After the End

We met almost three years ago. We felt in love slowly but it was adicting. He made me laugh,he made me cry. We broke up 6 months ago. Now my mother is marrying his father and he is going to live in the same house as I. Somebody help me!


2. Two

Cap 2

Lexie’s pov

Four Months ago

You are acting weird” I told my mom when we were eating dinner. She had been smiling the since she got home from work and texting.

I am not” she said and blushed.

Silly smiles, blushing…. I’ve been there once.

Oh you’ve met someone” She had been acting like a teenager girl that just met a guy

She stayed in silence

Oh you did met someone! Oh you have to tell me right now!”

Okay. He is a neurologist. The hospital has just employed him. He is really nice and gentle”

I smile. I’ve never thought my mom would like someone again. After my father died, she would only work, she had no social life. I had encourage her to go out, have some drinks with her friends but she just did that a couple of times. One day I suggested her to try a date web site but she freaked out and said she didn’t want to date. I had lost my hope that my mom would let a men get close to her. I was worried that she would feel lonely when I go to college.

A hot neurologist, huh?”

Lexie!” she said blushing.

I gave her a look

Okay, okay I admit he is handsome” she blushed harder

I laughed. The truth is that I feel relieved and happy to see my mom liking someone.

‘’Don’t get your hopes high Lexie. I’ve barely know him. It’s not like we are going to get married or something”

Okay, just promise me you will give him a chance.”


I got up from my sit and hugged her

You know, it’s okay for you to like someone, right?”


No I feel like I have to say this. Dad would want you to move one, to live your life and be happy”

She started to cry

You know I will always love your father, right?”

Yes I know mom.” I hugged her tight

We stayed like that, crying in each other’s arms for some time.

I love you” she said

I love you too mom”

A few days later mom came home happier than she had been.

What happened?” I asked her

Ali and I had launch together” she said

Oh, and how was it?”

It was really nice. He invited me to have a drink with him on Friday”

So you are going on a date!” I started jumping of exciment

It’s not a date, it’s just a casual drinks with a work mate”

Will it be just the two of you?”


So it is a date! Oh mom He must like you!”

You think so?” she asked unsure

Of course he does. He asked you out. You are a beautiful and intelligent woman and he must have seen that”

I’m not be-“

Don’t” I tell her “ You are amazing”

She smiles shyly

You will have to tell me all the details of your date, okay?” I asked and she nodded.

On Saturday morning I woke up early to be able to talk to my mom before she left for the hospital.

So how was last night?”

It was nice. I mean really nice. He is so funny and… intelligent. I like to talk to him. Oh and he was a real gentleman, he opened the door for me and paid for me. Oh have I told you he is from London?”

Oh a British handsome doctor. Nice mom” Having a thing for British must be in our DNA

She laughed “He moved to Chicago a couple years ago. He is divorced and has thee daughters and a son. Oh and he was Tom’s classmate in med school! What a coincidence, right?”

Yeah. Did Tom say anything about Ali??”

Yes, he is said he is a really nice guy and that I should give him a chance”

I told. So is there going to be a second date?”

I think so, he said we would keep in touch”

I smirk to my mom and she blushed.


Two months later

Hello, mom?”

Hi Lexie, how is everything going in Santa Monica?”

It was summer and I was at aunt Abigail and Jame’s house in Santa Mônica.

Everything is fine. I am having a great time with Zoey, Andy and Eddie”

Oh that’s good. “

Yeah, I’ve tried to call you earlier but you didn’t answer the phone….”

Oh sorry darling. I was having launch at Clarie’s. Ali was with me”

Wow you introduced him to aunt Claire and to Valerie?”


And I haven’t met him! It’s not fair!”

Oh dear, I’m sorry but you’ve left a month ago. Back then I wouldn’t imagine Ali and I would have a serious relationship”

Okay, but in the end of the summer when I come back home the first thing I am going to do is meet Ali”

Okay. I need to go now., my shift starts in 10 minutes”

Love you”

Love you too”


A month later

I was at the backyard of my uncle’s house. We were having a barbecue with some neighbors when my phone rang.

Hey mom”

Hi darling”

Uh I am at the barbecue now, can you call me later so we can chat?”

Actually, I called to tell you something…I… Ali took me to a nice restaurant and he…he proposed me”

Wow. My heart started beating fast and I stopped to breath for a whole second.

