Coming Home

He came home, and she knew hell would break loose...


2. Nashville


I was still standing on the porch watching her ride away and I really wanted to pass out right there. She had gotten way too insanely good looking and it killed me. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Her hair was long and wavy; black like it had always been, gold eyes, and her skin almost glowed. I was not fucking prepared for this; and what made it worse, she was only in shorts and a basic t-shirt and it was already killing me.

“Kane, what did you need?” My mom asked, cutting off my thoughts.

“Yeah, just wondered if the couch in our guest room turned into a bed?”

“Oh it does.” Craig said, pulling more of my luggage out of the car and passing it to us.

“Thanks.” I said before making another round upstairs with the guys.

“THAT’S BETHANY?!” Travis practically yelled once we made it upstairs.

“Sir, you are screwed.” Sam said, appearing with my sister.

“How am I screwed?” I asked, trying to brush it off.

“Do you need a tissue for all that drool?” Sam said, crossing her arms.

“Told you that you would be screwed this summer.” Taylor said, smirking.

“It’s a good thing she’s on a hating men, I want to kill them all vendetta this summer.” Sam said, shrugging.

“Wait, why?”

“Oh between you and your old friend, Chase, she hates all men.”

“What did Chase do?”

“That fucking idiot cheated on her. With a girl looking like a cow to be honest.” Sam said. “But you know, at least she is still the best looking thing for miles; as anyone in town. I think you ask any guy in this town they would tell you they’re in love with my sister.”

“That’s gotta suck. Hi, I’m Travis.” Sam scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Oh please, you’re going to have to do better than that. You city boys have no game.” Taylor giggled and walked off after Sam and I just looked back at my friends.

“What did I tell you guys?”

“Are they all like that?” Jake asked.

“Well…this is the Walker family…they’re the best at everything, always have been. And look wise, yeah, Sam isn’t too far off; especially with Bethany. But either way, yeah, you aren’t just getting one of them to come home with you without a shit load of effort. This isn’t California anymore.” I said slowly before bringing the luggage fully into the room.

“This is the worst place ever.” Tommy groaned.

“You’re telling me…there’s going to be no Sophia’s down here.” I pointed out. “Only girls who laugh in your face because you can’t dance.”

“Dance?” Travis asked.

“Line dancing?” I pointed out.

“The fuck is that? The thing they do in the movies?” Jake asked.

“Yeah, except the movies do it no justice.”

“Ya’ll getting set up okay?” We turned around and Bethany was standing there.

“Uh yeah, looks like we are.”

“Uh huh. Well welcome home, Kane.”

“Yeah, thanks…”

“Yeah; uh if I just so happen to have plans, odds are you’re probably going to have to come with by demands of my mother so…just go with it, don’t speak to me, and leave me alone and we should be just fine, alright?”

“Yeah. I heard you were the one to go to if I wanted to go somewhere or do anything?”

“Oh please, like I would tell you all the good places to go.” Bethany said, smirking. “Just accept you’re stuck with me this summer, okay? I’ve already sort of come to peace with it.”

“BETHANY, DEAN IS HERE!” I heard her dad yell.


“Wow, you’re hearing got mildly worse.” Bethany said before rolling her eyes.



“GIRL, ARE YOU READY!” I turned away from Kane and saw Haylee, Dean, and Logan come up the stairs.

“Almost. Guys, you remember Kane; and these are his friends.”

“Aren’t you going to introduce us?” Tommy asked.

“I don’t care about you guys so I didn’t care to remember your names either.” I said, shrugging. “Let me change, freshen up, and I’ll be down.” I said, turning back to my friends. Haylee followed me along while Logan and Dean stayed behind, talking to Kane.

“Kane got good looking!” Haylee said once we were in my room.

“Oh shut up.” I snapped.

“But did you not see him?! The tattoos, the muscles, the bright blue eyes…like shit girl; he may be an asshole but he is a damn attractive one.”

“I didn’t notice.”

“Yes you did, you just are refusing to acknowledge it due to your hatred towards men right now.”

“Sure, let’s go with that.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Between Chase and him, I’m sure that is exactly what it is.”

“Fuck off.” I said, shoving her as I quick showered. I changed into my short shorts, had an olive green top on and threw on my favorite boots and touching up my makeup; thank god for good hair and it always drying in perfect waves.

“Girl, I’m doing you mentally right now.” Haylee joked making me laugh as we headed downstairs.

“Ma, we’re going out.” I said entering the kitchen where everyone was talking.

“Why don’t you bring…”

“Yeah, I got it.” I said, cutting my mom off. “I know the deal. Let’s go city boys.” I said, making my way outside with my friends behind me and Kane and his friends behind them.

“So should the city boys get the bed?” Logan joked.

“Oh hell no; everyone knows that’s where I go!” I said, climbing up the truck with Haylee behind me.

“Looks like you boys are stuck with us.” Dean said, as they all squeezed into the truck.

“So where are we going?” Jake asked.

“NASHVILLE BABY!” Haylee yelled as Dean ripped out of the drive as I screamed in the back, laughing.

“Isn’t that far?” Tommy asked.

“It’s about an hour.” Dean said as I crawled through the back window.

“Whoa, hey girl.” Logan said, laughing.

“Where the fuck my music at?” I said, going through wires.

“Here you go.” Dean said, laughing. I smiled and started playing my music, and Dean knowing it was meant to be on full blast took care of that for me when I crawled back out where Haylee and I were chilling in the back, singing at the top of our lungs.

