Day and Night_Book 1

My name is Hannah Jevans. I am fifteen years old and is the only witness of the Red Moon, a terrible sign. Until I heard about him...


1. Monday morning

"Hannah ? Hannah ! There you are ! I've been looking everywhere for you !"

Jessie had always been a good friend. In fact, she's the closest friend I have. The others ? They just follow me because of my popularity. One day, when a new girl will come, all the attention will be drawn to her. I hope that day comes fast. They will finally leave me in peace.

"It's Monday morning, girl ! We have to go to class. And what are you doing here, watching stupidly that boy ?"

Her comment drawn me back to reality. That boy... who is he ? No one really knows. Not even his classmates or the teachers know his name. He just showed up one day, and just said 'Mom said I need to go to school'. No one ever heard him say anything again.

"I don't know", I said truthfully,"There's something about him. Something grand. And I'm scared about it."

"There's nothing to be scared about him. Look, Brian and his gang said they're starting bullying words out of him. They're trying now !"


People in the school always say Brian and I make the perfect couple. Maybe because we're both blond with blue eyes, or maybe because he says so. But he is nothing but a simple follower of me and leader of his gang.

Brian and his friends were heading towards the boy, who didn't seem to mind them at first. But at the moment Felix raised his fist to punch him, his face whitened a bit, and he backed to the wall as though hoping for it to protect him.

I ran to Felix and stopped his fist midway to the boy's face. "LEAVE HIM ALONE !!!"

Brian's gang roared with laughter. But their leader looked rather angry.

"Hannah, what are you doing ? I thought you were the one who wanted him to talk !"

"Oh, is it another of Katie's lies ? I'll get her for that. Meanwhile, even if I did want him to talk, bullying is the wrong way ! It's just not the right way of life !"

"You don't know my life. You don't know who I have feelings to ! I'm doing this for that person !"

"That person is me ! You think I'm thick enough to think someone else spread the rumor of us being together ? You're such an idiot, Brian."

Like that, I turned to the boy and helped hime get up. When he seemed to have recovered a bit of the shock, I asked him : "Are you all right ? Do you want me to help you with your books ?"

"You can wait long before he answers !" shouted Axel.

I ignored him. The boy slowly shook his head, and bent lower to pick up his bag to bring all his things together.

I went back to Jessie, still ignoring the laughs of Brian's gang. I was immediately surrounded by Katie, Jane, Rose, Lily and Amelia. They barked out incomprehensible questions. If I weren't so accustomed to their alien language, I would've asked them if they were really human.

"Hannah, why did you help him ?"

"Hannah, why didn't you want him to get hurt ? I heard you say you are scared about him !"

"Hannah ? Hannah ? Hannah ?..."

Annoyed and angry, I pushed the girls away, took Jessie by the arm and dragged her to english class.


"Monday morning, nine o'clock. All noted ?"

Mr. Goldock was handing out our exam results, when the door burst open, and the boy got in, closely followed by Principal Karen. She looked grave.

"Miss Jevans ?"

All eyes turned on me. Lily asked Rose how come a good student like me could get in trouble with the principal ?

"Miss Jevans, I'd like a word with you. Now."

Principal Karen is one of the most known teachers in the school. She easily gets angry, although most of the time she have good reasons. Brian said when the principal calls someone in their class, it's always the boy -- even though she calls him 'student mystery', which the boy obviously take that as a compliment.

I walked out of the classroom, and hear Felix say to Axel : "Hannah's got in trouble, Brian's plan is working !"

In her office, we both sat on two pretty old-looking chairs, not daring to look at each other. The principal was the one to speak.

"So, Miss Jevans, I heard about what happened this morning before class. What is your explanation?"

I blinked. What was my explanation ?

'A gang of stupid boys bullied him and I stopped them.' I thought. 'I'm innocent.'

"What do you mean, Mrs. Karen ?"

"What I mean, is why did you try to punch the student mystery ?"

The boy jumped, and his eyes opened wide. I stared at Principal Karen, and said truthfully :

"It wasn't me."

"Brian said if he hadn't interfered, the student mystery would already be at the infermary."

"I'm sorry, but Brian's friend Felix was going to punch him. I stopped him."

She turned to the boy.

"Is it true ?"

The boy looked down at his feet. He didn't seem to want to tell the truth, because he would need to talk. And yet, he didn't seem to want me in trouble either.

'Just nod.' I thought again. 'It won't require you to make a sound. Just nod !'

He took a deep breath, looked Principal Karen in the eyes, and said : "If you ask me, I would say yes. But there are better witnesses than me, as I was closing my eyes."

He immediately closed his mouth, as though he'd just used the F word, or just told a lie he never thought he'd say.

Silence. We were both looking at him, eyes wide opened, mouth dropped. Did he just say two sentences ? Two full sentences ??

At the end of the day, a crowd of students formed around me, shouting out questions, as though I were a superstar who'd just got out of a building, and they were a hundred journalists.

"What happened in Mrs. Karen's office ?"

"What did that boy do ?"

"Is it true he talked ?"

Jessie struggled in the crowd, gripped me by the arm, and we both ran out of there, back to PlainWorld Street, where we both live.

"Wow, Hannah. In a day, you've become more popular than ever ! How are we going to have peace moments ever again ?"

I didn't answer. I was still thinking of what the boy said. Why didn't he just nodded ? Why di he have to say something. Why did he had to talk, to drag even more popularity to me, and take off my alone times with Jessie ?

When I arrived at my house, I exchanged worried looks to Jessie, who smiled in return. But what I didn't know, is that this was the last time she would ever smile to me.

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