Propose? Like ask you to marry him?!”

Yeah, and I said yes”

My mom is getting married??!!

Lexie, please say something”

Wow, I am actually…surprised. I mean you’ve met him like 5 months ago.”

I know it is too soon but it just feels so right to be with him. And this is totally crazy. I’ve never done something so crazy in my entire life! I’m just so excited, he just make me feel so happy and I don’t think I need more time to think about this. I know he is the one for me.”

Wow” I said and look for a drink.

You’ve already said that, Lexie. Do you think I am crazy for marrying someone I’ve met only some months ago? Do you think I am being too reckless?”

Yes, but some people say that when you find your love you know and if you are so sure than I am happy for you. Congratulations mom!”

Oh Lexie I’m so relieved that you support my decision, I wouldn’t marry Ali if you didn’t support our relationship. I am sure I love Ali because he makes me feel like your father used to make me feel”

When she mentions my father, tears started rolling down my cheeks.

I am happy that you found Ali, mom. I really am because you deserve to be loved again” I said sobbing

Oh Lexie, don’t cry. If you keep crying I will start to cry too”

I laughed, wiping off my tears “So I have to meet Ali and it’s urgent”

Yes you have to. Do you think you can come back earlier?”

Yeah I can change my plane ticket but why such a hurry?”

Well...Ali and I were talking and we thought it would be nice to have a ceremony outside so we were thinking to set the wedding to the last weekend of August.”

You mean this August?”


But this is like in a month!” I started breathing too fast. My mom is defiantly crazy

I know, but we just want to make a small ceremony, just family and close friends so I am sure we will be able to plane the wedding in one month. But to do that I need you here to help me.”

We needed to find a dress for her, a location, the rings and a dress to me! Oh gosh. Which flowers will she prefer?

Lexie, are you there?”

Yeah, sorry I was just thinking”

Can you come back like this week? So you can meet Ali and help me plan the wedding ?”

Yeah sure”

I could hear she breathing relieved.

Great! I have to go call Claire, she will have a heart attack!” she said laughing ”I’m going to get married! Oh Gosh!” she yelled like a teenager girl. I laughed

Yes mom!” I smiled because she sounded really happy ”I’m so happy for you.”

Okay call me when you change your ticket”

Okay. Love you”

I love you too, Lexie. Bye” she hanged up

Eddie and Zoey got into the kitchen

Lexie, we were looking for you every where” Zoey said

Sorry, my mom called me. She is getting married

What?!” They said in the same time

Yeah, this is so crazy”

She is marrying that doctor she met?” Zoey asked and I nodded.” What is his name?”

Well my mom calls him Ali but I think his name is Alison”

They’ve just met” Eddie said

I know this is happening so fast but she sounded so happy. She loves him and he loves her”

Who loves who?” my aunt asked coming in the kitchen

Aunt Elle is getting married” Eddie said

Wow” my aunt said

I know, this is so crazy ” Zoey said

Well, Elle has always been a responsible person. She is also a grow up woman so she is able to make big decisions, and if she said yes to the guy than she must be certain that she loves him. I am going to call her later to congratulate her. After my brother death she was such a mess that I’ve never thought she would give a chance to someone. I am glad that she found a man and she is going to marry him.”

I smile “It means a lot to me and to her to know that you think this way”

Oh dear” she hugged me “We are family, I only want her happiness.” She kissed the top of my head

So when is the wedding going to happen? Have they decided that?” Zoey asked

Yeah, they want it to happen at the end of August”

Like next month?” Eddie asked and Zoey, who was drinking, chocked


My aunt laughs “Oh love does make people crazy”

Oh I will have to go back to Chicago this week to help my mom” I said looking to the floor

Thank God you’re leaving! I couldn’t stand you anymore” Eddie joked making all of us laugh

I know you love me Eddie”

Oh Lexie you will have to help me find a dress to the wedding” Zoey said

I agreed. I was already excited for the wedding.

On the next day I flew back to Chicago in a night fly. My mom was working so aunt Claire picked me up in the airport. My mom called me saying she had invited Ali and hi soon, Jav, to have dinner with us. I was a little anxious to met them, after all they were going to live with us in a month.

I spend the whole day sleeping because I could’t sleep on the plane. When I woke up there was a great smell coming from the kitchen. My mom was pacing in the kitchen.

Mom? Are you okay?”

