Project E: Miracle Of Time

Having a second chance to live means having the chance to destroy the balance of society.

And having this phenomenon happens to Lucrylia only to be abducted and tossed into the other side of the society wherein the others who are resurrected whom are known to be omegians fought each other for the pleasure and the competition of 'miracle'.

Death is everywhere once you claim second life once more.

Is there a way to escape this fate?


9. Chapter Eight: Beyond Death

Chapter Eight: Beyond Death



The desire to live had never came down to my mind ever since I was still living. But death had taught me something when it came out all so sudden...

When I'm at the verge of dying, everything I remember started gushing out of my memories. It began to sum up like films and I can't help but to feel the sadness and fear of dying. As if once I get to die, everything I want to remember begins to fade away like the life that was slowly being taken away from me.

"Wake up!"

Wake up? I'm already dying, so why? Why do I have to wake up?

"Dammit, who gave you the right to die?!" The voice exclaimed that made me wonder.

Was death supposed to be by permission before being taken away?

I felt something cold and soft touched my lips as a cool minted breath blew to give me an air to take in. Breathing... I seem to forgot how to breath. Do dead people even bother to take in some air?

"You're an Omegian so wake up. You were already resurrected so come back to life again!" He shouted that made me feel the sense of guilt. I don't know why but I am certain that he was somewhat right.

It was quite strange that one simple words can make me doubt myself whether I'm still alive or not. And why do I feel moved with just only one voice? I feel fear and uncertainty on getting the answers I want and at the same time, it felt funny that I get to die again and again. He was actually wrong when he said I only died once, it was actually the fourth time now.

But if I'm actually dead today, then this might possibly be the fifth.

A strong thrust on my chest made me feel surprise. It was a sensation that made me felt choked, but in a way that something was trying to run up from my throat. I raced up from unconsciousness into consciousness as I've started coughing. I had the water spilling out of my mouth and needing some air, I continued panting as I sat up grabbing hold of the support that I could get to keep myself balanced.

I am alive...

The words processed down to my mind and made me felt the tears that streamed down my eyes. I am alive. Quickly I wiped my tears but they just don't want to be dry. I tried wiping my tears again but it just fell down helplessly.

"Why?" I cried. "Why does it feel so sad?" I asked the wind but it seems that the question was a question for myself.

"Because you don't understand what it feels to live." The voice spoke beside me again that made me turned towards the owner of the voice.

My eyes widened in surprise over the person I caught sight of. "Y-you're-- what are you doing here?!" I exclaimed in shock.

He seriously watched me and suddenly pinched my nose. "When I say wake up, wake up. You understand me?" He asked.

"B-but I--"

"Do not put me up in trouble diving you out the river. If you want your life to end, make sure you have a good use of it." He said.

"But I didn't do that on purpose. I didn't even do that." I said back.

"You didn't?" He asked solemnly. "Why are you in this forest?"

"We were summoned here to fulfill a quest. We're just newbies here to perform a task." I admitted.

"Newbies, I see." He nodded. "But is your quest have something to do about the flags I saw that hangs around the area?"

I nodded with wonder over what he said. "Have you seen one?" I asked.

"Well..." He suddenly carried me up like a sack but the way he did it is that I'm like a lightweight material.

"H-hey!" I complained. "Put me down!" I exclaimed as I began to struggle a kick and punched his back. 

"Don't move too much or you'll fall." He said annoyed that made me stopped from his struggles. "Or do you really want me to drop you?"

"Don't!" I quickly exclaimed.

"Then behave." He said that made me obey. What's with this man? After shooting a riffle and made a hole through my belly, why did he dived me out of death?

"Why did you save me?" I asked. "You loath Omegians, don't you?"

"I despise Omegians. So what?" He said back.

"But why putting up an effort to make me live?"

"Simply because I..." He made a pause and sighed. "I don't know." He suddenly chuckles the words out like it was hilarious. "I've killed a lot of your kinds you know. But seeing how you suddenly falling that day when you saved me... I don't know, I guess you were just lucky that I don't think of you that way."

"Should I really put in mind that I am that fortunate?" I wondered.

"Why do you think that you're not?" He asked back.

"I'm just sure that I am not."

Upon saying that, everything I have in the past started to travel around my mind. It was a painful reality that I can't bare to hide in my face once the memories come down without warning. And as the memory comes down rushing, my tears began to drop down into my eyes. I covered my eyes and continued to sob while he carried me somewhere.

"You're such a kid." He uttered.

"I'm not!" I denied as my voice croaked from crying.

"I've been here ever since I was born." He said.

