A different perspective

When you look at a dog, do you ever wonder what exactly is going through his mind? How does a dog see the way we live? This story takes you through Daniel’s life with his dog Max and how a dog can really be a mans best friend.


1. New chapter

My name is Max and I have the best owner ever. His name is Daniel and he adopted me two years ago from the dog prison people called the pound. Daniel has grown a lot since I met him six years ago. The last two years, he hasn’t been spending as much time with me. He use to let me lick his plate clean after dinner and always played outside with me for hours.

A normal day started with him waking up early and taking me out for a walk even if he didn’t want to. He was never a morning person. He let me sleep on his bed and I laid their while he fell asleep. He loved me so much and that's why I never understood why he left me every morning, taking only a backpack and leaving me alone with these two people he called Mom and Dad.

Every time he would leave, I thought he forgot about me and was forever. When Daniel finally did come home, he would take me to the park to see my friends. I love my friends. Daniel always brought a ball or frisbee to play with. Being clumsy, he would always drop the ball and I had to go get it for him over and over again. By the end of the day I was exhausted and wanted to take a nap. Daniel took me home and we both went into his room where I laid right beside him, while he did his homework and pet me.

Daniel was the best. One day it was different though. Daniel was still asleep and mom took me out for a walk. She made me run the whole time and we didn’t take the same path that Daniel usually walks down. I get home totally wiped out and Daniel wasn’t even home. He left without saying goodbye to me. I decided that I was going to sit by the door until he came home. The only problem with that plan was that I couldn’t stay in one place for more than five minutes. So after five minutes had passed, Mom and Dad both left, leaving me in the house all by myself. That is where the boring part of my day starts, but I could do anything that I wanted to do.

I went into dad’s office because he took my toy earlier today and I wanted it back. It was sitting on top of his desk. He never let me into his office for some odd reason. I climbed onto his chair and grabbed my toy knocking a couple of papers onto the floor. Dad would pick them up later.

I played with my toy in the living room and got bored, so I went outside through my doggie door into the backyard. Daniel has a huge backyard with a swing hanging from a tree by only a rope, a sandbox, a slide, and a pool. I loved the pool and mom actually let me swim in it.

Some of my friends at the park told me that they have a pool but are not allowed to go in and that they can’t go outside without their owner there with them. I couldn’t believe how boring it would get just sitting in a house all day, doing nothing, but waiting for someone to pay attention to you.

I jumped into the pool to cool off than laid in the grass enjoying the warmth of the sun. I played with my favorite ball in the backyard remembering that Daniel got that toy for me when he first took me into his home.

I missed Daniel so much and he was gone for so long. Then Mom and Dad walked through the front door as soon as I started to think about how they were never coming back for me and that they were gone for good this time. I ran up to them looking for some attention by jumping all over the place wanting one of them to play with me. Dad went straight to his office noticing his papers on the ground. He gave me a death stare and i walked over to Mom pretending that I had no idea what he was thinking. Mom went to the kitchen and got me some food and water. I knew that after I ate I was going to go to the park with Daniel as soon as he came home. The only problem was that he didn’t come home, so mom took me out for a short walk around the block.

On that walk I remembered that Daniel was coming home later and once he got home he went on his computer for hours. When Daniel came home that day, he looked sad. He went to his mom and dad handing them a piece of paper. Mom and dad read over the paper and looked excited and shocked. Mom gave Daniel a big hug saying “I can’t believe you got in honey!” I had no idea what that meant but they seemed really happy about it. Daniel went into his room and I followed him in, sitting in my original place on his bed. Daniel started to pet me and sat in his spot right next to me.

“Hey buddy how was your day? Did you miss me?”

Of course I missed him. I wanted him to tell me the news about the paper though. He stared at me and his smile faded away.

“I don’t know if you will understand this, but I’m going away to college next year and won’t see you for a very long time. Mom and dad will take care of you. Well mom will. She will take you on walks and play in the pool with you and take you to the park.”

Wait, what did he mean by “going away” and “for a very long time?” Was he leaving me for good? But he loved me and he would never leave me!

Over the next couple of months he stopped leaving in the morning and stayed home for most of the day. we spent so much time together. He started packing up all his things and putting them in boxes. His room looked so empty. I didn't understand anything that was happening, only that Daniel spent a lot more time with me over the following two weeks.

One day he started putting all the boxes in Dad’s truck. There was nothing left in his room except his bed and a couple of boxes left over. Mom was a mess. It looked like she was crying all night. She went over to Daniel and gave him a big hug. Daniel looked sad and happy to see me. He took me on a walk and talked the whole time.

“I can’t believe I’m actually leaving today. It feels like I just started middle school yesterday.”

We get back to the house and he came onto his knees and looked me right in the eyes.

“I got to go now buddy, but I will be back in a few months for break. I love you Max.”

He bent over and gave me a hug like he was never going to see me again. Mom took my leash and we both watched Daniel leave with his dad. I didn’t know how long Daniel was going away or what college was, but he loved me and I knew that he would always come back for me no matter what, and I would be there waiting for him.

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