Oh Lexie, I am fine.” She said and started pacing again “ Do I look fine?”

Mom you look stunning. Why are you so nervous?”
“Oh it’s Just that I want to make sure that everything is perfect” she said looking around, trying to find something to do

Mom, everything will be fine. I am sure Ali is going to enjoy the dinner. You bought the food from that restaurant in the corner?” My mom doesn’t know how to cook, neither do I, so we always order take out

Yes, I told them to make it very special.” The food looked great and the smeel was delicious.

I smiled.

Now go upstairs and change your clothes. Put something nice” she said. I was wearing my Pj’s

Some minutes later the door bell ranged. My mom, who was in the kitchen, asked me to answer the door.

I opened the door expecting to meet Ali and his soon but standing in the front door was my ex boyfriend and his father.

Zayn? Mr. Bahadirli ? What the hell are you doing here?” My hand was already in the door, ready to shut it at their face. Zayn’s eyes were huge in surprised

Hey Ali” my mom walked past me and kissed Zayn’s father

What the fuck?” Zayn asked

It seemed like all of that was not happening with me, it felt like I was just a ESPECTATDORA because it all seemed so unreal and weird. I was gripping the door, not trusting my legs.

Zayn?” my mom asked looking at him. She looked at Ali waiting for an explanation

Ella, Zayn is my soon.” Mr. Bahadirli - or should I said Ali?- said. My mom who was hugging Mr. Bahadirli , Ali took a step away from him

Buy your son is called Javadd” My mom said

Javadd is my middle name, but my dad always calls me Javadd” Zayn explained. His hands were in a fist and he was breathing fast

I think there was some confusion-” Mr. Bahadirli , Ali said. He was not breathing fast like Zayn and I, and his eyes were not showing any sign of desperation like my mom. He seemed calm, or less freaked out.

Confusion? You think so, dad?” Zayn screamed “You’ve just got engaged with my ex girlfriend’s mother!”

Zayn’s words were a wake up call and I was no longer a spectator. I hold the door with my other hand, trying to support myself. Everyone was in silence. My mom was engaged with Zayn’s father. They were going to get married and we would be a family. I don’t know if it was the idea of Zayn, his father, my mom and I living in the same house, the fact that I was super nervous or my disbelieve that made me started to laugh. Yes, I was laughing.

What the hell?” Mr. Bahadirli asked pointing at me. I was holding the door and laughing hard.

She usually laughs when she is nervous” Zayn explained.

The fact that Zayn knew me so well made me stop laughing

Oh my Gosh. What have we done?” My mom asked. Her hands were shaking and tears were running down her face

Elle, calm down.” Mr. Bahadirli said “Why don’t we go inside so you can drink some water?” he suggested and my mom nodded.

They passed me and Zayn looked at me.

They are not getting away that easy . I deserve an explanation, at least”

Ah…yeah…I…let’s go” I sounded like an idiot.

We walked to the kitchen and my mom was drinking water. Mr. Javvad’s hand was in her back. It was so weird to see the two of them interacting.

Are you alright?” I asked my mom. She nodded but it looked like she wasn’t sure

Lexie...I am so so-….I didn’t know that Ali was Zayn’s father… I had never met Zayn’s father when you two were dating and I… We didn’t know” she tried to say but she was sobbing

How could you not know?” Zayn exploded. He was pacing thorough the kitchen. Why was he blaming them. I was sure they didn’t know.

Stop yelling, Zayn! For God shake! The situation is already hard, no need for you to act like a drama Queen!” I exploded

Zayn stopped pacing “Well at least I have the courage to speak up and don’t stay quiet pretending that everything is just fucking perfect” he yelled

Oh now you listen-“I started point my finger to him

Stop! You two stop right now!” Mr. Bahadirli said. He didn’t scream but his voice was strong and firm. He only needed to say once. “I think Javadd and I should just leave. Everyone is too freaked out and there is no way we can talk like this. Is that okay for you Ella?” he asked to my mom. She nodded but her eyes were glued to the floor ”I call you later” he told her.

Zayn stormed out of the house. Mr. JBahadirli stopped in my front on his way to the door and said ”Make sure she is okay, and call me if you need, okay?” He was worried about my mom. He really loves her. I nodded and he walked out.


I’m going to take a shower” she said


And there I was in the kitchen with a table full of food but no one to eat them.

