Chief night wife

[Bring a little girl to an adult in order to make her a child. ] "The guardian's request, you can't refuse!" His fiery sight burned her entire body! She finally knows why the annual birthday, the heat in his eyes is deepening! He is just waiting for her to grow up and have her body! She fights for death, but she can't get rid of his palm!


2. If you are the master, I can't refuse!

The man's hot breath was sprayed on the bottom of her ear, and she suddenly blushed: "Young Master... Are you kidding?"

"di - ”

The remote control makes a sound and the big room is bright!

Under the dazzling light, the handsome face is unhappy, no joke atmosphere.

The girl looked at the man's unhappy but dangerous eyes, and the heart was strongly upset!

She distorted her petite body to escape dodge, but she couldn't move!

"Young Master, I am still less than twenty years old."

"I know I have to wait two more days."

The bell is getting louder and louder!

She suddenly understood why every man's birthday, the man's eyes are darker!

He is waiting for her to grow up, and then swallows her without hesitation!

"You can't force me!"

The thick magnetic smile suddenly spread to the corner of the room. Although the man was laughing, he heard irony in the laughter, as if laughing at her childishness!

"Thousands of pets, I never force others, you know."

Cherry's lips have no blood color, although he just licks her waist, but makes AnQianChong cold sweat.

At this time, the lights in the house are lit, the man's body is completely exposed, the sharp outline highlights the restrained and calm, and the black eyes reveal the heart!

Despite getting along for ten years, AnQianChong still feels close to him, there will be an inexplicable sense of oppression, she will succumb to his feet unconsciously.

If she is not self-respecting and cautious, she may have been eroded...

The man who saw the girl's facial expression suddenly smiled, the clear lines became stiff and cold, so he was real!

AnQianChong didn't move, and JianYu shivered a little, and his eyes didn't dare to confront him.

"Young Master, I should go to class."

The arrogant eyes flashed through unpredictable light, and the man licked his lips and laughed.

"Since calling my young master, you should know the master's words, the slaves can't refuse!"

The delicate little face is a white moment!  


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