Monster take over

New beginning
Old memories from the past
Broken Trust


Author's note

Hope you like it

2. The Big Move


Chapter 1

My family has been known to destroy things for 3,000 years. We are the most deadly family in the world. We destroy and take charge when we feel something is wrong.  My family colors are Royal Purple, Royal Blue,Gold and White.We are what you say protectors we protect our family from any danger. My family motto is Unus pro omnibus omnes pro uno -One for all and all for one. The truth is I'm adopted they arent my blood family no one knows that we are not related because the cover their tracks. I only moved to England to start phrase one of my plan. Me being the sweet girl I am I can make anyone believe what I do and say so I can frame people to get rid of them and get them out out my way. With my best friend Skye and my boyfriend Khloe we can take over and do what we want when we want.

My name is Malicioso Moorland I have moved to London England with my entire family and my boyfriend Khloe. My cousin Connie her boyfriend  Connor, Khloe and I have our first day of school tomorrow. When we visit a new place we have a tradition of pulling pranks it ruins in the blood. We are going to spray paint our last names on the school grounds today before our first class start. I am going to spray paint  Moorland big and bold on all the school locker, Khloe is going  paint Summers onto the grounds. Connie will do Farson on the doors and Connor will do Coley on the walls. Ruby is computer smart she will hack into the school system and turn of the camera, I am light on my feet and I have ninja like reflexes. Khole can draw quickly and he is a talented, Conner is math smart that boy can do any type of math in his head and he can do it fast.

We have arrived at the school and no teacher have arrived we are the only ones on the  campus. I picked the front entrance lock and told Connie to go stop the camera and told the other to get the things from the car. Connie came back a few minutes later and told us we can go ahead and do what we came here for. We wrote our last names and surrounded it will designs in our favorite colors. Khloe was the first one to finish once one finish we help each other to finish. We wrote a message on the windows and we put our official family seal. Conner told us we have a few minutes to get outside before the camera and the security system turns back on. We drove back to the mansion we lived in and told our family what we did we ate dinner and we went to Girl's room was on the first floor boys room on the second floor.

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