Project E: Miracle Of Time

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happens to Lucrylia only to be abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected whom are known to be omegians fought each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


3. Chapter two: Duel Death

Chapter two: Duel Death





If there's some technique to do in a fight first, that's what she showed me-- what this place showed me.

She broke the ground with vines until it was near me. I took the time to see what she'll do after. And basing on the sight given to me with the help of my miracle, she will wrap my body into her thorny vines. Gigantic vines that would cause me to get ripped into pieces once the deadly thorns engraved its pointy edges through my insides.

After seeing what's through, I opened my eyes and exactly, her vines broke the floor in half. I jumped back and searched my body for something to use.


The vines began to swirl around together as it ran after me. Quickly I jumped another foot from a different direction as the vine followed me back again.

Unfortunately, the thorn had my arm slain that made me caught off guard out of expectation. I tripped down at the same time, the vines ran after me again. I tried stopping it with my bare hands, but unfortunately, the thorn I was holding to prevent the vine from hitting me was cracked like a twig and the vine continued to rampage towards me, engraving one of its big thorn to hit my arm.

I screamed in pain as the vine moved away, leaving the thorn inside my arm.

"Come on now, why won't you fight me with your miracle?" She asked.

I stood up and removed the thorn stuck in my arm, making me wince in pain as I panted.

"What are you doing?! Use your miracle!" The guy shouted out loud behind me.

I know that already... I just stood still and held on to the torn that wounded my arm. Soon she attacked with her vines again was a cue for me to use my miracle.

I heard the man shouted "Look out!" When I saw the vine dashing for a millisecond.

Time stopped and everyone paused. The vine was just ahead of my nose and a little wind made some strands of my hair sway. I casually made my way to the woman and faced her confident expression. She was standing tall, used of controlling her beautiful vines. Then my eyes ran towards the thorn I hold in my hand. Sharp and deadly.

I took the moment to reflect what I must do. To kill her means for me to be safe right? But it somewhat doesn't feel right. It feels scary. The blood, the death. All of it that will happen in the future.

But to kill means to protect the second chance that you're actually alive.

Then what does this mean? Was her death means she doesn't deserve the second chance?

Her life will save yours.

What kind of 'save'? Her, dying at my stake?

Her death will save you. She will kill you if you won't. Look how confident she is. She's used to it because she must. Her death is your survival.

I felt the heat touching inside of my body. Fear and anger stroke my senses down and with all my might, I gripped the thorn tightly and shakily engraved it inside her heart. Then I walked away behind her, closed my eyes and resumed the time. I can hear the heavy vine fell on the floor. The audience were silent and the woman was gasping for air but soon, her body stopped and collapsed down the same floor beside her beloved vines.

Amazing enough, her blood produced roses and the giant vines turned into dried ones. I was partly relief by the time I won, but also partly scared that I must do this in the sake of my own life.

I let myself down on the floor as I watched the woman's peaceful face. She's like a girl sleeping in the night sky with this darkness that was only illuminated by torches. A woman sleeping in a garden of roses. It felt like fantasy...

"I see that you have recruited a very interesting Omegian. Your position to the Crimson Liberty will be decided." A man stood from one of the big seat above the ring. "How old are you, young one?" He asked.

"S-sixteen... Sir?" I said unsure of what to address him.

That was when the buzz of people overpowered the silence. The noise had me intrigued. Why are they whispering? And the way I see it, I am their topic because of their eyes fixed to me.

"Already a miracle to have a youngest Omegian from the other side." He nodded. He was an old man, had his beard made his face more barbaric. His body was big and just looking at him made my body tremble.

But most importantly, this man said 'position'. What position?

The man who took me here gave out his respectful bow. "Thank you." He replied before entering the ring to help me up.

"What position is that man talking about?" I asked.

"Once I've managed to get ten wins in this battle, I would be granted with a higher rank."

"Ten wins? That means you recruited ten? And they have ten continues streaks?" I asked.

"I fought on the first nine, but since there's rule that I must at least have one recruit with me, I have to be patient with you."

"That means you were lying about execution."

"Uh-huh. I could try finding another gullible person again and restart if you lost. But you won right."

