Little, adopted, sister

Min Yoongi's parents adopted a young American girl when he was a teen. Now she is in highschool and has to deal with fans of Yoongi who want her money and her brother's body. (Ew) she then has to care for bts for a week after their performance in the 2019 BBMAs. And some unexpected "friendships" are made.


2. Wow

I wake up to my phone all blown up with notifications from my "friends". All say how hot my brother was last night, and how they want his Gucci, and they all ask if I can hook them up with a date with him. Seriously they are nuts! I respond to all if them saying he is busy and has a lot of work to do ad if try want Gucci, they have to ask their parents.

I get up and brush my hair. I like it down and often don't do it. I then take a shower, not washing my hair. I get dressed in a pair of dark ripped skinny jeans, a black cropped hoddie, and a neat dude beanie.

For breakfast, I don't eat much. I have an apple and a smothie I made the mix for a few days ago.

After a few hours of normal weekend stuff, I get a message. I read it and it says:

Yoongi- we just boarded from LA be at your place before midnight, make dinner plzz, Seokjin is starving.

I laugh at his message and reply saying that's great and I will make my world famous blueberry pancakes.

It's one if the only things I have from before I was adopted. My mother apparently made it for me for brakefast and as dinner too. I really like it and so does the rest of my adopted family.

I start making the batter around 11 so it can sit and get airy to make fluffier pancakes. I just sit in my phone until I hear the loud *Ding-dong* of my door bell.

I open it and get hugged by my brother imedatly. He smells of sweat and leather. I then let go and smile at him. He smiles back.

"Hey little sis, wat's good?" He says with a smile.

"I'm good, great dancing and singing guys!" I say.

Yoongi then turns to the guys, and his face goes cold.

"Guys," he says in his 'talking to guys voice', "this is my younger adopted sister, y/n"

They all look at Yoongi like they have seen a different side of him (witch they did), and turn too me.

They all have dark circles under their eyes, and look really hot and sweaty. All I can do Is stare and say: "wow"

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