One direction this is us

Story of their Life: The rise and fall of One Direction
As a One Direction hiatus looms on the horizon, we chart the highs and lows of the X Factor's most successful creation


8. the fans

Some of his fans were a little less articulate. “One Direction is incompelet without you” [sic] wrote one on Twitter. “I felt the world stop turning” was also a popular sentiment, while others simply uploaded distressing Vine clips of them weeping in their bedrooms as they digested the terrible, terrible news.

Meanwhile, on stage in Jakarta, Harry Styles was crying too as he glanced at the empty spot where Zayn was supposed to be. The fans will get over it – after all, there’s no evidence that the thousands of women who called special phone lines when Robbie Williams left Take That twenty years ago are still in the grips of post traumatic stress – but what will the future hold for 1D without their moodiest, most mysterious member? And will Zayn really be able to “relax” like a normal 22 year old or will he actually release a bad hip hop album and indulge in some more experimental hairstyles? Time will tell.

Three months later, and despite extensive rumours to suggest otherwise, Malik has not returned to One Direction. Instead, the foursome continue valiantly: and take on their first British show in their new form on June 5.

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