least you’re going away to Alabama for school and I’m staying here so you can’t even complain right now. You will have a full 4 years away from me.” Bee joked, making us all laugh.

“And what a peaceful 4 years it will be.” Jackson said, rolling his eyes. “Hey, I meant to ask…is that Kane?” Jackson asked, looking over his shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s him.” I said, sighing.

“And the winner is fucking back. It should’ve tipped me off when I saw him with Chase. Those two were fucking butt buddies when we were kids.” Jackson said, shaking his head.

“Yeah, welcome to my summer people…dragging those 4 fuckers around.”

“That sounds awful; are you still able to come to Maggie’s tonight?” Bee asked.

“If she brings the city boys, yeah.” Maggie said, shrugging.

“Ick…I guess we can teach them the country ways and fuck with them.” Bee said, laughing.

“And there is typical Bee; always enjoying fucking with people.” Jackson joked.

“Hey, I think tonight I will appreciate it.” I said.

After about another hour of wandering around and talking to people, I made my way back to my parents and everyone and we made our way home. I was quiet in the backseat of the car, thinking about California and UC Santa Barbara. I know Maggie had a solid point, a lot of them actually, but I didn’t want to leave my family hanging out to dry. It wasn’t who I was and I know they needed the help.

“Bethany?” I snapped my head back to reality and saw my dad trying to talk to me.


“I was just asking if you had any plans tonight.”

Oh, yeah…Maggie is having a graduation party.”

“Can you bring the boys?” My mom asked.

“Is this literally going to be every plan I fucking make? Because the last thing I want to do all summer is drag their fucking asses around. I have a damn life. I don’t want to babysit them 24/7. They can figure their shit out too you know.” I snapped.

“She has a point, darling.” My dad said, defending me. “This is her friend’s graduation party and they are adults as well. They can find their own things to do.”

“But who else is going to show them around? I don’t want them miserable in the house and Bethany knew about this before they got here!” My mom pushed back.

“Loosen up on it; she wants to enjoy her summer too before getting to work on the farm full time.” My dad said.

“Fine. I’ll let tonight slide.” My mom said, all pissy now because my dad stood up for me. My mom always wanted things her way; probably why I always did too.

Later that evening, I was standing in the mirror looking over my outfit. I nice white dress with flowers in my braid and of course, my favorite boots. I sighed knowing it wasn’t getting any better and went over to my truck to go pick up Haylee.

“On your way out?” My mom asked.

“Uh, yeah. I’m going to pick up Haylee and then we’re going to Maggie’s.”

“Okay, have fun.”

“Where is everyone else?” I asked, confused.

“Sam is out riding with Taylor and the boys have plans with Chase.” I nodded and grabbed my keys.

“Well, I’ll see you in the morning. I’ll be safe.”

“Thank you; love you.”

“Love you too.” I said walking out to my truck. I hopped up and drove off as Chase was pulling up my drive, making my stomach clench. I hated seeing him or being anywhere near him. The thought of what he did still made me sick.

“Hey girl!” Haylee said, hopping up. “Are you excited or what?! Ooh, you look cute!”

“Thanks girl, and yeah…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Kane is going out with Chase tonight and I passed him on my way out so I’m kind of pissed right now.”

“I get that. Well once we get to Maggie’s, it’ll be okay and we can forget about all of this.”

“Yeah, I hope so.”

When we got to Maggie’s, people were everywhere. It made me smile seeing all our class here, enjoying the last summer, the last day all together. Maggie was the kind of person who just sent invites to everyone so it was like prom all over again. She had an open door policy here.

“Uh girl, don’t look now…but Chase and Kane…their plans were to come here…” Haylee said slowly. I looked in the direction she was looking and felt like dying. “I’ll fuck them up; don’t you worry.”

“Yeah, great.” I said, making my way over to the alcohol.



“There she is.” Chase said, nodding over at Bethany. She looked beyond amazing but I knew if I even went near her, she would clock me.

“Uh yeah, I see that.” I said, feeling kind of weird. Chase had definitely changed since I last saw him. He was weirdly obsessed with Bethany and clearly pissed at her for breaking up with him but after what I’ve heard, it was deserved.

