Six Ways-Treasure Hunter (c) 2018

This is a die game, the easiest role-playing ever,
Can you survive.
Hope you like it.
And understand how to play.
Just write down your adventure as you go.
It's that simple.


1. Your Adventure Begins

Have you ever found Role-playing to difficult?

Have you found RP books to complex to play?


Six Ways is the simplest role-playing game book EVER!



Six Ways adventures the only dice game that is simple.

There are no complex instructions.

No hit points, no complex attack points, or ways to attack.

Six Ways is an adventure you travel in sequence.

Taking on the consequences on each roll.


How to Play!

To play is simple; all you have to do is roll a single die to get your adventure.  


2You enter a …

1Cave, 2Archway

3Tunnel, 4Cavity

5Passage, 6Hole


You roll a three, so with the six alternatives above means

You enter a Tunnel.’


It is as simple as that.

You have a 1 in 3 chance of survival.




< This means return

to start (-1).


-1 Your Quest is

The Quest for the …

1Mystic Cup

2Golden Treasure

3Mask of Golgotha

4Merlin’s Spell Book

5Sword of Justice

6Holy Grail

(or is it?)


0You are a …

1Warrior, 2Wizard

3Hero, 4Elf

5Human, 6Goblin

1You enter a …

1Stone circle, 2Village 3Ruin,

4Palace, 5Castle, 6Castle Ruin


2You find a …

1Tunnel, 2Hollow,


5Large Hole,6Sub-passage


3You light …

1Lantern, 2Magical torch

3Flamed torch, 4Large candle

5Floating torch, 6Nothing


4Suddenly you trigger …

1Poison dart, 2Cutting blade

3Giant guillotine, 4Poison gas

5Deathly wasps, 6Trap door&



1You die<, 2You survive

3Spell works, 4Next level

5You turn stone<,6You survive


6You find yourself in a …

1Large room, 2Grand Hall

3Dungeon, 4Water Cavern

5Dank Mine, 6Cathedral



7You find a …

1Sword, 2Club, 3Spell

4Broadsword, 5Cup, 6Paper



8Suddenly out of dark a…

1Giant scorpion, 2Orge

3Gaint spider, 4Dragon

5Zombie, 6Water sprite



9Monster attacks you …

1You dodge, 2It misses

3You are injured, 4You attack,

5You defend, 6Swords clash



10You …

1Die <, 2Survive just

3find open door, 4Are injured

5Con way out, 6Live


11You slide down a …

1,60o S.lope, 2,45o S., 3Spiral S.,

4Iced S., 5Glass S., 6Steel S.



12You find a …

1Door, 2Portal,


5Hole, 6Barred door



13You use…

1Strength, 2Magic spell

3Dagger, 4Knowledge

5Sword, 6Force …      to open



14A stone falls & …

1Deathly Gas, 2Sufficating foam

3You fall 1000 ft, 4Poison darts

5Deadly spikes, 6It opens



15Suddenly …

1You‘re ok, 2You die<

3Spell works, 4Strength prevails

5You survive, 6You die<



16You enter a …

1Dungeon, 2Large Cell

3Cavern, 4Castle room

5Lake, 6Church



17You spot a …

1Club, 2Parchment, 3Spell

4Goblet, 5Candle, 6Lantern



18Suddenly materialising a …

1Giant Centipede, 2Troll

3Gaint Wasp, 4Fire Dragon

5Ghostly shape, 6Earth sprite



19Monster attacks you …

1It misses, 2You miss

3You hold strike, 4You attack,

5You fall, 6It holds you down



20You …

1Die <, 2Survive just

3Somehow find a door, 4Die <

5Survive, 6Live


21You enter a Treasure  …

1Room, 2Cave, 3Double-room,

4Hall, 5Cavern, 6Mine



22You find a …

1Table, 2Long Table, 3Portrait,

4Mirror, 5Parchment, 6Secret



(You turn and)

23You see in-front of you (a) …

1Dragon, 2Giant sleeping Ogre

3Five Giant Scorpions, 4Giant Rat,

5Giant Bee, 6Elemental



24They see you and …

1They attack, 2You defend

3You are injured, 4You Miss

5They strike, 6You fight



25Suddenly …

1You die<, 2You survive

3Spell works, 4Next level

5You are injured, 6You die<


26You see The …

1Mystic Cup, 2Holy Grail

3Golden Treasure, 4Sword of Justice

5Mask, 6Spell Book



27You gasp at the…

1Swinging Blades, 2Giant Chessboard,

3Thousand foot drop, 4Converging Walls,

5Metal quicksand, 6Volcanic passage



28You think and use…

1Knowledge, 2Magic Cloak

3Magic Parchment, 4Magic Sword,

5Strength, 6Magic water




1You make it, 2You run across

3You are injured, 4You collapse,

5You just get across, 6Success



30You hold treasure …

1But it dissolves <, 2You Win

3It disappears<, 4You die <

5High & win <, 6And Win<

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