Project E: Miracle Of Time

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happens to Lucrylia only to be abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected whom are known to be omegians fought each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


8. Chapter Seven: Forest Competition

Chapter Seven: Forest Competition 


It was another day in the dead city of Zephyr. But today, we were all here. Technically, us newbies and mentors. As we looked up at the old man in front of the forest mouth.

"Children who were taken here in this world and was shown mercy by our God for the third chance of life. And now you must learn to help yourself for the following chances. Survive and become one of us." He began that made all of us--particularly the newbies-- looked at our masters questionably like an automatic response.

Creed sighed. "Do I look like a manual to you?" He asked.

"Uhmm... You're the master?" I said back.

"I'm just your master, I'm not your instruction book."

I rolled my eyes away from him and looked at the others who seemed to have no idea what's happening too.

"You must be bewildered!" A middle aged man said who stood beside the old man. "The assistants will have to enter the forest of Zephyr alone! You are to enter with the use of your own survival instinct and not your miracle. And your challenge, find and grab hold of the flag that has the same color that your masters wear right now." After he said that I turned to looked at the clothes Creed wore.

"It’s black." I uttered and looked at the other masters. "They're all black..." I now whispered and looked at my master again.

He gave out a smile and patted my head gently. "Good luck with that, assistant. Make sure you're unscathed because I don't want Eraldy coming in my doorstep to heal you." He said.

"Well who'd want to enter the monster's doorstep?" Someone suddenly spoke that almost made me jump in surprise when an arm rounded up my shoulder. When I turned to look at the person beside me, it was Eraldy.

"Good morning." He said and winked and gave his infamous smile.

"Good morning too." I replied back.

"As you can see, Eraldy, Lia has something else to do than listen to you." Creed said back, pulling me away from Eraldy's arm around me.

"Lia is a cute name." Eraldy said back not paying attention to what my master has to say. "It fits your lovely face."

From what he said, I felt my blush covering the color of my face again.

"Now, now. The competition will begin shortly." Creed said pulling me towards the mouth of the forest.

"Competition?" I asked.

"Why of course. They would not make something like this if it doesn't have some latent manifestation." He said. "And by means of not using your miracle, you must open your senses up for that."

I watched how his serious face stared over the old man. I was a bit curious about why he was staring in such a solemn way towards the leader but I kept my nosy part and just focused over the newbies I am to run with, seemingly to be all serious.

Then the middle aged man came in to speak again. "We will begin the race now. There are ten flag scattered all over the forest, and anyone who would plan to disobey the rules, I'd be warning you now because the leader can keep track whether you used power or not. He can see the honesty within you." He said.

Now the old man stood and rose one of his hand. "Now young and new ones, let's begin." He announced and we all began to ran away from the starting point.

"Keep running, Lia!" Creed shouted at me from the opening of the forest.

I have the other newbies with me who woke up with a new challenge around our sleeves inside the forest of Zephyr. We have to face it in order to bring ourselves into a higher rank like our masters.

The first challenged had took us into a race. An intimidation of whoever is the quickest and most sensible. We have to use not our miracle but our skills of survival.

But the reason why we're here is actually vague. It was a big question mark on how and why does this have something to do with being an Omegian.

When I think that I've ran more than far away from the starting point, I decided to walk around and began my search, noticing that the woods all looked a lot like one another. Everything here was confusing that I couldn't help but felt unease. And like the master's advice, I placed my senses and instinct on the line closing my eyes and walked blindly to a random direction putting my hand in front of me to avoid getting slam on a real wood. But then a sound of a branch cracked registered to my ear as I opened my eyes to see what's through finding myself out of the illusion woods.

The trees now don't look like one another and it was all dancing through the peaceful wind. "I escaped." I uttered out successfully and ran walked again, searching for a place where a black flag would be.

But as I walked further, a sound of hushing water was heard nearby. It was a familiar sound when I was in the forest at seventh street in the end of the river where the waterfall was. It like a music that lulled me to come, a beautiful song of the water falling from a high cliff.

As my feet went closer, I closed my eyes again. But not expecting to see something in my vision. A man's face. The man I saved who doesn't have any miracle.

Surprised by the sight, my eyes opened and flinch as I looked around to find that nobody was there.

