Monster take over

New beginning
Old memories from the past
Broken Trust


Author's note

Hope you like it

1. introduction

1.Maliciosa Moorland { Malic for short}

Age : 18

Hair: 3 shades of blue

Eye color: sea blue

Favorite color: Yellow,Purple,Blue,Grey, Gold,Silver, Black and White

Tatoos : 4

Piercings : 4

Satus: Taken { Khole}

2.Khole Summers

Age: 18

Hair: dark brown with blonde highlights

Eye color : brown

Favorite color: Red, Black and White

Tattoo: 6


Satus: Taken { Maliciosa}

3.Connie Farson

Age : 17

Hair: greenish blue and blonde

Eye Color: Green

Favorite color: blue

Tattoo: 3

Percing: 4

Satus : Taken { Conner}

4.Connor Coley

Age: 17

Hair: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Favorite color: Green

Tattoo: 5

Percing: 0

Satus: Taken { Ruby}

5. Skyo Irwin

Age: 18

Hair: black, silver and gold

Eye color: blue

Favorite color: Black, Silver and Gold

Tattoo: 6

Percing: 5

Status: single

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