For a moment I suddenly felt stupid for myself. He just used me to get a position? I sighed defeated as I helped myself up. The game will continue soon, once this roses gets picked up. I held my wound and felt that my arm was numb in pain.

"Come on, my new assistant. Let's get that wound of yours cleaned up." He said and gave way for me.

I followed ahead and noticed that there are others whose sights were fixed to mine. I felt the cringe again and ran after the guy.

"What's your name?" He asked. Now that I've noticed, I kept calling him guy.

"It’s Lucrylia." I replied.

"Nice to meet you then, I'm Creed." He introduced.

"What miracle can you do?" I asked.

"You'll find out soon enough."

We reached the outside area as he suddenly grabbed my unscathed arm and made his walk faster. I was a bit dumbfounded first, but when I've gotten over it, I tried to keep up with his speed and wondered.

"Why are you grabbing me?" I asked.

"Some of these people loves to play around newcomers, so I think it’s better if you won't get separated."


"Enough with the buts already. It’s unnecessary to answer." Creed said back impatiently so I just keep shut.

Now we reached a well-built home. A simple but an outstanding one because the way I see it, everything here is wrecked.

Creed simply opened the door without knocking and pulled me in, showing me the cozy design of the home I was in. A framed image of a man, woman and a child hang in the wall side near the window on the left corner of the door. Below it were two creamed color sofas that fits three people and the carpet was dyed red with a light in the middle and a warrior angel was reaching out for that light while he stepped on a mountain of corpse. Very unwelcoming if you ask me.

I shrugged my shoulder and followed behind Creed who started taking the way where the sofas were as he fit himself in like it was his home. When he noticed that I was only watching, his eyes darted into me and pointed the other seat.

I just sighed and followed ahead, sitting down on the sofa with all my weight and toured my eyes on the little house.

"What does it mean?" I asked that made him looked at me bewildered.

"What?" He asked.

"I mean. He said that I'm the youngest from the other side. Aren't there any kid here or something?" I asked.

"There are children here." He said. "It’s just that the children were the product of its own resident. They were born here but without the miracle that their parents possessed."

"Does that mean that these children are powerless against the older Omegians?" I asked.

"That is what it was supposed to be." Creed replied.

I nodded and the silence had us conquered back again. As time passed, I began to smell something good. A smell of tea boiling in a pot of water. It was really a good smell to have.

When the smell got stronger into my nose, I began to hear the sound of heels tapping on the floor from the open door that I guessed as the kitchen. Until a man came out with a smile.

He seemed gentle by the way he walks and his face was softly smiling, carrying a silver plate where lies the cups of tea and a teapot.

"Creed, it’s been a while since you've got your nose down here." The man said to greet the man I am with.

"Just came by to say hello and to ask for restoration." He said.

The man nodded, seemingly to have understood Creed's reply turning his head towards me down to the blood in my sweatshirt that also had a ripped part on it.

"Your wound seem to be deep. How are you feeling?" He asked.

"I don't know?" I replied unsure, feeling that my arm can't feel anything that has a word pain in it. Weird.

He placed the tea down on the table in front of us as he sat beside me.

"I am Eraldy by the way." He introduced.

"I'm Lucrylia. Nice to meet you." I said back.

I examined his face first before I turned towards the picture frame then back to him. When he noticed what I was doing, he simply chuckled and held the wounded arm.

"Those were the original people who lived here before the war. I kept their picture that way to give a remembrance." He explained.

"Oh..." I nodded in realization as he placed his palm into my wound. At first I flinch over surprise and pain but soon it felt relaxed. A light shone from his hand and I began to feel at ease and comfortable by the warmth he's given.

When he removed his hand, it made me surprised by the outcome. My cloth isn't ripped up anymore. Instead it was back to the way it was before I fought the lady who uses her thorny ropes.

"Wow." I whispered astonished.

"No big, that's the only thing I could do." He said with a smile of appreciation.

"How did you do that?" I still asked.

"I restored it back to the time it was still fixed."

"You can go back to time?" I asked.

"I can't." He said surely. "But I can restore something that was ones broken."

"Then can you bling someone back to life?" I asked.

"That's impossible." He said. "Maybe I could restore something that's broken. But I can never return something that's been lost."


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