A Hogwarts Exchange

One day while at school Emily finds out that her classmates have been invited to attend a school called Hogwarts for the year. They know that the school is about witchcraft and wizardry but there’s a lot more to the school then that as she will find out later... It’s Emily’s first year of secondary school and little does she know that at the end of her visit three lucky people might even get a chance to stay at Hogwarts for good. Will it be her and if it is what house will she be put into and who will she become friends with?...


1. *Authors Note*

Hey guys this is my first ever novel that I’ve ever wrote both on paper and on here so please be patient because I may not be very good at it. Whether you have clicked onto this novel just because you liked what was on the cover or you just accidentally clicked on it I’m hoping that you will enjoy the first few chapters that I will be writing. I’m going to be starting back to school in September so I might not be on a lot but don’t worry I will never abandon this book. I will always try and finish it no matter what. I hope you guys like my book! I’m going to start writing the first draft of my first chapter bye xx

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