Your Hogwarts Story_Year 1

Because I am out of inspiration, I decided that readers should give me ideas, and so I, HP fan101, proudly presents Your Hogwarts Story !!
Readers get to create my characters in the comments, with descriptions of them. I will choose according to the characters' description who is the main character.
Don't forget to read Rles and Guide first !
And thank you so much guys, it's been just a week since I created my account, and already so many people read my first book !
PS : I inspired this from MissKenzie's Virtual Hogwarts, without it, I never would've had this idea !!


1. Rules and Guide

  If you are reading this, that means you want to have your character in the story. But before, you have to accept these conditions :

1. You are alowed to create only two characters maximum. And they need to be in the same Family Tree.


2. Each character need to have it's Family Tree, but not necessarily with names. If you can't find names for your Family Tree, I will invent them.


3. Your character's description must look like this :

 - Full Name : Holly 'Hol' Megan Moon

 - House : Slytherin

 - Status : Pure-Blood

 - Wand : Walnut with Dragon heartstring 11 1/2 "

 - Appearance : golden long hair, dark blue eyes

 - Path chosen : Good

 - Friends ( can only be filled when the characters are chosen ) :


4. There can only be ten students per House, five girls and five boys. As this is a first year's story, students in different years are created by me.


5. If you want your character to be a teacher, write in the description which class is he / she teaching. There are eight teachers available.


6. The main character chosen will have the power to decide wether there will be adventure and mystery or not.


7. Only the main character can choose it's sidekicks / friends that will be as important as the hero.


8. I will choose the characters on the Fifth August, which is next Sunday. If there are not enough characters 'til then, I will choose again the week after.


9. Inform me if you are reading this years after 2018 (oh, come on, it happens to everyone !!). If you do, I'll create another Your Hogwarts Story, so people who didn't have their characters in the first version can have a second chance at the same time.


And I think that's it ! If you still have questions, you can ask them in the comments. For now, I wish you all a great week, and hope that Sunday, I will have all the characters I need for my story !

Good luck !!

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