Little, adopted, sister

Min Yoongi's parents adopted a young American girl when he was a teen. Now she is in highschool and has to deal with fans of Yoongi who want her money and her brother's body. (Ew) she then has to care for bts for a week after their performance in the 2019 BBMAs. And some unexpected "friendships" are made.


5. good night.

After my brake down all the guys said sorry like a thousand times. I divided to tell them, my story.

"What makes you so emotional towards us acting this way?" Asked a guys who had orange-red ombré hair (fancy ass word for stupid story😝), who was named Taehung.

"Well..." I said "it's kind of sad and Yoongi has already heard it like 20 times, but what ever. " I say sitting on the couch, patting the cushions next to me, signaling it will be a long story.

"So in middle school I transferred over to a different school. All the kids made fun of me, for being a bit overweight. As because I am from America, my metabolism and Calorie intake and burn, are factors that play into me being a bit over average." I then breathed and continued my story, which the guys seamed interested in. "Over christmas brake, I barely ate and only drank water. I lost a lot of weight and when I came back, it was like I was different. I had also told them I was Yoongi's adopted sister, and all the girls wanted him. And they still do." I said holding up my phone to show them.

They all looked at it, and then Taehung hugged me, as he was crying. I wiped his tears, along with my own, as it quickly turned into a group hug.

We then broke the hug and sat there in silence. But then I asked them if I could show them around. They said yes, as I did.

I only have in extra bedroom, but I have a king bed, and the couch is pretty big. The guys then did their night routen, and I heard them all slowly walk into one room. I couldn't really tell which, but it's strange they would all fit in one bed. They are 7 guys!!!

I then texted my "friends" on my phone and kept up with twitter and insta, and finally walked to my room I grab my pajamas. When I walked in, all the guys were sleeping on their sides, cuddling each other in their sleep. In the middle there was room for me, as I am a bit shorter than Jimin, which he is proud of. I grabbed my sleeping shorts and Calvin Kline (sorry if I spelled it wrong) sleeping crop top (ok I saw it online and idk what it was but it was cute ok?). I then went back to my room and carefully slipped I between the gap of Jin and Namjoon.

I found my self lulu by-ing my self to sleep by listening to the soft snores of the boys my adopted brother was band mates with.

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