Project E: Miracle Of Time

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happens to Lucrylia only to be abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected whom are known to be omegians fought each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


5. Chapter four: Omegian System

Chapter four: Omegian System






His speed has gone quick than the movement he showed when he was doing a sparring with me.

Was Creed just going easy with me that time? Maybe. Surely. But over my amazement, I still wondered why they didn't show their power from the very start. And I don't understand why he wanted the position.

The next thing I knew, the ring where he stood formed up into a hand as his enemy rose his hand up and that ground formed up like his own hand closing in between Creed’s corners sandwiching him when he placed his hands together.

I was worried and surprised by the sudden strike. The ground remained intact, squeezing his body inside it while the audience already made an applause.

"Aren't you going to cheer for your master?" Someone suddenly asked.

I abruptly jumped away from shock the woman who suddenly appeared beside me. Then I turned to her and gave out an apologetic bow. "I'm sorry. I'm such a scaredy cat." I said politely.

"It’s okay. I'm Calla and my master is Hope, the one fighting your master." She gave me a friendly smile.

I smiled back with the same impression. "I'm Lucrylia. And as you can see, just a novice." I joked but I don't seem to give her the essence of humor in it.

"Yeah, I know. I've watched your previous fight and it was cool. You're the coolest Omegian I've seen so far." She said.

"T-thanks. But I'm not worth your praise." I humbly replied looking down with a blush.

"Why not? Aside from teleportation, you're also the youngest Omegian here. All of us who are sent here are in our twenties and above." She said.

"Why is that—“ the question nearly spilt out of my mouth when the ground that sealed Creed broke down into pieces that took all our attention on the stage.

Creed stroke his hand with an arc that suddenly formed a strong wind that moved the dust away from the ground, but that air wasn't just formed to show off and intimidate. Before we could even give a seconds of realizing that, Hope, whom Calla addressed as her master flew off the stage and landed with his back on the main ground.

"Oh no." Calla mumbled as she gave a look at me. "I'll be off then." She said.

I nodded and gave a smile before she turned her back at me and ran towards her master. Creed also went down the stage and caught me staring at him that made me blink. When he got closer he sighed. "We're leaving." He said and continuously walked towards the exit as I catch up with him.

"I'm just wondering..." I began that made Creed give a glance at me but still continued to walk.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Did you won? Then why didn't you kill him?" I asked.

"Because we're already a member. The killing only happens during recruitment. If you passed the challenge, you wouldn't have to kill an acquaintance after." He explained.

"Why fight then?" I asked.

"To gain respect." He paused and went to a bench beside the shade of a tree, making the chair catch his weight comfortably as he offered a seat beside him. I just shook my head to decline because of the awkwardness in that distance. "As a man who just gained his first position in the Crimson Liberty, I should endorse my name and make it bigger through fights with the other warriors."

"Umm... why must I call you master?" I wondered.

"Why not? In the first place, you were to call me master because you're my first minion." He replied back.

"Okay... So master, why is it that my age is unusual? Is it really weird that a minor could become an Omegian so soon?"

"Well, since you asked about that..." He scratched his neck and crossed his feet. "There are actually some young Omegians who managed to get caught. But unluckily, they died so easily because of over using their miracles. But other young ones only are taken in the upper boundary like Stadia because it was believed that their strength are definitely powerful. But actually, even if we say their young ones you're still the youngest recruit because they are only a year younger compared to us." He said. "And an Omegian developed power when his body gets the hang of maturity and being blessed with the second chance to live, meaning, the qualification of becoming an Omegian is an adult coming back to life."

I stared at him thoughtfully. "Does that make me an adult?" I asked. "I mean, I turned when I was five."

"Five?!" He exclaimed in disbelief. "How can your body hide that power for so long?"

"My mother instructed me what I must and must not do. She was so protective that's why I only get to use my miracle three times at the city."

"Why don't you use it often?" He asked.

"For I think it might destroy something if I do..." I said. "You see, my guardian angel told me that before she merged inside of my soul and turned me."

"Guardian angel? What did she say?" Creed asked.

"That my power decrease my life a day whenever I used particular minutes. She warned me that it will also affect the universal balance and I might destroy something. That's why I must be more careful when I use it."

He nodded interested as he gave me a look then shrugged. "It’s going to rain soon." He stood up and placed his hands on his pocket.

"How did you know that it’s going to rain?" I asked.

"The wind tells me so. Now let's go back to our camp and while we're making our way, you must brainstorm what you will cook this lunch." He said.

"Huh?!" I exclaimed in complain again as I followed him behind. "Can't we just have a schedule, I just cooked this morning." I suggested.

"No. You're the girl so you do the cooking." He briefly said. "And besides, I want you to do the cooking because I'm starting to forget..." When he paused from talking, I noticed how bitterness changed his expression as he looked up at the heavy clouds above us, covering the shine the sun possessed and the blue sky turning into grey...

"Forget what?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Nevermind." He shook his head and grabbed me by the wrist. "You're forgetting to respect your master you little brat. You should really get used to the rules here." He said as he changed the subject trying to avoid the question I've started.

I just sighed and didn't bother to ask further questions that might put him in too much bitterness. "Yes master." I uttered. "By the way, what do you want to eat?" I asked.

"I don't know. It seems like staying here for years made me forget what foods are called. After all, I have to survive with what's out there." He replied.

"Hmm..." I mumbled. "Then maybe I should remind you what foods are called and how it tasted then."

He chuckles a little. "That's a good idea. Make an edible one okay." He requested.

"Count on me, master." I replied confidently as we finally reached our way back home.

***Lucia's journal***

Lianna had given birth to a baby girl today. It was a healthy baby and I bet as beautiful as her.

It was evening and I watch her peacefully sleeping and beside her arm was the child she named   Lucrylia. I asked her why she named the child that way, but Lianna's answer was odd. She said:

"An angel visit my sleep last night before I gave birth. The angel was a beautiful lady. She was dressed in white and her wings stretched high up behind her. Her smile was of a grace and her voice sang the most nostalgic lullaby when she told me:'I am Lucrylia, your daughter in the future. I have come to give you a choice of my existence...' She said softly.

When Lianna asked what it was, she said that the angel replied out of melancholy.

'Mother, whether you give up my life while I'm still an infant, or you will let me live for five years and I shall die in the arms of the sinner.'

Lianna's tears dribbled down her cheeks as she remembers what she and the angel she speaks of. She told me how beautiful Lucrylia was in the image of that young angel and I came to feel interest towards the child she holds.

But for a scientist like me, it was simply my sister being delusional because she's been sleepless during her labor day. And our invention had overrun the miracle of what she calls angel, because we were able to repeat Victor Frankenstein's mistake... To bring someone back to life.

I watched how my sister was carelessly sleeping in the hospital bed and I stayed here to watch over her. She might be so tired after giving birth of this angel...

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