Making the October fall

Shayla enrols herself in a secret fighting school in the year 2060 on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea with other nationalities around her, she quickly notices she's the only person from Germany or the Axis powered countries but their first challenge is to impress the headmistress Luella-May Abbott an Australian-Russian women with a Russian accent and to make "the October fall", Can she get there or will she be rejected?


1. Chapter One


Chapter One

Application form it needs to be filled out by the 31st September 2060, right, that is next week then I have to put it back where I found it as I finish reading the instruction list that was "given" to me in a yellow envelope and I also pull out a USB stick so as you do I put in my laptop and see what is on it and there is only one file on there and I click on it and when it opens it has a picture of  me and it asks to type my full name in and date of birth in capital letters.




~Thank you Shayla! We will be opening applications on

the 25th of September 2060 at 6:00 am

So register then!

Thank you again Shayla!


After I read the message, my computer turns itself off, so I grab my phone and I set an alarm and a reminder to apply for the school but I set the alarm for 5:30 am but now I get a text from my Papa and he says

Are you walking home or do you want a ride home?

I text him back that I might go to my friend's house but I will be home to cook dinner after I hit send I shoot Cate a text and ask if I can come over and she replies "Yes," then I tell Papa and I walk to her house.

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