The world of Santomia
the world where monsters roam the forests
dragons roam the sky
and the humans who are united
The humans who fight the monsters also know as Adventurers
these people take out monsters for the sake of helping humanity or gold


1. The Adventurer Quensie

"Some how the world has always been in chaos and we humans live in it... it gets pretty rough, but we have  to make due with this world cause its the only one we have

ohh yeah my name is Quensie, Nice to meet you" Quensie said
"Are you kidding me we're liveing the life as humans since we get powers and all" 
Stranger said
"But powers that does not power up youre body or give you magic spells are pretty useless" Quensie said
"What do you mean?" Stranger asked
"its obvious alot of us has only gotten the powers of interlect and strength x2" Quensie said
"Well its not that bad you can stil help others" Stranger said
"Yeah. Whats you're name?" Quensie asked
"my name is Glorih" Glorih answerd
"well its nice to meet you Glorih but i have to go" Quensie said
"now? you know its night, right?" Glorih asked
"yeah thats when the monsters start attacking at random" Quensie said
"isent that a bad thing?" Glorih asked
"yeah for most but i have a quest to complete and hes only hunting at night"

Quensie answerd
"ohh okay (looks disapointed) are you sure you wanna go alone?" Glorih asked
"yeah i do not go well in partys cause of my power" Quensie answerd
"well you must have a safe trip" Glorih said
"Yeah, thanks for listening to me" Quensie said
Quensie closed the door and walked away
"well this is a nice city, i hope i can get back there some day" Quensie Thinks 
"this is Quensie a selfless idiot that chose the life as an adventurer for the thrill and the gold he gets from quests.
He has the powers of Lightning Storm what it does basicly is he can controll lightning around him and makes a huge lightning storm his powers are very strong but as he said to Glorih hes not good in a party cause he belives he's a burden...
thats what he belives he is tho even tho hes a great assent for a team" 
the Narrator said to the audience

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