I needed to talk so someone so I called Valerie

So, Ali is Zayn’s father?” she asked still trying finding hard to believe


How none of you found that out earlier?”

I don’t know. My mom never met Zayn’s father when were dating, both of them were always so busy working that they’ve Just never met. And I was used to call Zayn’s father by his sir name, Mr. Bahadirli , I didn’t ever remember knowing that his first name was Ali. From what I know, Zayn hadn’t had the chance to met his father fiance until this night so he probably just didn’t know.”

It’s just so weird and kind of funny too” she said trying not to laugh

It’s not funny! This is a chaos! My mom was suppose to marry a Nice Guy and live her happy ever after. We were supposed to be a nice family. My step brother was not suppose to be my ex boyfriend! This is never going to work because we hate each other! Tonight we talked for like 5 minutes and we were already arguing! We will never stop fighting”

Well sibling usually fight all the time…” The thought of Zayn as my brother, step-brother, made me nauseous and dizzy

The thing is that we were not arguing as we were brothers, we were arguing as exs. I think I will never be able to see Zayn as my step brother. Imagining living with him! It would be awfull to look at him when I wake up, have dinner with him every night! I already have to tolerate him at school, I don’t want to live with him.”

Valerie was silence, this was never a good sign

Valerie? You still there?”

Yeah, I was just thinking about aunt Elle. She must be crushed. Ali seemed to be such a nice guy and she was so giggly and seemed happy when they came to have launch with my mom and I some days ago….”

I was so worried about Zayn and how I was feeling about this whole mess that I hadn’t even thought about my mom. Gosh, how I could I be so selfish? She must be devastated!

I mean she loves you and I’m sure she will probably just cancel the wedding because she knows that it would awful to you to have Zayn in the family and live with him.” Valerie said

What? No, she can’t cancel the wedding!”

Lexie, you know your mom, she would never put you in such an awkward position. She just might be feeling a little frustrated that after all this years when she finally give a chance to a man, he happened to be the father of her daughter’s ex boyfriend”

Those words made a limp formed in my throat. Would she really give up on Ali because of me? Would she give up on the man she loves because their married would put me in an awkward situation? How would be able to look her in the eyes after that?

Lexie, are you okay?”

Uh yeah, just fine.”

Do you want me to come to your place?”

Valerie you are in Washington. There is no need for you to fly to Chicago just because of me” Valerie always spends her summer in her father’s house at Chicago. Her parents got divorced she was 5 years old.

I just feel bad now that I’ve said all those stuff about your mom…”

You are right, it’s the truth”

Yeah but that upset you”

Sometimes reality sucks. But don’t you worry, I’ll be okay”

You know if you need anything you can call me, right?”

I know Valerie. I got go, I want to sleep”

Sure, night”


I put my phone on the bed table and lyed on my bed.

That night I had trouble sleeping. I couldn’t stop thinking about Zayn and about my mom. When I finally got to sleep I had a terrible dream. I was leaving to college, I had everything packed in my room, my mom was at her room by herself. I called her name and she came in my bedroom. Her eyes were glossy, she had dark circles and looked a little pale.

Mom? Are you okay?’

No, Lexie I’m not okay. I had to give up in Ali because of you and now you are leaving me forever.’

No, I’m not leaving forever. I’ll be back in the summer and there is winter break and spring break as well.’

You know it won’t be the same. You are abandoning me and I will die alone’ she started crying

I woke up in a jump. My heart was racing, my muscles were tense and I had to wait a while to calm my self down.

It was just a dream” I tried to comfort myself. The thing is that they say a dream is really important and that it tells us something that we are trying to hide from ourselves.

Still feeling a little out, I walked downstairs and found my mom in the kitchen. She is pouring herself a big cup of coffee. I wonder if she had sleep at all. I looked at her face and I know she hadn’t, she had dark bags under her red eyes. Had she been crying?



Lexie….I was thinking about Ali and the fact that he is Zayn’s father…I called him yesterday and we talked and we think…it’s best to have a break. We are canceling the wedding and we spend a time apart from each other until…we can figure out….”

Wait, You guys broke up?!” Flashes of the dream came in my mind. The way she looked as tired and sad as she was in my dream made me shiver.

It’s just a break” she said looking down to her coffee.

You suggested it?”