Once we got to Nashville, we used our fakes to get into the club and made our way over to the bar. I ordered my drinks and saw Kane and his friends being all awkward to the side. I sighed, rolling my eyes and turned back to the bartender ordering 4 beers for them.

“Here you boys go.” I said, passing out their beers.

“You didn’t have to buy them for us…” Kane said slowly.

“Oh fuck off. Ya’ll look awkward as fuck and I’m not letting your pouty faces ruin my graduation bar hopping and clubbing adventure so, suck it the fuck up that you’re down here and pretend to have fun; like fuck. We both don’t want you here so let’s just make the most of it, ok?” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Damn, okay.” Travis said. “Don’t have to tell me twice.”

“Don’t get your hopes up, California. You’re down south now.”

“Dance with me!” Haylee said, walking over, pulling on my arm. Everyone had started line dancing so I was getting hyped up and I started smiling.

“See ya boys!” I said before dancing off with Haylee.



“So you were right.” Tommy said slowly.

“About what?” I asked, sipping my beer.

“The movies don’t do justice to this shit…”

“Yup, I told you.” I said, my eyes glued on Bethany.

“This place is fucking great.” Travis said, smirking.

“How is it the best?” Jake questioned. “This place is like the definition of not in California anymore…”

“Yeah; it’s fucking great. If we could do this every night I would not be angry.” Travis said. “I mean, who would not want to watch shit like this daily? The girls in California, sure, they run around half naked but this is so much fucking better.”

“Yeah, except don’t touch.” I sighed.

“Wait, what?” Travis asked.

“Ya’ll coming?” Dean asked, walking over.

“Oh no, I’m not making a fool of myself out there.” I said, shaking my head, bringing my beer to my lips.

“Suit yourself.” Dean said as him and Logan walked off to join Bethany and Haylee.

The guys and I made ourselves comfortable at the bar while they kept talking about the club. I was still watching Bethany and how she moved. It was almost too perfect, and of course she was with Dean and not me. I closed my eyes at that thought and shook my head, trying to get rid of the thought. I had no interest in her, and I hated her; that was that.

“Ya’ll going to come out and dance or not?” Bethany said, joining us as she ordered another drink.

“I’ll make a fool out of myself!” Travis said, making Bethany smirk.

“At least California over here is willing too. Let’s go.” Bethany said, grabbing his hand and showing him the steps to whatever they were doing. She was laughing and smiling as Haylee and the guys walked up to us.

“None of ya’ll want to go dance? Only Travis over here is willing to look like a fucking idiot?” Haylee joked. “And I mean, he doesn’t totally suck either.” She said, glancing over as Luke Bryan, That’s My Kind of Night came on and Bethany was practically grinding on Travis.

“That’s what I’m missing?” Jake joked.

“Hey, come on; I’ll teach you. Though I can only do basics; Bethany is the dancer, not me. Come on.” Jake followed Haylee and left Tommy and I with Dean and Logan.

“Are you ever going to talk to her?” Dean asked me.

“What? Why would I do that? She specifically said not to talk to her.”

“Well you like her, don’t you?” Logan said, laughing. “You tend to talk to the person you like. Nothing has changed over the last 10 years, has it?”

“Wait what?”

“Oh shit; everyone knew you liked her. Everyone but her at least.” Dean said, shaking his head.

“Told you they remember everything.” I said, looking over at Tommy.

“Yeah, we don’t forget shit.” Dean said, getting another beer.

“Okay, you going to try?” Bethany asked, walking back over with Travis who was all red in the face.” She was looking at Tommy and she just started shaking his head. “Ya’ll boring.”

“I guess I’ll try…” I said slowly. Bethany smirked and raised an eyebrow at me.


“Yeah, sure…”

“You have a lot to live up to here.” Dean joked.

“What do you mean?”

“This is her favorite song.” Logan said, smirking. “Get ready.”

“Wait, what?” I asked as Bethany dragged me away as Country Girl, Shake It For Me came on and Bethany was already getting into it. She was showing me basic steps I was picking up pretty quick and once Bethany realized it she was throwing in her own shit and it was all over me and I was trying not to freeze up with how she was moving on me, near me; anything. 



“How long do you give Kane until he freaks out and runs back over here?” I joked.

“Dude, the kid can’t handle her.” Logan said, watching. “He’s still in love with Beth though, not that anyone needed that confirmation.”

“No, not really but this is funny as hell to watch.” I said as people started to clear and Bethany and Kane were in the middle.

“Damn that bitch knows how to move.” Travis said.

“Don’t call my girl a bitch; only I can do that, California.” I said, glaring at him.

“Right; my bad. But she really can dance; like actually dance.”

“What did you expect?” Logan questioned.

“I don’t know…no one back home can dance like that really.” Tommy added in.

Once the song ended, Kane made his way back and I rushed over to Bethany to keep dancing with her with our drink refills. She was smiling and having the time of her life which is just what she needed after all the Chase shit she just went through. I mean, no one really brought it up since she said she didn’t really want to talk about it but still; she needed this.

We spent until almost 3 in the morning dancing and bar hopping around Nashville and having the time of our life. Bethany was living it up and you could tell Kane was trying not to piss Bethany off by saying much since we all know she has her moments when she’s fine and others when she could shove her foot up his ass; that’s always how she’s been. But either way, we were all living up the night before graduation tomorrow and I knew, no matter how much she hated Kane, she still loved him; not that she would ever admit it. So I kept to myself and figured at one point she would tell me and we could go from there. But she would not offer to dance with him if she hated as much as it comes off.

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