Little, adopted, sister

Min Yoongi's parents adopted a young American girl when he was a teen. Now she is in highschool and has to deal with fans of Yoongi who want her money and her brother's body. (Ew) she then has to care for bts for a week after their performance in the 2019 BBMAs. And some unexpected "friendships" are made.


4. welcome?

I stop staring after at least a minute.

"Come in guys!" I say cheerfully "let me help you with your stuff."

I take a few bags they dropped on the floor and put them on the floor underneath the coat rack in the closet.

"Make yourself at home!" I say to all of them as they look around.

"What's for dinner?" A tall guy with a round face and blond hair says, "cuz Seokjin is starving!"

I can see now he is Namjoon, the group's leader. I can also tell he is joking around.

"My blue berry pancakes recipe I have had for ever! Hope you like them." I say as I put my hair into a messy bun, and put on an apron, as I turn on the stove and put my pan on the burner.

I then make a huge stack of pancakes and set the countertop of the kitchen, because my table I too small.

All the members are having small talk with each other as some of them eat. I look at them concerned why they are not eating.

"Do you guys not like the food?" I ask as the room then goes silent. "I can go and get you some rawmen or kimch, there is a store not too far from here."

"Y/n," a guy with pink hair, who I think is Hoseok says: "some of us are on diets."

This set me off on a ramble, good thing I'm not on my period.

"WHY!" I say standing up, "you should have said something! I am on a diet too! There are better ways then starving yourself! I can make a smothie!!!!!! Why do you do this!!!!!!?????"

They all stare like I just reviled how the universe works.

"Y/n.." A guy who has natural hair says, I know him as Junkook.

I then fall to the ground crying. Remembering how I used to be like them. How Yoongi was too.

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