Bhad bhabie


2. the lightining

That’s where Bregoli’s story could have ended. But the day after her Dr. Phil appearance, Bregoli was contacted by her now-manager Adam Kruger, who helped her pivot to a shockingly successful rap career as Bhad Bhabie. She was not the first white teenager to ride this lightning, and she will not be the last. But few in her lane have yet racked up nine figure play-counts or landed multi-million dollar development deals with Atlantic Records before they could legally drive (sorry Slim Jesus). Her music achieves lift-off with the help of timeless qualities found in pop stars from Bing Crosby to Kurt Cobain: she’s authentically funny, perfectly suited to her era’s iconic medium (streaming live on Instagram), and uses folk idioms in ways that feel both widely accessible and incredibly strange (“Hi Bich”). Love or hate her, there’s a satisfying two-dimensional symmetry to her story, in which a Gen Z free radical bootstraps herself to fame with not much more than a cartoon accent and Ronny J beats, fuelled by the twin nuclear isotopes of adult aggravation and teenage id.

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