The opposition..

Finding a mysterious lost past,, new world of criminals, and losing thier identity.. Perhaps the best, detectives could lose Thier case...
Copyrighted. Series and book..


Author's note

You,l love this fantasy of crime stories...

1. The file of, Tim Haul

The, missing case was all about the mysterious past it was, the future and the forensic,, good works solved a lot of the worst crimes...

The best detectives howver,, started to lose the best crimes,,. Somehiw future and the best criminals had somekind good,, talented esacape of thier own crime.. This was unreality cloy, and seemed impossible but somehow... Was done.. Tim haul one of the finest detectives found the future crimes very... Impossible to solve somehiw he found the.. Missing cases piled on his desk.. He then brought his own league of the future detectives called FTl league.. One of the finest..

Yet the,, worst crimes were getting harder to solve..

Tim hired and started his worst files yet,.. All see,Ed to be going good..

He heard and looked back at one worst,, stolen identity cases.. The missing money..

And the, Hubert, murders.. Somehow went in his back mind he saw, the very crime.. Go loooking back he thought" I see the best case we must solve! He said" then he looked back and the search started"??

Somehiw the old and identifiable where getting closer the FTL league of detectives one of the best in CRime.. He then looked and saw the Hubert murders were for money and laundering.. He saw the mystery and started to head out to find clues??..

Upon loooking he brought one of the best forgotten forensics available the crime lab and the fingerprints.. Suddenly started to realize who? As mysterious as this case was.. And why it had a forgotten past??..

Some reason he muttered and thought to himself.. The case now open... He then took and bagged the evidence from the prior decade.. Time and old cases were coming he needed a way to solve this and only had one month left.. Every paper one Tim hauls desk was piling so fast..

Time finally took his past and hard earned detective skills and went forth to,.. Think what was coming...

He found that the questions and, potential suspects were, coming to his office..

Until then he went home waiting too get to the files.,, seeing a possible shadow ️️thinking about this.. And the old missing case.. I need the forensics he " forensics he said...

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