“Come on.” Chase said, making us follow him. “Hey there babe.” Bethany rolled her eyes as she kept filling up her cup.

“Hi Chase.”

“Hey, we can be nicer than that, can’t we?”

“Nah.” She said keeping it short as she turned to face him and sipped her drink.

“Well you look just damn sexy.”

“Don’t say that to me; or call me that either.” Bethany had a look of disgust on her face before shaking her head. I was standing there looking at my friends, obviously uncomfortable. Bethany was staring Chase done like she was debating slitting his throat or something; it was kind of scary.

“Well why not?” Chase said, stepping closer. People started looking at this point and I slowly started backing off. He reached for her arm and I don’t know if I blinked or what but the next thing that I saw was blood gushing from Chases hand and he had a knife to his throat.

“Don’t fucking touch me, got it?” Bethany snapped. She then spit in her drink and flung it at him after moving her arm away. She flipped the knife shut and shoved it back in her one boot before calmly making herself another drink and walked away.

“Uh, do you want some paper towels?” I asked slowly.

“No.” Chase grunted, storming off. I looked back at my friends who were wide eyed and staring at Bethany who was on the other side of the room with Maggie.

“So, where did the knife come from?” Tommy asked.

“Her boot.” Logan said, walking over. “You think any of us walk around unarmed?”

“Wait what?” I asked.

“Kane, you sure as hell got city written all over you. Most girls in here are probably carrying knives, most guys are carrying, and girls like Bethany…they carry both. I can almost promise you she probably has a gun on her right now.” We all looked over at her but nothing about her outfit looked out of place.

“Where would she hide one…?” Travis slowly asked.

“You never ask those questions.” Logan said, shrugging. “Just assume everyone, at all times, is carrying some kind of weapon.” Logan shrugged it off as if it was nothing and walked off.

“That’s kind of scary.” Jake said, breaking the silence.

“At least you feel safe.” I pointed out slowly.

“Yeah, unless you’re on Bethany’s bad side.” We turned to look at her who managed to not get a drop of blood on her.

“That shits scary.” Jake said.



I kept feeling Kane and his friends looking over at me, seemingly the only ones surprised by the interaction between Chase and I but it was whatever. If you come down south, expect people to be carrying some kind of damn weapon. Everyone else was not shocked and had no issue; even Maggie, whose kitchen I had just gotten blood all over.

“Chase left; his truck is gone.” Haylee said, walking over.

“You’re fucking kidding me…” I groaned.

“Why?” Stella asked.

“That means I have to drive those 4 fucking dicks home.” I said, frustrated. “I make plans without them and yet I somehow still end up being their damn babysitter.”

“Isn’t life just great?” Bee joked.

“No.” I said, downing my drink.

I spent the rest of the night trying to forget about what happened and enjoy myself before it was back to babysitting. I was pretty drunk and knew I should slow down but I knew that shit also was not going to happen with how the last 2 days had gone. Kane, Chase…I had more than enough of everyone.

“Alright; you fucks ready?” I asked, walking over to Kane.

“Uh, Chase is bringing us home. You know, since we had plans with him to let you have your night, you know?” Kane said slowly.  

“Yeah, Chase left right after I cut his hand open. So you’re friend hasn’t been here in hours.”

“Oh…” Kane said, making me sigh.

“What? Would you guys rather walk? Because I’m cool with that shit too.”

“No, we’ll take the right.” California said, jumping in.

“Cool; let’s go.”

“Are you good to drive?” Kane asked me. I rolled my eyes as I finished off my beer.

“No, but do you think anyone here cares?” I smirked and shook my head before walking away. I knew they were following me because what other choice did they have; and I was dragging Haylee by her arm since she could barely stand.

“So these are our two options? Hammered or totally trashed to drive us home?” Tommy asked slowly.

“Again, do you want to walk?” I asked.

“Nope; we’re good.” Kane said, shoving them into my truck. I rolled my eyes and got behind the wheel and downed a bottle of water before flooring it, making someone in the back screech. I smirked and kept flooring it.

After I dropped Haylee down, I got us home barely in one piece but I did it. I stumbled up to my room with Kane holding me up to make sure I didn’t face plant. It was already almost 4 after it took me to convince them to get in the car and stopping to drop Haylee off but I didn’t feel anywhere near tired. I changed once in my room but couldn’t get comfortable in bed. I walked out of my room and down to the porch where I saw Kane sitting alone.

