Chief night wife

[Bring a little girl to an adult in order to make her a child. ] "The guardian's request, you can't refuse!" His fiery sight burned her entire body! She finally knows why the annual birthday, the heat in his eyes is deepening! He is just waiting for her to grow up and have her body! She fights for death, but she can't get rid of his palm!


1. birthday present is... me!

At night, with a dreamy color.

The bright light reflects the luxury and uniqueness of the bedroom.

On the sofa in the room, dim light shrouded a tall, dark figure - this is a man!

Black suit, high quality tailoring, strong and perfect body! Exquisite face, a pair of black eyes, flashing the dangerous light of cheetah!

At this point, he used a glass of wine to watch the sleeping beauty on the water bed.

Open the black quilt with one hand and the person lying on the bed slowly got up. A black curly hair is exposed in the field of vision, vaguely exuding temptation.

"Are you awake?"

In the quiet room, the low male voice appeared, the petite body on the bed trembled, and the beautiful little face revealed stubbornness.

"Yes, I have to go to class."

The girl’s voice was clear. She walked barefoot on the ground and slowly walked outside the door.

As she approached the door, her inner uneasiness slowly condensed, and the little body swayed and stopped at the door. Screaming lips: "Young master?"

The man did not respond, but the strong sense of oppression is strengthening!

Just as the girl opened the door and wanted to leave, the low and gloomy male voice rang: "Come on."

The calf trembled, and JianYu's rapid tremor showed her inner uneasiness. She turned and slowly approached him.

In the dim, the man's silhouette is approaching, revealing a handsome face, he sits casually, but the body exudes invisible pressure!

"After your 20th birthday, two days, what gift do you want this year?"

Free, can he give it to me?

The girl licked her lips and did not answer.

The man does not seem to need her answer, then he said: "This year's gift is very special, maybe you don't like it. Are you not very curious?"

Fear of making him angry, she can only obey and ask: "What is it?"


"Boom----a white light smashed, the girl swayed and almost fell to the ground!

When she had not responded, the waist was suddenly slammed by a pair of big palms, one turned and the body was stuffed into a hard chest!  


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