That made me stopped from crying while he also paused and placed me down. He held me by the waist and stared down at me.

"I was taken in with my father's sins ever since I am born into this world. And my life had never taught me what I must believe in to and what I must not. A man told me about the existence of God and angels, but my father would refuse to accept that there is anymore. After all he thinks that only monsters like your kind exists." He said. "But now I want you to tell me, is there really a God?"

I stared up at him and tried to think what he wants to know. His eyes were dazzling in wonder and the interest of knowledge. But I don't think my answer was ever consistent to anyone who would want to know. I think he just asked a person who don't know how to give out the best explanation. But since I am also the person he asked of his thoughts, I realized that I must really give an answer.

"I believe that there is a God." I said staring right through his eyes to share my honesty with him. "In the first place, without him I wouldn't be standing here and should've been dead the first time my heart stopped. But I am alive five times now and telling you that I believe, right?" I solemnly said and sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm not really good in reasoning."

"Then where is he when we're suffering here? Living life everyday to kill, survive and escaped death. What is he doing?" He asked, his hold from my waist tighten that made my body moved closer to him.

"We don't have the right to question the God. Because whatever life throws at us, we never lose the chance to make it right while we're still alive." I sighed. I never thought I have the right to spoke of this one when I have never made a change after five times of dying.

"Then why make a being that thinks such a society would be better? A society where we have to be here and kill one another just for the pleasures for those who were out there? We live to die entertaining ignorant who doesn't even know how it’s like to be here dying. And what does this God do? Sit around and watch? Is that really what he wants for us?" The anger in his tone of voice just gave me a feeling of sadness. Although I see his point of view over what was happening here in Project E, I still don't doubt the existence that there was a God before us.

"I'm sorry. I am sure I'm not the person who can give you an answer. But there's one thing I want you to know." I said seriously trying to free myself from his tight hold and he allowed me to claim back my personal space as I stood a foot away from him.

"What is it?" He asked.

I gave a sigh and slapped him hardly. His head tilted sideways and in an expression of shock. His cheek swelled and for the moment I felt worried if I over did it but I held myself back and hardened my fist as I watch him process what I just did.

His face turned back to me, eyes fueled in rage as he glared into my eyes. "What was that for?!" He asked.

"That's for trying to calm you down. Are you calm now?" I asked.

"Definitely not!" He said back coldly. "How can someone calm down when a brat slaps them?!" He shouted right through my face that made me closed my eyes shut feeling his anger molded his face into something scary that made my heart thumped so quick.

"S-Sorry. I just can't think of a way to calm you down." I uttered guiltily feeling my tears forming out from my eyes as I looked down shamefully.

I heard him sighed and patted my head lightly. "Okay, don't cry. I'm already calm." He said.

"But... But..." I sniffed and wiped my teary eyes. "I'm really sorry." I cried.

"Don't cry." He seriously said. "I took you here to make you smile, not to make you cry."

I stilled sobbed.

"Okay, the flag that you died looking for is here. Aren't you going to take it?" He asked.

From his information, I suddenly stopped from crying and looked up from him. "It’s here?!" My jolly voice came up but soon it faded when I realized that it was one of the reasons that we were fighting out here.

"Hey, hey, hey! What's with that look? I just made you smile." He complained pinching my left cheek.

"Ouch!" I exclaimed trying to remove his hand from my cheek but his other hand went to pinch my other cheek that made it more painful while he just watched me with a frown.

"Hey." He called out. "I just realized that I just saved your life. And from what you've said, I just brought back your fifth time living." He said and removed his hands from pinching my cheeks.

"Yes, that's right." I said back.

"Then basically that means you're mine now." He uttered.

"What?!" I exclaimed surprised. My eyes rounded circle and my forehead wrinkled in disbelief.

"You owe me your fifth life. So it’s just fair that I get to have you in my service rather than that man who enslaved you." He said back.

"Enslaved? You got the situation wrong. He was my mentor. He's the one who saved me from getting lost."

"He didn't. He just took you for his selfish reasons."

"That maybe right. But I'm still thankful because he did."

"Why are you so nice?” He asked all the sudden again.

"Am I?" I asked back.


I sighed and just gave up insisting. "I am also thankful that you saved me. So don't worry, I owe you my life, but it doesn't mean that you own me."

"You owe me so I own you--"

"No." I said. "The flag!" I suddenly exclaimed when I saw the waving flag on the tip of the cliff that made me ran towards it and took it. But soon when my eyes moved away from the flag, I saw something that made me feel amazed...

Is this… the Project E?


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