Yeah...I knew how hard it would be for you if Ali and I kept dating and I…” she stopped talking and whiped her tears

Mom, you don’t have to this because of me-“

Lexie, don’t lie to me. I’ve heard you talking to Valerie last night. You said yourself that it would be awful to have to live in the same house as Zayn, that you too hated each other and would argue all the time.I don’t that for you. I don’t’ want to come home after work and have to stand you two arguing all the time. I want a nice family, but if I marry Ali I won’t have this. I won’t ask you to do this, I won’t ask you to stand Zayn, I know you two had a serious relationship and you were really sad when you broke up. Having Zayn in the family would hurt you and I don’t to cause you pain.”

But what about you, mom? What about Ali?”

Well, maybe this is a warning from the universe for me not to marry anyone one. Maybe I should Just give up, I’ll be fine on my own.” She said but her eyes showed her insecure

I have to go to the clinic” she said

Okay. Have a nice day”

The rest of the day sucked. All my friends were out of town, not that I was in the mood to talk to any of them. I sat on the sofa and watched reruns of The Vampire Diaries, hoping that Damon Salvatore would cheer me up, he didn’t. My mom came back at night. She barely looked at me. She just grabbed something to eat and went straight to her bedroom. I ended up falling sleep in the living room. When I woke up it was past midnight and my back was hurting. I turn off the TV and headed upstairs. I was about to enter my room when I heard a cry. It was coming from my mom’s bedroom. I walked quietly to her door and EARDROP. She was definally crying. I should ask her if she is okay. Oh that’s stupit, she wouldn’t be crying if everything was fine. She must be sad because she won’t marry Ali. Oh God, mom was crying and it was my fault. If I had reacted better when we found out that Ali was Zayn’s father maybe she would have hope to make their relationship work, but I freaked out and she gave up on him.

I hated seeing my mom crying. When my dad died, she had depression. I remember listenig to her crying her self to sleep every night for 5 months. I felt so useless because I didn’t know what to do make my mom stop crying, to make her smile again. Nothing that I’d said or done seemed to help and it was miserable to see someone I loved so much suffer like that.

Seven years later, she was crying in her bed again. This time I had caused her pain. I felt my knees getting weaker and I decided to go to bed. By the time I reach to my room I was already sobbing. Feeling guilty and feeling like the worst daughter I cried myself to sleep.

The other day I sleep until midday. My mom had left for her sift at the hospital so I had 12 hours alone on the house. That thought made me want to cry again. I was feeling such a terrible person to destroy my mom’s engagement that I couldn’t even look in the mirror. I needed a distractions so I watched The Vampire Diaries. My cousin Eddie texted me in that afternoon asking how I was headlining the fact that my mom’s fiance was the father of my ex boyfriend. Apparently, the news runs fast. I told him that it was super awkward and that they broke up. He called me right way

They broke up?”

Well, my mom told him they should have a break and some time to think about this because their relationship would affect a lot Zayn and I”

Wow. So they are not getting married?”

I don’t think so” I bitten my lips

Oh I don’t know what to say…I mean you are probably relief but it must sucks for aunt Ellie”

Relief? I was frustrated, mad at myself and feeling guilty

This sounds like a movie” he jokes

I tried to laugh but it came out more like a cry

Are you sure you’re okay?”

I’ve learned too always answer yes to that question, put on a fake smile and say I’m fine. Most people would believe on me but there few people,like Eddie, who know me for real that always knew when I was lying.

I just wanted her to be happy Eddie” I said sobbing “She is been so happy ever since she met Ali and I was so happy for her, but now she looks so sad and tired, and I heard her crying last night…I feel so guilty Eddie. I don’t my mom sad, I don’t want her to give up on the man she loves because of me”

Well, would it be really bad to have Zayn as your step brother?”

Of course it would Eddie! We broke up in a not so nice way... There was no way we can be just friends. I kind of hate him and he hates me! We barely look at each other’s face in school.”

Lexie think about. Your house is big and you will be only living there for one year. Next year you and Zayn will go to different colleges. You won’t probably even live in the same state! Of course you will have to see him in thanksgiving, Christmas and all that but this will be like twice a year. Maybe you two can find a way to get along. Maybe you can stand living with him for an year for your mom’s happiness.”

Would I be able to do that? To look at Zayn’s face every day? The boy I felt in love? The one who broke my heart? Would I be able to have small talk with him like nothing had ever happened between us?

