Project E: Miracle Of Time

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happens to Lucrylia only to be abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected whom are known to be omegians fought each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


4. Chapter three: Enlightenment

Chapter three: Enlightenment






Having your nerves up in an early morning would surely give chills. Mostly when you would wake up while the sun wasn't climbing up the blue sky and suddenly you'd find yourself hitting and dodging attacks from a very fast person in front of you.

I jumped away from Creed's sudden hit with his quick fist. My sweat had been running down my neck after hours of our exchange of fist and kick. He was quick in this sparring and I can see that he doesn't get tired form the activity.

Again he tried to trip one of my feet but I managed to jump. Then he stretched his arms, nearly hitting my cheek as I tilted my head side wards and make an approach, retorting a punch to his stomach. He was taken a back a little bit, but I know that he wasn't greatly damaged by the hit I gave.

"You have a good body coordination, but your endurance and hits aren't good. You should try doing ten laps starting this morning every now and then and do shadow boxing around thirty minutes." He said.

"Unfortunately, I must really learn how to fight than to do ten laps for that won't be much help if ever." I replied wearily.

"And why not?" Creed asked. He stopped from attacking and looked at me seriously.

"My miracle had been opened since we started this sparring. I think I consumed a lot of energy for this long fight." I explained as I dropped on the floor and let myself rest for a moment.

"From what I see, you don't seem to teleport from one place to another?" He said with wonder.

"I... I was reading your movements. And at the same time, I was trying to be at ease."

"That's a reliable ability when you're a wimp."

And he was right. My advantage of foreseeing the future had my life extended for a day here. It was quite reliable. And the fact that I was trying to practice combat sport when I'm still at school had given me some defense to use.

When I think about it, reminiscing about how I see that my mother was quite right about the things that I should be ready for. She already knew this would happen that's why she kept encouraging me to join fights even though other mothers had already tried to tell her how dangerous it is, that I might lose an arm or leg for such games for men.

But she would ignore it casually and would simply reply her special trigger: "Mind your own child and let me give my daughter a safe future." And that would shut a lot of parents up. She was always insistent and now I could see the effect of her persuasion.

Against all odds, I suddenly felt proud of her. I didn't realize it until now, that she was a cool mom to have especially when she knew that I turned into an Omegian.

"Okay then." He removed the bandaged coiled around his hand and just threw it on a side of the floor where we practiced. "I guess weaklings like you wouldn't stand a fight without eating, I suggest you start cooking breakfast." He simply said and started to walk out of the room.

"Huh?!" I exclaimed in agony and complain.

"Don't 'huh' me. You're my assistant, remember?" He said before shutting the door close and left me with my jaw hanging in the air.

"Assistant? I don't even remember accepting that." I whimper as I made my way out of the room and saw him half naked, sitting comfortably at his chair like I wasn't even here.

I flush a little looking in a bit of far angle. Away from the manifesting view of his abs that I already saw, but I would still look away to at least take myself less ashamed from the awkwardness.

He gave a hiss. "What's wrong with girls? They already saw it but they would try pretending that they didn't." He sarcastically said that made me blush more than obvious. What's with him?!

"At least try to stop being so straightforward. Your kind of making it embarrassing." I complained as I made my way over the kitchen.

He said that this has been his house for two years since he got here. He was recruited by the former boss of the group who founded Crimson Liberty. When I asked him about this group, he told me that all over Project E, we are the rebels who are against this system. Other Omegians who scattered all over the dead city built themselves a community. And these communities create clash among others just for the pleasure of power, luxury and supplies from the real world in order to condemn the others.

"Project E is divided into two boundaries and ten cities. There are six cities in the lower boundary and four big cities in the upper boundary." Creed said. "And these boundaries made are actually equal from lower to upper."

"How come they have big cities up north?" I asked.

"Well honestly speaking, these four cities are originally small ones too. But they started to conquer other cities, building up a greater force to bring fear down here."

"How about here, us, here in the south?"

"We are rebels. We protect our territory we don't extend it. And the others here in south are also beginning to build colonization from the other cities. But since we're in between the boundary of upper and lower we will have to bargain our lives to protect ourselves from both sides. So if a war ever starts, we get involved. So starting tomorrow, you will train."

And that's how he ended our conversation last night. Before he splashed his set of water on my face again this morning –that I guess he loves to do –and began to spar with me.

I pulled out the knife out of the sheath and searched for an edible food in this hell of a messy kitchen. There was a refrigerator found next at the open door. I went near and opened it, finding a supply of different drinks as its content. And generally those drinks are not suited for my age.

Ignoring it for a while, I opened the upper part of the refrigerator where the freezer was found, finding a load of fresh meat laying down, waiting for me to cook it.

I grabbed one meat and prepared the water for defroster. I was accustomed on cooking ever since I was ten when my mother would tell me so. And when I got fifteen, I asked her that from now on I would do the cooking but she would insist that she will help out with the preparation. She was so protective with this kind of stuff that I was kind of feeling jailed. I didn't like how she treated me with so much care that I was partly worried that she might spoil me.

But now, I've began to miss it. Now that she's all gone...

I wish I knew this would happen. So at least I would have the chance of preventing these things. By the time I saw her head being held by someone, I felt powerless. Useless...


It was afternoon when Creed decide to get out of his place and prepared for his so called 'battle'. He said that he has to defeat an enemy in order to claim that position the leader looking man was saying.

I just followed behind him, almost jogging just to keep my phase close as he had instructed, for me not to get lost over the other Omegian's miracle. So as he said, I obeyed for my safety.

Last thing I knew… we're standing back at the tunnel when I did my first kill. The audience stood by the corner, waiting for the next fight.


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