Project E: Miracle Of Time

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happens to Lucrylia only to be abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected whom are known to be omegians fought each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


6. Chapter five: Being's Battle

Chapter five: Being's Battle


Today was my first week here in project E and I came to understand what they meant by survival just as when I came to open my eyes from indistinctive disturbances.

I woke up from a numerous exchange of guns and explosion together with the incoming sunrise. Quickly I opened my prediction and foresee what was going to happened. And there, my eyes began to flash different visions.

These were men wearing an army uniform and different kind of riffles some of them were shot by different kinds of powerful miracles that instantly kills them, but my wonder never left me when I realized that they were less armed and, actually didn't have any power to rebut the intimidation the Omagians have given them. But sooner I noticed how they quickly fall lifeless. Wait... These were ordinary humans!

I quickly opened my eyes escaping the future that they let me see. I can't let powerless beings get involved with this, they'll just waste their lives!

I ran towards outside our quarters down the main ground and ran around the roadways to search for Creed to tell him who they are dealing with even though I don't know where he was or where I am heading to as I ignored the gunshots that kept on deafening the sound with pure explosions.

But soon I was taken by surprise over the trigger that suddenly gave a shot on my leg. To such unexpected shot, I tripped down on the cemented ground and rolled over because of my over speeding and I could feel the stinging sensation every time my skin made contact with the rough ground and my head feeling selfless for the quick painful seconds. Until I slammed myself on the wall for me to stop while I endured the hit on my every skin and the shot on my feet without me even joining in the war yet.

I hardly tried to lift myself up but like a quick bolt, the pain struck every part of my body that I squeaked not to make a lot of sound as I continued hearing the guns from the side of the powerless beings and why are they doing it. But I kept the pain with me and carried myself up the last strength I could.

While I was doing that, my instincts kicked out all the sudden when I heard a little scratch somewhere. I quickly closed my eyes and foresee the future of what might happened and as the vision rolled down like a film in my mind, but it was interrupted when I felt something cold –a cold metal –touched my neck chilling my spine and giving out a sensation on my belly.

"Don't move, kid. No more unnecessary runts. We're here to save the humanity." His cold voice spoke behind me. "And that includes the powerless girls like you." He added as he removed the gun from my neck and walked around until he was facing me.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"A mere human." He answered simply like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "A human who would never allow an Omegian to overpower him."

He reached out for my arm and helped me up. I used his strength to support me with my balance too but the pain in my leg struck that I knelt in pain.

"I guess I have to apologize for that shot, miss. I thought you were an Omegian that's why I shot your leg." He said. "But when I looked closer, I realized that you're too young to be one."

"But I—“

"Hey!" A familiar voice cut me up from speaking as both me and the man in front of me turned towards the person coming near. Creed was running towards us using the wind to turn the bullet's direction somewhere else. "Stay away from her!" I heard him shout in full voice of authority.

The man in front of me chuckles and gave a looked at me. "He must be enslaving you." He said, but right when I was about to open my mouth to protest, he touched my lips with his thumb to shut me up and smiled. "Don't worry, I promise I'll set you free from his Shackles."

He stood up and faced Creed's unearthly anger as he aimed his riffle towards him. "It’s time to die miraculous man." He uttered and pulled the trigger, but as expected from the previous shots, it missed.

"Please stop it." I said.

I managed to stand up and grab him by his sleeve to stop him.

"Stop it!"

Creed was already some meters away and my heart began to throb painfully as I nervously flashed a look at him and to the man.

"Don't worry, if I would die today I'll make sure I saved someone." He said back confidently.

"No please, I'm an Omegian. You don't have to... Please..." I admitted that made him stopped from shooting Creed and turned towards me with disappointment.

"Why are you so honest?" He asked sadly.

"Please—“ I heard a shot, a deafening one as I felt my belly had an extreme punch. There was shock and fear in my face when I looked down with my blood gushing out.

When I turned towards him, I caught sight of Creed who was a bit taken aback from what happened to me and soon his eyes turned blank and the wind grew stronger as my mind quickly registered the fear and pity.

"Please leave." I uttered again to the man as I weakly pushed him away.

But Creed's power isn't that patient. The wind formed up into something enormous. A vague looking spirit that looked like a wildfire monster. Discovering that it was too late to set him off so within my remaining consciousness, I stopped time again so does the others who were moving with it.

And with my strength left, I dragged him out of the city towards the woods. But it took some time so I didn't have enough strength to pull him farther. I just placed him behind the big tree to hid him out of enemy’s sight. But there was a question hanging in my mind as I stared at his unmoving body in front of me.

"Why am I saving you?" I asked like I was catastrophic.

But it seems like my blood had ruined my strength too much this early morning, I looked down on my belly and saw the traces of blood on the ground where I walked. And soon my sight blurs and my balance had failed me, making me resume the time and sighed. I guess I'm going to die here...

I closed my eyes and finally allowed myself to rest within this dirty ground. But while my consciousness remained with me, I didn't feel myself hitting any ground but just a warm arm held my shoulder to support me away from falling.

"Why did you save me?" He asked.

If I have the chance to answer, I probably wouldn't say anything. But right now, I think I have a simple and maybe an answer that isn't that considerate... Because my heart and mind tells me its the right thing to do...

With that, I found myself taking a path towards a vague dream in the wilderness, like smokes and mirrors reflecting from each side as the tormenting pain was slowly leaving my senses.

***Lucia's Journal***

My heart skipped a beat a week later. I couldn't believe what tragedy has happened to my sister Lianna.

Her house has been flooded by blood –her own blood that I couldn't help but cry over her unbearable state when I visited her house this morning. I kept screaming her name and my breath felt suffocated by pain and agony.

Why do you have to die Lianna?! If only a corpse could answer, I could've asked her why but I knew a corpse can never speak.

But beneath my wail and cries, an infant’s whines overpowered mine. I stopped from making noises and heard the child's call from the lower locker. I quickly ran towards it as I pulled the door opened and found the child, little Lucrylia, covered in blood and ripped white cloth around her small figure.

I watched her cry as I lifted her up from my arm carefully and gave her a warm embrace, sharing the sadness of losing her mother and my sister. And that very day my arm had touched her fragile body, I promised something that I swore with my very life.

I will take care of her until my very last breath. I will never let anyone hurt her and I will do everything to protect her. From now on, I will be her new mother now and always...


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