Your Hogwarts Story_Year 1

Because I am out of inspiration, I decided that readers should give me ideas, and so I, HP fan101, proudly presents Your Hogwarts Story !!
Readers get to create my characters in the comments, with descriptions of them. I will choose according to the characters' description who is the main character.
Don't forget to read Rles and Guide first !
And thank you so much guys, it's been just a week since I created my account, and already so many people read my first book !
PS : I inspired this from MissKenzie's Virtual Hogwarts, without it, I never would've had this idea !!


2. Warning / Rules and Guide 2 -- must read

It's almost Sunday, and I still only have 3 characters. All interesting, but it's not enough.

So I decided that if next week, I still don't have enough characters, I will ask my surrounding to create the last ones.

Also, there are certain changes in my rules :

1. The Family Tree is optional, but the parents' names must be given.

2. You can add interesting facts about your character, that will make my story even more fun.

3. If you're planning to make two characters, please make one girl and one boy.

4. If you read this but don't give answers, please at least give your thoughts to my movella. ( optional )

5. The first chapter will be published on 8th of August, which is Wednesday. I will stop picking characters on Tuesday, so be quick if you want your character in the story.

6. If you don't want a student in your story, remember that I need eight teachers. Professors have many privileges, like make up their own classes. However, as students have at least one hour of each classes every week, if you choose to create your own classes, find quickly a new subjet to teach, and correct their homework.

7. Homework is a sheet with minimum ten questions and maximum fifteen questions. They can be about the Harry Potter books, or about what spells, potions or plants do. I post one sheet at the end of every three chapters, and teachers must be the one to correct them, according to their Harry Potter knowledge. If their correction is wrong, I restore the points they've taken to the House of that character.

8. Like in the real Hogwarts, there will be a House Cup at the end of the book. Teachers have the power to take off points from their students, but only through homework ( they take off five points if the answer is way too wrong, and only one if it was a close answer. If it is the right one, they give out five points per right answer ). During the story, I will be the one taking off points or giving out points through the teachers.


I remind that there are three slots left for girl Slytherins and four slots to girl Hufflepuffs. The other Houses and gender slots are all open for more students. And there are still eight slots for teachers.

Thank you to those who gave me these three awsome characters, so great I can hardly choose which one will be the Main Character.

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