Monster take over

New beginning
Old memories from the past
Broken Trust


Author's note

Hope you like it

3. New Students Big Trouble

The next day we woke up early we do our morning routine. Which includes a gym session that starts at 4:00 a.m. Then we have a family meeting run around the  perimeter. Anyway we drove our separated cars. 

purple-lamborghini-aventador for Malic

Ford Mustang For Khole


Ford Mustang for Connie


    We have a race to school of course I won. We headed into the office all over lockers were beside each other and our schedule are the same. Our names looks so beautiful against the boring school wall. The first class we had was Maths I don't know why someone wanted to have such a hard class in the morning. The first teacher we had to take down was Mr. Allen he was a maths teacher who owed a lot of money to my family. Turns out Mr. Allen is a big money spender, he gambles away his money his wife left him he is alone broke but we need to get the money.  After the maths class was up we stayed behind. We had a "conversation" with Mr. Allen and gave him a deadline to give us the money.

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