The opposition..

Finding a mysterious lost past,, new world of criminals, and losing thier identity.. Perhaps the best, detectives could lose Thier case...
Copyrighted. Series and book..


Author's note

You,l love this fantasy of crime stories...

3. Witness..

Okay said Tim", let's talk here. " what's your name", and what did you see,". On the night of the Hubert murders...

I see, a very witness, who"".. Not for sure but what a confused loook on his face...

You beat the clock... I did by the way your name"".. Jim,.

Jim who"", whatever he replied"", as strange as this is time started to tick, are you stalking me said, Tim"' no..

The the whole thing strated to blow out of peroration and his answers weren't enough to be enough, yet sudennly tim started to realize that hi questions were just mere luck..

Look, Jim", I need a few answers.. Glad to help said",Jim",, oh one thing.. Can I have a piece of candy.. Then some things seemed sweet yet, the witness gave only vague and few helped.. Answers to this crime.. Anyways I need more said"",, Tim,l. Waiting on the time it was the... Night before the next one crime seems to never end even in 2045""..

Somehow the, night was busy.., one documented thing he shouted before leaving..

I want to see all the paperwork and files straightened by tommorow we have, a lot work to do... Tim opened his bussiness,, and DT detectives was more busier then ever...

Suddenly the bussiness paid off.. A stranger started to come and give the best answers..

Yet detective Tim coudnt identify him,,.. You seem eary he said?", by what does that mean.. In a strange place and strange way.. I notice your hands are full ink...

Suddenly detective Tim remebers a haunting note.. Could it be he thought, nah"", trying to leave that out he then asked the stranger somethinga about him.. Your identity please.. I can't say.. You must answer this what's the ink.. And what do you know about the Hubert's case twenty years back.. I use to be thier banker he said.. Um interesting said JIm yet not as good as thought",, I want to know more.. Give the finger prints somehiw this stranger was not willing, his clamy hands said something ..could we just find my back check he said?"".. Suddenly Tim saw that this guy was something,, eary familiar in the past..,, I saw him in this story one of my greatest detective ones.. I choose you he said",..

Me,, and the sound of the stranger started to remind him of the date passed twenty twenty... Then Tim noticed him in that same picture.. I need the robots of the, forensics he said??"" The only thing more eary is an unsolved case and stranger that has claimed hands then a fish.."

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