Bhad bhabie


3. her moms thinking

But one detail never quite made sense to me. What does her mom think of it all? To date, the American public’s awareness of Barb Bregoli begins and ends with her frazzled Dr. Phil debut. Feeding the appetites of the kind of people who watch daytime TV in order to freak themselves out over rainbow parties and the knockout game, the show served up Barb as a sympathetic martyr: a single mother on the brink of “giving up” her daughter, the girl having been cruelly transformed into an unstoppable twerking imp by the perverse influence of hip-hop, or something. On the flip-side, for Danielle’s admirers, Barb’s role in the narrative hinged on her comeuppance – wet blanket grown-up tries to chastise teen in public forum, accidentally turns her into a cultural juggernaut who gets paid more in one deal than she's made her whole life. Suck it, mom!

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