“What are you still doing up?” I asked, a little more sober at this point.

“Oh, Travis snores loud as fuck when he drinks so I couldn’t fall asleep to it. I mean sleeping through it is one thing but not after he starts and I’m still awake.” Kane said, shrugging.

“Okay so what’s your deal, huh? You haven’t said like anything to me since you got here? Barely hung out in Nashville, nothing much today, what’s going on with you?”

“Uhm, to be honest, I figured you still hated me and wanted to leave you be.”

“I’ll give you this, you’re good at assuming things.” I said as I sat down on the stairs.

“I do want to tell you though, you do look pretty great. Those 10 years without me around did you good.”

“Yeah, they did.” I said bluntly.

“Yeah, I guess I deserved that. But I’ve been meaning to apologize for how I used to act.”

“Oh and why is that? Because I lost all the baby fat and look good now?”  Kane leaned back and half smirked.

“Okay I can’t lie, that’s part of it. You do really look good but in general, I do actually mean it with all that aside. I was an ass and should not have made your childhood as miserable as I did and I feel bad for it.”

“Uh huh.” I said, not sure what to say.

“So does that mean you accept my apology?” Kane asked after a long pause.

“I don’t know yet.” I said slowly, looking up at the sky.

“Okay, well can we at least be civil then?”

“When I feel like it.”

“Good enough for me.” Kane said. “So, why are you still up?”

“I just couldn’t get comfortable and normally I come outside and look at the stars when I can’t sleep; I mean sometimes I’ll go riding too because it’s relaxing.”

“I haven’t gone riding in years.”

“JoJo is still here if you want to see him.” I pointed out.

“Really? It’s been 10 years and he’s still kicking it?”

“Yeah, he is.” I said. “Come on.” Kane stood up and followed me to the barn where the horses were and I walked over to JoJo and Kane was close behind me, clearly nervous. I left him be with JoJo and walked over to Bubba and was getting him saddled up for a ride.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Kane asked.

“I’m going riding. Do you want to come?”

“Uhm…sure…” Kane said slowly. I saddled up JoJo as well and walked him out. Kane struggled at first but was able to get himself up and then we made our way away from the house and up the hills in our backyard. We were riding in silence and it was peaceful. This was probably the most fun I’ve had with Kane since he got here and thankfully he wasn’t ruining it by opening his fucking mouth.



I was following Bethany up the hill and I was looking around, remembering how beautiful it was around here. I had totally forgot what it was like here and this moment right here made me miss it. I mean, California was home now but this gave me that feeling of being home again and I was trying to take it all in. it was so breathtaking.

“Wow…” I whispered once we reached the top as the sun was slowly coming up.


“It’s just…I forgot how beautiful it was here.”

“Yeah, it’s really nice. I hang out up here a lot.”

“Doing what though?” I almost smacked myself, realizing there was city me coming out again. Bethany laughed and shook her head.

“Think about my life, what I want to do, and honestly just nothing sometimes. I don’t need to be constantly doing something to be happy like you people do. Doing nothing is a great past time in case you don’t remember.”

“No, to be honest I don’t remember. I’ve always been on go mode since we moved. I don’t remember what it was like to just sit and do nothing and enjoy it.”

“Well enjoy the silence and doing nothing.” Bethany said. I got the hint and shut up, just watching as the sun started peaking over the hills. After sitting there to watch the sun come up, we headed back since I was getting tired. Bethany put the horses away and I made my way to bed and thankfully, Travis and his snoring had calmed the fuck down and I was able to get a few hours of sleep in.

When I woke up a few hours later, Bethany’s bedroom door was open so I made my way downstairs but only Sam and Taylor were there with my mom and friends; no sign of Bethany. I sat down as Cami dished out some breakfast for me and handed me a mug of coffee. I took it happily and started inhaling everything.

“So I heard last night was eventful.” Sam joked.

“More than it should have been.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Yeah, Chase’s parents are pissed as fuck. But from all the witnesses, it’s self-defense so Chase is screwed, again.”  Sam said, shrugging.