You two don’t have to act friendly, you just need to be…civic. Like just don’t kill each other” he laughed and this time I laughed too

Well I don’t know…I mean I would try. For my mom I would try to not kill Zayn. But he would have to help me”

Well you can talk to him”

What? I’m not going to talk to Zayn!”

Lexie you just said you were willing to try for your mom. If you want to try to be civic with Zayn you will have to talk to him.”

I let out a breathe “I know, I’m just…” I couldn’t explain. It was just so hard to talk to Zayn after we broke up. We dated for two years and a half. I had shared with him every feeling, every thought, all my secrets. Looking at him in the eyes after he hurt me was so scarring and sad.”I will try” my voice came as a whisper, much less confident that I wanted to sound

You know that one day I will go to Chicago just to beat the shit out of this guy for breaking your heart”

I laughed. “That would be nice. I think I’m going to talk to him.”

Okay. If you need anything, call me”

Okay. Thank you Eddie you’re the best.”

I know” I laughed and hanged up.

I glanced at the clock. It was 6 pm. Should I talk to Zayn? Would I be strong enough to live with him for a whole year? Would it be too awkward? Would we try to kill each other at night? Would he be able to do the same for his father?

I got up and decided to call a cab. I got tired of thinking.

Twenty minutes later I was in front of Zayn’s apartment debating if that I should knock on the door or if I should just leave and pretend that I’ve been here. ‘Just do it’ I told myself and rang the doorbell.

Part of me was still hoping he would be here. But he was. He opened the door

Hey baby you’ve got here early-“ he looked at me and stop talking. He was shirtless. His strong and tattooed torso in front of me. This was only getting worse. “Lexie? What the hell are you doing here?”

I was a little distracted by his absent of clothing. His jeans were hanging lower on his hip and I could see his gun tattoo and his V line. Memories of my hands taking of his jeans, my month kissing that tattoo came in my mind. I felt hot and blushed. Gosh what was wrong with me? Why Zayn had still this affect on me?

I uh- I need to talk to you. Can I come in?” I asked looking to the ground

Uh sure” he let me in.

I’m just going to put on a t-shirt. Take a sit”
I looked around their apartment. I’ve been here so many times in the past years. It was small, only two bedrooms, a tiny kitchen and a living room with a table for dinner. I like here, thought because it’s cozy. Or maybe I liked here because of Zayn. I sit in the sofa that we spend some many nights watching series in each others arms. I shake that thought out of my mind.

So, is this about our parents?” Zayn came back wearing a white t- shirt

Yes…You know they kind of broke up, right?”

Yeah my father said your mom was worried that this wouldn’t work”

I bite my lips. She thought it would be too much for me

What do you think?” I looked in his eyes

About the two of them?” I nodded “Well it was kind of crazy. When my father told me he was dating a doctor named Ella I thought it was just a coincidence, there are many Ella out there, but he was talking about your mom….It’s weird”

How is your father doing?”

Well, he’s a little down since your mom talked to him. I heard him talking to someone on the phone, saying he saw her at the hospital and it was really hard for him. I think he really loves her. I mean they were going to marry. It’s been five years that my parents divorced and my thought it was great, actually.”

You just didn’t know it was my mom, right?”

Yeah, well and then he called me this week and said he was going to propose her. I thought he was really crazy or really in love. Maybe both” he laughed. Gosh I missed his laugh ”I was at Bradform in my mom’s house and I had to flight here to Chicago because my old man was going to get married in a month.”

We kept in silence for a while. He looked a little lost in his own thoughts

So… you are here…?” he asked

Oh’s just that I was thinking…my mom is been a mess since she broke up with Ali, I mean Mr. Bahadirli , I mean your father and I…” I looked to my shoes trying to get the words out ”I was talking to Eddie, and I felt so bad because my mom broke up with your father because of us, I mean mostly because of me…because I’d have to live in the same house as you if they got married…and it would be…awkward…so…but now I feel terrible. The two of them are sad and it’s because of us. Or me.”

Zayn looked at me with a puzzled expression.

I thought that we could make a deal…like a truce?”

A truce?” he raised his eyebrows to me

Yeah. Uh no that just sound ridiculous” Why was I so nervous around him? I’d always know I could be honest with him. I used to be so comfort around him, but that was before he broke my heart. I took a breathe. “I was thinking that maybe we could work things out between us. Like make a deal to try not to kill each other so our parents could live happily together?” I gave him a small smile

You are saying that you’d be okay if I moved to your house?”