I sighed and continued my walk towards the falls. What was that? Why am I thinking about him? Is he here? Is that somewhere in the future that I didn't mean to foresee?

My thoughts stopped over when I finally reached my destination. The falls peacefully fell on the bowl that catches the big gallon of water above the mountain.

But something else caught my attention, one of the black flags.

"Yes!" I squeaked happily and ran towards the black flag taking it up so easily and smiled happily on the waterfalls. "I didn't know this will be my lucky day." I said and sat beside the running water. The water was green and clear that baths on the sunny day.

The morning had just begun and the sun had given a new ripen fruit. I closed my eyes and sniffed the fragrance of this paradise as I gripped the flag I hold in my hand victoriously.

"Taking a break?" I heard someone said behind me.

Quickly my mind returned back to my senses and stood up as I looked at the man solemnly. He was a newbie like me.

"Well, since I found a flag near this falls, I thought I'd take a little sight." I said back and gave a smile.

"You're pretty young for a normal Omegian. I bet you have a strong miracle." He said with the same smile.

"It’s just another miracle, and sadly, I hope not to use it." I whispered. "By the way, I am Lucrylia." I introduced.

"Jin here." He said back. "Pretty nice aren't we Lucrylia, but I suggest you give me the flag before you get to regret meeting me." His face was serious as it stared at the orbs of my eyes.

"What? But I just found it." I said back.

"There's no rules saying that I can't steal it away right?" He smiled and took out a knife from his belt throwing it in the air back to his hand. "Or maybe you don't get what it means when they said find?"

"Wait. Let's not fight." I pleaded.

"Then are you going to give me the flag?" He asked.

"I can't."

"Then let's fight over who's worth taking it." He said coming closer.

I breathed deeply and ran as fast as I could.

"Hey, dammit you little bitch!" He shouted and ran after me.

I made my sprint quicker as I looked around to look for somewhere to hide.

"You can't escape from me!" He shouted again that made my heartbeat thumped quicker as if it was quicker than my steps.

Oh God, what must I do?

But among all the effort I spent on running, I just felt something cold on my feet. Then suddenly, there was water beside me, slamming me like a tennis ball as I flew away from the river side and hit my back on the tree, making me coughed out blood from my throat.

I still tried to stand up, but the river water slammed me again, making me hit another tree trunk that gave a strong bump on my head that made me feel a bit daze that I can't do anything but allow myself to lie down on the ground.

"Can't run anymore huh?" He chuckles and started walking towards my direction. "Haven't I warned you?"

"Why –“ I coughed again. Weren't we supposed to use no miracle? Why is he?

"You're too naive. Why would you listen to him when your life's on the line?" He asked. "If I were you I would use up all my resources. What I know I can do." He sat in beside me and pressed his knife into my neck.

"Isn't this unfair? Why won't you use your miracle to protect yourself? Are you still going to follow the rules given to you?" He chuckles again. "That is just stupidity. You don't need to follow the rules to become such a being, in fact, you can't even be more strong when you're not using it."

Again I coughed and tasted the blood stuck in my throat.

"I bet your master would tell you the same thing once he sees your corpse here." He smiled and pressed the knife more, making me feel the sting of pinch in my flesh. He took the flag in my hand. "Or maybe, I'll let you stay here to catch your breath." He clicked his fingers and the water came up from the river crawling into the ground as it stayed behind him.

While I just watch him stood up and allowed the water to grab me towards the running river. It was dragging me away and I helplessly let it pull me.

Am I going to die now?

I watched how Jin walked away from me and the river fully taken my body down and allow me to wave along with its fast run.

I couldn't breathe. My heart has been turning slowly and I couldn't move with this strong flow of water that waves me away.

I guess I really am going to die...

I closed my eyes and finally accepted my fate from the very beginning. I was supposed to be dead anyway. But while my eyes were closed, I could feel a warm embrace gave a bit of bewilderment in my mind as a pair of lips crashed into mine, blowing its breath to give me air that suddenly made me want to breath.

Someone held my hand tightly that I couldn't help but to wonder why and who is was but my eyes weren't prepared to open yet. And for some reason, I was afraid to see who it was.

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