“Wait, again?” I asked.

“Oh yeah; fucker had it coming. He has a rap-sheet of all the times he’s harassed Bethany and she got violent in self-defense.” Craig said as if it was nothing. “Kid needs some fucking help.”

“He definitely changed.” Peggy said. “He used to be such a good boy.”

“He hung around your son; no offense.” Sam said, smirking.

“SAM WALKER!” Cami snapped making everyone giggle.

“What? I’m just saying.” Sam said, side glancing me and rolling her eyes. I just smirked again and went back to my food just as Bethany walked in, sweaty and in workout clothes.

“How was your run, love?” Craig asked her.

“Yeah, good. What’s for breakfast?”

“French toast; help yourself.”

“Cool.” Bethany grabbed a plate and sat down next to me, the only chair open.

“Oh, Carol called; she was wondering if you were feeling up to help out at the town’s carnival and farmers market this week?” Cami said to Bethany.

“Yeah, sure; what days?”

“All of them…”

“Dude, come on? Can’t they just hire someone?” Bethany groaned before shoveling more food in her mouth.

“She says she likes having a local.”

“Fine; tell her I’m in but I’m doing this shit my way.”

“Already cleared; I knew you would say that.”

“Cool; thanks ma.”

“What kind of carnival?” Jake asked.

“Basically it’s a farmers market and carnival during the day and a giant town party all week long for the adults. And the one week they don’t care if minors are drinking since the police act as DD’s.” Sam said.

“That’s fucking awesome!” Tommy announced.

“Yeah, there’s a few of these a year. This is the longest running one but there’s also one for the towns anniversary, the mayors birthday, and for Bethany’s birthday.”

“Just Bethany?” Taylor asked, laughing.

“Yes, she does a lot for the town so this is how to town repays her.” Sam said.

“What exactly do you do?” My mom asked her.

“Oh shit, nothing much. I just volunteer with the shelters, help out where I can with the town’s farm land when needed since you know, I don’t do much during the week. I help out at the old folks home since a lot of their families can’t be there a lot so I go to keep them company; read to them, stuff like that. It’s nothing too crazy.”

“Oh that’s sugarcoating it.” Cami said.

“Yeah but that’s enough.” Bethany said, rolling her eyes. We’re done talking about it.”

“What are your plans for today?” Sam asked.

“Uh, work on my car and then later today I need to head over to the court house.”

“Court house? Who did you fuck up?” Tommy joked.

“No one. I just go there for shits and giggles.” Bethany said, getting up and putting her stuff in the sink and went upstairs.

“What does she do exactly?” I asked.

“What doesn’t she do is the better question.” Sam said, rolling her eyes.

For the next couple hours, the guys and I played some video games while Sam and Taylor went to town to do some shopping. We were all enjoying the relaxing day when we all heard some loud ass noises and ran to the window where we saw fire shooting up. We all ran to where it was coming from and saw Bethany with a welding mask on and hunched over a car.

“Uh hey there…” I said once the noise stopped.

“Oh, hey. What do you guys need?” She asked, not stopping at whatever she was doing.

“We saw fire shooting up; we came to make sure all was good.” Travis said.

“Thanks California, but everything is good.” Bethany said as she finally ripped something from the car.

“What exactly are you doing?” I asked.

“Working on the car.” Bethany shot me a look like I was asking a dumb question.

“You work on cars too?” Tommy asked.

“Uh yes?”

“Does it run?” Jake asked.

“Uh, that’s another dumb question but no. It’s my grandfathers and it hasn’t run since he passed two years ago so I’m going to get it running for him.”

“He taught you all about cars, didn’t he? I think I remember him.” I pointed out.

“Yeah, that was him.” Bethany said, still not looking up. “As long as ya’ll are going to stand there, grab the tool box for me.” Tommy dragged it over to her and she went back to whatever she was doing and we made our way back inside to our room.

“Dude, what doesn’t she do? Is she like the dream girl?” Travis joked.

“No, I think she is.” Tommy said. “I mean, who doesn’t want to see a hot girl hunched over a car like that and actually know what she’s doing?”

“True.” Travis said, nodding in agreement. I didn’t have much to say because it was like every time Bethany opened her mouth, something new and amazing came out of her.

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