Yeah, I mean I’m not excited about this but I love my mom. She’s been through a lot and I want her to be happy. She is happy with your father so…I’m willing to try for her”

His eyes soften. He was looking at me like he used to look before we broke up. He gave me a small smile

It’s kind of brave for you to come here and propose this”

Yeah, I’m not that coward girl you thought I was right?” I said remembering the words he said to me when we broke up

I-“ he was interrupted by the doorbell.”Shit” he jumped out of the sofa. He looked at the door and then looked back at me. He ran his fingers through his hair, something he usually does when he is nervous.

Expecting someone?” I asked

Yeah... actually I am. I thought it was her when you knocked” Her? “Oh shit, she is not going to like seeing you here?”

Baby?“ I heard the girl’s voice calling Zayn. It was Natasha.

His eyes were wild opened.

I can hide in...your bedroom if you want to” I suggested

No, it will look even worse. I mean it’s never a good sign to have your ex girlfriend in your room” he took a breathe. “Just stay here”

He opened the door just a little so Natasha wouldn’t see me

Hey” she said “Is that something wrong? Can I come in” silence. “Is your father here?” she asked lowering her voice

No, He is working but I have a guest. I’m really sorry it was a last minute thing. Can we meet tomorrow?”

A guest? A friend? You don’t want to introduce me to your friend?” she sounded a little angry

It’s just…”

Zayn, is it a girl? Do you have a girl in there?”

The girl was smart. Zayn was an idiot

She opened the door and busted into the room

Hey” I said smiling shyly

It’s not what you think” Zayn said from behind. This was the worst phrase he could say.

Oh yeah? Because from my point of view it seems like you’ve made a fool of me. You asked me to come here and when I am here you dump me because your ex girlfriend is here!”


I know we are just fuck buddies and that we could still be with others, but from all the girls you could pick you decide to pick your ex? Really?”

Fuck buddies?! Wow. Zayn had really changed. Before summer, Ashley told me that a guy told her that he saw Zayn and Natasha making out in a party. Natasha was one year younger than us and she used to hang out with Zayn’s crew. After we broke up Zayn had been with some girls from our school. Ashley would always gossip about Zayn’s conquer. It bothered me but I would never admitted to her. I always said that I didn’t care. But I did because Zayn seemed to be handing our break up better than I was. While I would stay my weekend at home alone watching Pretty Little Liars he would go to parties, get drunk and fuck some random girl. He was becoming popular around girls.

I felt uncomfortable

Natasha, I’m sorry. I came here to talk to Zayn. I didn’t know he was expecting someone. He and I were just talking, I came here to ask his help. I’m sorry if I caused any trouble. It wasn’t my intention. Really. I should go” I got up

Lexie...” Zayn called

It’s fine we can talk later. Have a good night you two” I walked out of the apartment.

Zayn had already move on. I was so stupid for still thinking abut him. It was just so hard to forget him, we spent so much time together, my mind was used to think about him, it was like a habit and habits were really hard to break.

Hey! Lexie! Wait!” I was already in the street when I heard Zayn calling my name. “Hey uhm…Natasha had left…” he said looking down and rubbing the back of his neck.

I gave him a look.

I’ve told her that you were at my place because my father was going to marry your mother”

And what she said?”

She said that I was a stupid jerk and that it would be better if I just admit that I was fucking you than creating some bullshit story as an excuse. Then she said I was an asshole and stormed out of the apartment”

I laughed. “I have to agree with her, you are a stupid jerk and an asshole. And our story is quite crazy, if I were her I wouldn’t believe either.”

He smiled lazily.

So...if you want to talk about that truce …” he pointed to his building

Yeah sure” I followed him

It was weird and yet so comfortable to be around Zayn. I felt a little guilty that Natasha ‘broke up’ with him.

I’m sorry” I said to him. He shot me a puzzle looked ”About Natasha and you. I didn’t want to cause any trouble”

Oh don’t worry about that. We were only…uh…fooling around” he said avoiding eye contact with me

So, I’m sorry you didn’t get laid tonight” I joked trying to ease his discomfort.

Well the night hasn’t ended yet” he smirked and led me to his apartment.

Gosh what I was getting my self into?!


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